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'Downton Abbey' executive producer breaks down the season 6 premiere

Warning: Spoilers from the season 6 premiere of Downton Abbey lie ahead! The Crawley family and their staff are back with the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey and, per usual, theyre bringing the drama. Notably, nearby neighbors had to sell up, showing the risk...   Read More... //

'Downton Abbey' producer previews 'end of an era' for final season

'I wanted people to realize that these characters are more like us than they are different than us, even though they're 80, 90 years ago,' Gareth Neame says, looking ahead to the show's return. //

5 Things to Expect from Downton Abbey Season 6

Downton Abbey begins its sixth and final season on Sunday, bringing an end to the highest-rated show in PBS history. Season 6, which has already aired in the U.K., promises to bring enormous changes to Downton, its owners and staff, as well as plenty of the shows trademark soapy drama. Before the upstairs-downstairs period piece returns to PBS for the final time, TheWrap has a spoiler-free list of five things to look forward to in Season 6: Who killed Mr. Green? Last season, Anna was accused of killing Mr. Green, the valet who raped her in Season 4, after he was killed when a mysterious figure pushed him in front of an oncoming bus. Mr. Bates eventually (falsely) confessed, letting Anna off the hook in the finale, but the identity of the real killer is still unknown heading into Season 6... //

Downton Abbey Stars Preview Mary and Edith's 'Rivalry,' Unexpected Final Arc

If you were hoping that Downton Abbey's culminating season (premiering Stateside Sunday, Jan. 3 on PBS) would usher in a time of sisterly peace and love, you might want to prepare yourself for a reignited competitive spirit between Mary and Edith. They remain true to their relationship, star Laura Carmichael says. There is an element... //

Downton Abbey: Saying Farewell to All That

The beginning of the end has arrived for fans of the show in the United States. Season 6, which has already aired in Britain, begins on PBS on Sunday. //

Watch a Clip From the Downton Abbey Season 6 Premiere

Who's that mysterious woman eyeing Lady Mary? Tune in to the season premiere of "Downton Abbey" this Sunday to find out. //

Key Things to Remember Before the Final Season of Downton Abbey

  The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey debuts on PBS this Sunday, which means its time to try to recall what the hell happened during Downton Abbey season five. A lot of time has passed since we last enjoyed some quality Crawley time at least it has for those of us who didnt already watch the U.K. airings of the sixth season and a lot of stuff happens on this show. Like, didnt Edith finally acknowledge that she has a child? Wasnt Bates in jail? (Answer to that is always yes.) Oh, and didnt Mrs. Hughes and Carson finally decide to make their unspoken thing a thing and actually get married? Im pretty sure that happened, and yet it feels like some hazy butler-proposal dream that, weirdly, involved the phrase, You old booby. So, lets officially refresh our memories with this list of key details from Downton Abbey s fifth season that will tee (tea?) you up perfectly for that final go-round with Lady Mary.   The setting When we last left Downton, we were celebrating Christmas in 1924. That means the season-six action will resume in 1925, the same year that both F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby and the first volume of Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf were published. Anna Bates: murderer? Hey, remember Mr. Green, Lord Gillinghams valet and the man who raped Anna in season four, then got pushed into an oncoming bus by an unseen shove-murderer? Well, even though hes dead, his presence continues to hover over Downton Abbey like the unwelcome CGI ghost of Hayden Christensen in the special edition of Return of the Jedi . Last season, despite a stunning lack of anything remotely resembling evidence, Anna Bates was arrested and accused of killing Green. Mr. Bates who seemed like he might be responsible for the shove-murdering confessed to the crime, the only way that anyone confesses to anything on Downton Abbey : by writing a letter. In the finale/Christmas episode, Anna was released on bail because of that letter. But we know Mr. Bates didnt do it, because Molesley and Mrs. Baxter found a pub owner who supports Batess alibi at the time the shove-murder occurred. Given Annas history of violence she once knifed her abusive stepfather in self-defense, because there is no limit to the amount of garbage that woman has had to endure it seems likely that in season six, she will face trial, or get rearrested, or just generally be punished in some fashion because Julian Fellowes is an Anna Bates sadist. Lady Mary and Matthew Goode, sittin in a tree ... So many things happened to our Lady Mary Crawley in season five: She got a boss haircut, she made Anna Bates buy her a diaphragm, she had sex with Tony Gillingham in Liverpool, then decided she didnt feel like marrying him after all. That last piece of information is probably important to remember. But so is this: that she met Henry Talbot (played by the dashing Matthew Goode) and there were major sparks between them, and that if all goes well, they will fall in love in season six and he will, at no point, get run over by a lorry. Edith owned up to being Marigolds mother After learning that the love of her life, Michael Gregson, is really, most sincerely dead, Edith committed herself to raising the daughter they conceived out of (gasp!) wedlock. Lord Grantham and Cora are aware that Marigold is Ediths child, and so is Tom. Mary, however, is totally in the dark, so prepare for an entire season of Mary making rude statements about how Edith doesnt know what its like to be a mom while Edith exchanges knowing glances with Cora while sipping tea from fancy cups. Tom planned to move to Boston After spending a last Christmas at Downton, Tom announced his plans to leave the U.K. and move to Boston, Massachusetts, where he can finally live among outspoken Irish people. (Sybbie, of course, is going, too.) My hope is that the new season will feature a Boston-set bottle episode that takes place during one eventful night at Cheers for Tom Branson and his new best Beantown buddies, played by Mark Wahlberg, John Ratzenberger, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. //

