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Dollhouse Unaired Pilot

This is the unaired pilot, It seems to be mostly scenes from the first couple of episodes, with added unseen bits carrying on from those scenes. If Fox had only let Joss air this one, we could have got through all the mess of the first 6 episodes in one go.

Dollhouse: They'll Still (Somehow) Go To "Epitaph One" Future, But...

I think the fact that Dollhouse 's all-too-fabled episode, "Epitaph One", is not going to air, and is instead going to be with the first season's DVD. Not that I won't be able to buy the DVD. I haven't yet, but that episode's got a lot of implications, obviously. Suddenly, you have an idea of what will happen in the future, to Echo and the rest of the Actives and whoever else is involved, and with an end result in mind, you'll start wondering about what exactly will happen so they get there--or whether they can still change that future. So I'll probably wait a bit before I can connect the events of "Epitaph One" with those of the second season premiere. It's a given, but what about those who won't be able to watch that episode? They'll start clueless again? Well, not exactly. Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon promised that the second season premiere, which airs September 25, will revisit the future "Epitaph One" is tossing in. "[But] the actual bulk of the show takes place three months after the events of [season finale] 'Omega'," he told Zap2it. "But we will be visiting that future every now and then." But it wouldn't make a difference, actually. Whedon says he'll still be reintroducing the show to new viewers when the second season comes in. "We have so many regulars and relationships and so much mythology already around the central premise of 'this woman can be anyone' that this episode has a lot of catching up for any viewer whether or not 'Epitaph' was a part of it," he said. "[We want to] build Echo up from nothing ... and really give her a sense of momentum and purpose that will ground the show in a way it couldn't be last year," he added. But I'll still probably buy the DVD because, you know, it makes for a nice addition to the shelf in my living room. And the slow burn continues, and maybe Dollhouse won't be as troubled as it was last year. Source Here

Checking Up on Dollhouse: Facts About the Lost Episode - Featured

We haven't spoken about fan favorite (and much improved!) series Dollhouse in quite some time here on SideReel. The series was renewed for a second season and will be returning to Fox Fridays on September 18th. Fans of the show may recall that whole unaired 13th episode fiasco. As a refresher, there's an episode of the series floating around - "Epitaph One" - that due to licensing issues will not ever be airing on FOX (it was produced independently by Joss Whedon and company; it also stands alone in terms of continuity with the rest of the series). However, the episode will be shown at the San Diego Comic Con later this month and is also going to be a part of the Season 1 DVD release (dropping July 28th). Fans will certainly want to see the episode so mark your calendars for that DVD release date! If you're a little more curious about the episode's premise, check out this cool feature from The Chicago Tribune including mild spoilers (with warning beforehand): 13 facts about 'Epitaph One,' the 'lost' episode of 'Dollhouse' Who can't wait for Epitaph One and Dollhouse Season 2?!

Three Clips From the 1st Season Finale of 'Dollhouse'

In anticipation of " Dollhouse " season finale tonight (May 8), Fox has released three clips in advance. Alpha's reign of terror continues as his obsession with Echo endangers Caroline's survival. Ballard must make a life-changing decision and one Doll is permanently deactivated while another's shocking past is revealed. In the first clip, Topher reports to Adelle and Boyd that Alpha has taken away Echo and snatched the tracking device off her. The second clip sees Adelle telling Ballard the origin of Alpha and informing the detective that he was once an Active created from a man named Stephen Kepler. The last clip shows Alpha's crazy scheme in converting a woman named Wendy and manipulating Echo. Actor Alan Tudyk has been giving interviews about his character Alpha and what his ultimate goal is. "Everything that Alpha has done has been to get Echo," he said to IGN. "Whenever you see Alpha, he's screwing with the Dollhouse and it's always about his obsession with Echo. It was his plan all along to come get Echo, and that's what it was all about. So, now he has her and he gets to fulfill his plan, which is to make her like him." The finale is called "Omega" but there is actually one more episode which is not going to be aired on TV. "Epitaph One" will go straight to DVD which will be released on July 28 and can be readily pre-ordered at Amazon. Source & Clips

Watch a sneak peek of the new episode airing Friday April 24

When Adelle's wealthy friend is murdered, Adelle imprints Echo with the woman's memories and personality to solve the case. Ballard looks into Mellie's past, and Topher secretly programs Sierra for an engagement in the Haunted episode of Dollhouse airing Friday, April 24 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

Preview of 'Dollhouse' 1.10: Haunted - Featured

Preview to the 1.10 episode of " Dollhouse " has just surfaced. The episode titled "Haunted" focuses its plot on the time when Adelle's wealthy friend mysteriously dies. In order to solve the murder, Echo is implanted with the friend's memories and personality. In the more-than-thirty seconds video, Echo says that she has clue on who might kill her. She is overheard saying, "I thought maybe I've solved my murder." As the footage keeps on rolling, Echo is seen attending the funeral for Adelle's wealthy friend. The next scenes of the footage showcase how Echo has to deal with numerous dangers that haunt the safety of her life. The full 1.10 episode of Dollhouse will be aired on Friday, April 24. (There is no new episode this Friday). To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

Preview of 'Dollhouse' 1.09: A Traitor Within the House

The Actives are back in the " Dollhouse ", but somebody is suspiciously out of place. Topher discovers a chip that reveals a traitor is inside the house. Thus, Echo and Sierra are programmed as spy hunters to uncover the culprit. Meanwhile, Ballard receives surprising news from Mellie, and Adelle harbors a secret. Called "Spy in the House of Love", the episode will air April 10 right after the season finale of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". On another news, Dichen Lachman who plays Sierra did an interview with TV Guide to address on some issues including the shower scenes of the dolls. When asked whether the actors have pretty much seen each other naked, she said with a laugh "Yes. Yes. The episode where Victor has a 'man reaction,' we had to shoot the shower scenes like continuously. I had pasties on and a thong, but the pasties kept peeling off.... We have seen a lot of each other. A lot. " To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here

Preview of 'Dollhouse' 1.08: The Awakening

" Dollhouse " is really picking up the pace after the sixth episode in the first season. The Actives; Echo, Sierra, Mike, November and Victor, wake up with their most original personalities and memories intact. The awakening prompt them to plan an escape. Titled "Needs", the episode chronicles the pivotal time when the dolls start to remember things about their real lives and more of their background stories. November will also remember that she left someone very important to her when she entered the Dollhouse. "Needs" airs on Fox April 3. The 1.06 episode called "Man on the Street" received a sudden jolt in ratings with its fast pace and one explosive hand fist fight. Creator Joss Whedon himself said that the particular episode represents "a much stronger vision". To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here