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Book Review: 'Downton Abbey' series finale: EW review

She came to us a victim. She leaves us a villain. A fair conclusion for Alicia Florrick? No, because to borrow from the lesson of United States v. Nunez (as interpreted by Will Gardner): Nothings ever over. Her story continues, even though well never see it. To borrow from the Regina Spektor...   Read More... //

The 10 Most Emotional Moments from 'Downton Abbey' Season 6

The final season of Downton Abbey had all of the residents, upstairs and down, grappling with personal challenges. After years of enduring innumerable hardships, and with the series coming to a close, the tone became more sentimental, and all of the central characters' storylines came full circle. That doesn't mean they didn't hit a few snags along the way to happily ever after. As we say goodbye to the Crawleys as well as their friends, assorted loved ones and staff, let's look back on the most emotional moments from season 6....   Read More... //

'Downton Abbey' Series Finale Recap: Does Edith Finally Find Happiness?

The series finale of Downton Abbey is full of happy endings, like any good romance should be. There's a wedding, a baby, another pregnancy, a few new career paths and a few budding romances. Even Mary and Edith finally bury the hatchet, possibly for good. If you were looking to the Downton Abbey finale for anything other than saccharine sweetness and "happily ever after," you're really coming to the wrong show.   Read More.... //

Downton Abbey Series Finale Recap: How Did the Crawleys Say Goodbye?

I hope you adequately savoredthat final shot of a snow-coveredDownton Abbeyon Sunday, because it was the last one were ever going to get. The PBS drama ended its six-season run on a high note, giving us pretty much everything we could have possibly hoped for: Edith and Bertie are married, Mary and Henry are expecting [] //

Downton Abbey "The Finale" Review: Three Cheers for the Granthams

The Masterpiece drama said farewell with good times for all.   Read More... //

Downton Abbey: Downton Abbey Finale: A Grand British Story With an American Finish

You knew it would end this way, right? ...  Read More... //

Downton Abbey Series Finale Recap

The upper-class Crawley family and their houseful of servants rang in 1926 in tonight's series finale, with nearly everyone getting a happily ever after. ...  Read More... //

Downton Abbey Series Finale Review: Happy Endings For All

The series finale of Downton Abbey was near-flawless, with happy endings pretty much across the board. In pure Downton fashion, the central event of Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 9 was a wedding Edith's. And what a wedding it was! Especially after the rather downtrodden way that Edith had closed out Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 8 .   Read More...   //

Downton Abbey Series Finale Recap: Happy Enough

After six seasons, Downton Abbey ends on a perfect, lovely note....   Read More... //

Book Review: 'Downton Abbey' series finale: EW review

At the wedding of poor, poor, poor-no-more! Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) to Bertie (Harry Hadden-Paton), the marquis with moralistic mother issues, the imminently quotable Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) reached into her seemingly bottomless handbag of quips and explained the English version of a... ...   Read More... //