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Return to Downton Abbey: Lady Edith Goes Home

39 years later ... //

Downton Abbeys Penelope Wilton on Isobel and Violets Wonderful Friendship

"I think sometimes they were a little lonely." ...  Read More... //

Downton Abbey Series Finale: 6 Teases About the Crawleys' Big Goodbye

Theres no use in asking if youre ready to say goodbye to the residents of Downton Abbey this Sunday (PBS, 9/8c). Because youre not. None of us are. That said, the lords, ladies and downstairs dwellershave a whole mess of last-minute surprises up their collective sleeve for the series finale, so TVLine thought wed cushion [] //

End of an era: Downton Abbey bids a fond farewell

Fans of Downton Abbey, take heart. Unlike many American series that end unsatisfactorily, the producers on this show had plenty of time to prepare a proper ending one that ties up many loose ends and sees its most cursed character experience a remarkable reversal of fortune. It became clear to us that Edith (Laura...  Read More... //

'Downton Abbey' boss previews an 'optimistic' series finale

(Note: This post is spoiler-free .) Believe it or not, Sunday will mark the last time we sit down to watch a new episode of Downton Abbey . That means no more Dowager Countess putdowns, Carson disapprovals, and certainly no more sex tryouts with Lady Mary. But how...    Read More.... //

Downton Abbey: Downton Abbey, the Good, the Bad and the Forgotten

You enjoyed the Crawleys when they were the hot new thing, then you drifted. But with end times approaching, heres a crash course in Downtonology.   Read More... //

'Downton Abbey' cast partied hard after wrapping

'The tears were just flooding,' says Michelle Dockery ....Read More... //

The 10 Most Memorable Downton Abbey Moments

As the sun sets on "Downton Abbey" this Sunday, we take a look back at some of its most unforgettable moments.   Read More... //

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Downton' stars tease 'very touching' series finale

'Lots of very touching things will be happening,' Lesley Nicol says in Masterpiece Studio podcast preview...   Read More... //

Downton Abbeys Sophie McShera on Daisy's Evolution and Her Last Scene Ever With Mrs. Patmore

And what their Food Network cooking show would look like.   Read More... //