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Tuesdays on The CW
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60 Minutes
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An aspiring supervillain must balance his career and his pursuit of a beautiful do-gooder.

Show Reviews

by henneberg

Feb 06, 2017 3:24 PM EST

I often watch this over and over, because it is so great. It has all you could wish for: fantastic and ridiculous songs, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion being amazing. It really does have it all!

by kfsoterten

Mar 28, 2016 8:14 PM EDT

I just love Felicia Day! This is one of my all time favorite musicals.

by Morgaine

Mar 28, 2016 8:12 PM EDT

This is an amazing show... Lovers of NPH absolutely must see it (and Nathan Fillion fans as well). I only wish it were longer.

by gusters

Dec 25, 2015 12:14 AM EST

The hammer is my penis.

by cat-91

Feb 22, 2015 7:34 AM EST

I want more. Please bring us more.

by ExArmyJay

Oct 25, 2016 5:45 PM EDT

It was actually a good watch. Decent idea for this....brand new day.....lol

by derekbery

Mar 28, 2016 8:11 PM EDT

A creative and fun miniseries (?) that is well worth the watch. The songs and comedy are very well done and although it is a very short show, the writing and story are well thought out and executed; love the ending.

by jcfan

Mar 28, 2016 8:10 PM EDT

Joss Whedon! Not much else to say. Songs were good, comedy was good. Got a little dark towards the end. Wouldn't mind seeing that sequel that has been talked about for years now.

by teltigre

Jun 11, 2019 2:25 AM EDT

Watch it. Watch it now. Just do it.

by mirthofearth

Jun 09, 2019 7:50 PM EDT

I'm seriously not a Joss Whedon fan. I keep trying but he's just not my cup of tea.

by guavalove

Oct 10, 2018 9:01 PM EDT

SO good. Everything about this is amazing. Forever grateful for the writer's strike because this masterpiece came from it.

by nieenketjee

Mar 10, 2017 10:28 AM EST

Great short show

by Moniie

Jan 09, 2017 1:39 PM EST

Fun and short miniseries/musical. Evil mastermind falling for a do-gooder. Felicia and Neil are awesome ♥

by fredlanthier

Jun 27, 2016 4:22 PM EDT

Perfect! I love Nathan Fillion so much.

by Mohammed87

Mar 30, 2016 3:47 PM EDT

it's okay it's okay

by jb1357

Mar 28, 2016 8:14 PM EDT

Meh! Not a fan.

by Tijana Damjanovic Gertner

Mar 28, 2016 8:14 PM EDT

Amazing musical, great actors, Nathan Fillion as a villain is incredible, songs are great, i got the entire soundtrack, and it's always on my playlist. Neil Patrick Harris has a great voice, and so does Felicia Day. The story itself is interesting, and amuzing you can't get bored.

by daviswalden

Mar 28, 2016 8:12 PM EDT

Interesting, quirky, and a lot of fun to watch, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion bring a magic to the screen that is undeniably charming. Following an aspiring super-villain, the musical is extremely creative and has really good songs to match. Still waiting for a sequel...

by cassyown

Mar 28, 2016 8:11 PM EDT

One of the best shows I've ever seen! A few actors (but awesome ones), a lot of songs, a great story, a terrible ending, I can't find anything wrong with it. I just wish for more!

by generalkate7

Mar 28, 2016 8:11 PM EDT

Two very attractive men singing and acting nerdy, what else do you need?