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Courteney Cox "Scrubs" In

With Dirt gone and no Friends movie , Courteney Cox Arquette has found the time to do something even better...guest star on Scrubs ! Cox will be playing Sacred Heart's new Chief of Medicine for 3 episodes next season. Source: EW

More on the cancellation of Dirt

Courteney Cox Arquette, akin to her Dirt alter ego, offered up some scoop at Sunday's "A Time for Heroes" Celebrity Carnival, benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation: Her FX series is folding. "It just got canceled," she shared when asked about the prospect of a Season 3 pickup. (Season 2 was cut short by the WGA strike.) Cox, however, seemed optimistic about the future. She and hubby David, with whom she produced Dirt, have their own shingle, and as such, "We’re developing all kinds of stuff right now," she said. "We'll producing more stuff together, for sure." — Matt Mitovich, with reporting by Bekah Wright

FX Cancels Dirt

Courteney Cox shared the news at the "A Time for Heroes" Celebrity Carnival Sunday night that Dirt will not be renewed for a third season. Looks like the shortened second season after the strike may have done Dirt in, though Cox didn't note any specific reason for the cancellation. Dirt Nap: Courteney Cox's Series Is Canceled Photo courtesy of