Catching Up With the Cast of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey begins airing its sixth and last season January 3 on PBS. Ahead of the final episodes, Vulture asked some of the cast to reflect on how their characters have changed over the years, their earliest memories on set, and why the show has been such a runaway success in the U.S.   Hugh Bonneville (Robert Crawley) Do you remember your first day on the Downton Abbey set? My first memory is the first time I worked with Maggie [Smith]. We did a scene in which she's decrying the advent of electricity in the house. I think in the stage direction it said, "She shields her eyes from the light and says, Oh, it's like being on stage at the Gaiety Theater." But she didn't just shield it with her hand, she pulled out a fan and then held it there for the entire scene, which was just hilarious. I thought, I see, I see. That's what it's going to be like. She's going to steal every single scene. What has been the biggest change for your character, and how did it affect your understanding of him? The great strength of Julian Fellows is writing let's remember we have one writer on this show, not a team. He knows all of these characters better than anyone. So when Robert started going off the rails a bit in the second series, and his desire was drawn to the maid because he felt that his status in the house was being undermined, lots of people were throwing bricks at the TV, saying, "Robert wouldn't do that. But human beings are human beings, so what I've enjoyed is seeing those ebbs and flows of expectation in the character. You think you've gotthe characters. You think you've got them soused, and then they do something that surprises you. People may have loathed Thomas he's the baddie they love to hate. Then, as the series goes on, you begin to understand where these barbs and arrows come from. With Robert, sometimes I've been frustrated that he's become a complete dinosaur, his IQ seems to drop through the floor, and he's incrediblyinsensitive. Then there will always be something that is redemptive, and you think, he's not so bad after all. I love that because if you just played the same beat all the time, he would be very dull. He's ultimately a good man. I think that's true of all the characters: They are all trying to do good even if they do wrong things. Do you think the fans are going to find this final season satisfying? I think so, because one of the main tones of the final season is about the end of an era, and that's indicated by the estate itself. It's brought home in the first episode, when we learn about a neighbor of ours, a landowner, having to sell. We actually go to the house, and it's really brought home to Robert and the family that this is happening around us. It's happening to one of our friends, and he's literally selling the family silver because he didn't manage the estate properly. It's a wake-up call for Robert and Mary: It's adapt or die, as has happened to so many big estates in Britain in that era, after the second World War, particularly. It's the sense of things coming to an end. Having to downsize the staff, the house beginning to shut down. Will they survive? Will they have to sell, too? Time to say good-bye to some characters. There is a sense of farewell, but in a good, dramatic way. Why do you think Downton broke through so much, particularly in the United States? No idea. I genuinely didn't think it would travel. I thought it was so quintessentially British, and it's about such minutiae of social interaction, and British social interactions. Maybe that's part of the reason, actually. If you create something that's true to itself, and has an intrinsic sense of authenticity, then it doesn't matter if it's set in space or under the sea. If you believe the world and you believe the characters, and you care about their interaction, and you have story lines that engross you, then you're some of the way there. But then add to that extremely good production values, a very well-cast show, and that amazing, most important ingredient of all: luck. What were your favorite moments to shoot? We all love filming at Anet Castle, which is where we shot some of the season finale last year, and we shot some scenes there this year. The people there were just so amazingly generous with their time. And the vistas up there are astonishing. Particular scenes, I don't know. I've always loved the scenes with my daughters. When you have father-daughter moments, they are all quite special. How do you move on from something as iconic as Downton Abbey ? I don't want to sound cynical, but I've been a jobbing actor for 25 years. This show happens to have been an extraordinary adventure for all of us. And then I go back to being a jobbing actor.

Downton Abbey cast talks about closing the door on final season

Downton Abbey is downsizing in its final season. The fading days of the aristocracy and the looming economic crisis that resulted in the Great Depression will literally change the look of the show this season, cast members revealed on a recent visit to New York. You just won't see that grand scale legion of servants... //

Leaked video from 'Wonder Woman' set looks more like 'Downton Abbey'

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