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Downton Abbeys Sophie McShera on Daisy's Evolution and Her Last Scene Ever With Mrs. Patmore

And what their Food Network cooking show would look like.   Read More... //

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Michelle Dockery recalls emotional farewell to 'Downton' set

'We were just in floods of tears,' the actress says in Masterpiece Studio podcast preview.    Read More... //

Downton Abbey: Are Mary and Talbot Meant to Be?

  [Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday's episode of Downton Abbey . Read at your own risk] It was a tragic day at the races for Downton Abbey . The Granthams took a trip out to celebrate Robert ( Hugh Bonneville ) surviving his ruptured ulcer and to support Henry Talbot ( Matthew Goode ) in ...    Read More...   //

'Downton Abbey' star Brendan Coyle pleads guilty to drunk driving

This story originally appeared on Just as valet Mr. Bates escaped arrest on Downton Abbey , the actor who plays him found himself on the wrong side of the law. Brendan Coyle pleaded guilty to drunk driving Thursday at Kings Lynn Magistrates Court in eastern England,...    Read More... //

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of February 15, 2016

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it — with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   Broad City (Season Premiere) Wednesday at 10:00pm on Comedy Central Why: Your two favorite single, Jewish gal pals are back! No but furreal Abbi and Illana are going to be back with their same old crazy antics, so of course you’re going to want to tune in if you’re at all interested in laughter…and, like, partaking in it. That sort of thing. Basically, people love these hilarious ladies because they’re real, they’re funny, they’re fuck-ups, and they’re in New York City. I mean, what’s not to love? There’s your why! Prepare to talk about: Ilana’s crazy antics; more failed romantic encounters; questioning if the girls will ever grow up (jokes); and perhaps establishing a drinking game based on how much pot they smoke? Just an idea…   Girls (Season Premiere) Sunday at 10:00pm on HBO Why: The friends and frenemies, Miss Hannah Horvath being superfluously naked (like all the time), and that painful awkwardness about the show that you just can’t help watching: it’s back. It’s ALL back, folks! The penultimate season of the show you kind of hate but also kind of love and most definitely love to hate. And so many questions to be answered. What of Hannah and Adam? Will Shoshanna be able to hack it in Japan? Is Marnie legit going to get married, or what? Basically, it’s going to be a rollercoaster, no matter how you look at it. Prepare to talk about: Hannah being naked a lot; Shosh hacking it in Japan; Jess trying to find a job? Keep a job? That might be pushing it…; and then, I’ll just say it, do these girls even like one another? No I mean genuinely, do they actually want to be friends? Discuss!   Downton Abbey (Series Finale) Sunday at 9:00pm on PBS Why: It’s the final episode of the FINAL season. The beloved British historical drama is officially coming to a close, and isn’t it up to us to see it through to its end? I meannnn we’ll finally get to see all the romantic tangles get…untangled? Will Mary reconsider Harry? What on earth is Edith gonna do about the proposal? Will the show honor the deaths of the beloved characters who came before? Basically you should watch because this is the last episode ever of Downton and that should be reason enough! Prepare to talk about: Um the show ending and how sad you are about it? Duh; also who ends up with whom; probably more people dying? (I mean, it wouldn’t be out of the question); oh and why the UK got to watch this before us (like wayyyyy before…)?!     Nicole attends Georgetown university and is currently interning for p { text-align: justify; }

Laura Carmichael Discusses Ediths Evolution on Downton Abbey

Ms. Carmichael talks about her characters bad luck, the problem with male editors and sisterly rivalry.   Read More... //

Downton Abbeys Laura Carmichael on Why Lady Edith Is a Lot Like Peggy Olson and Which Scenes Are the Most Boring to Shoot

  Lady Edith Crawley (Laura Carmichael), though born into a highly-respected aristocratic family, has had anything but an easy life so tumultuous, in fact, that Poor Edith became a common phrase during Downton Abbeys six-season run. Between being constantly overshadowed by her more assertive sisters, three crushed romances, and bearing an illegitimate daughter, she has rarely achieved contentment or stability like the rest of the Crawleys. But Edith finally hit her stride this season, much to the the delight of everyone around her (sans Mary, of course). Shes an adept editor for her magazine, The Sketch, has a chipper new beau, Bertie, who clearly loves her, and is eschewing the stuffy constraints of Downton in favor of a modern and metropolitan life in London. Her future, it appears, is looking quite bright. Vulture spoke with Carmichael about Ediths evolution, how shes a lot like Peggy Olson, and the special game the cast plays to keep themselves occupied in-between takes.   Read More... //

Orange Is the New Black and Downton Abbey (Yes, Downton Abbey) Win Big at the SAG Awards

See the full list of winners.   Read More... //

Downton Abbey Spoilers: A Surprise Guest Drops In

Last week on Downton Abbey, Carson and Mrs. Hughes finally tie the know, Tom Branson comes back, and Anna is now pregnant. So what kind of drama is going to unfold in this week’s episode of the PBS series? In season 6, episode 4, a surprise guest drops in in Downton Abbey. Guess who it is? One of your favorite stars, Rose Leslie is back on the show! Rose plays Gwen only this time in her return she isn’t a maid. As a matter of fact she has a new last name: Mrs. Harding. That’s right, she’s married John Harding. From the looks of it, it’s pretty safe to say that she’s moved on from her position as secretary. If you’ll recall, back in season one, Gwen was merely a maid working alongside Anna. But she always had dreams of becoming someone other than just a maid. READ MORE...

'Downton Abbey' historical adviser calls out 'War and Peace' for costume error

Downton Abbey historical adviserAlastair Brucehas called out War and Peace for a baffling costuming blunder early in the miniseries first episode. During the premieres opening sequence, French aristocrat Vicomte de...    Read More.... //