DRAMAtical Murder

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DRAMAtical Murder

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Sundays on TV Tokyo
Tracked 14 Times
1 Seasons, 12 Episodes
30 Minutes
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DRAMAtical Murder is set in the near future of Japan on the fictional island of Midorijima. At some point in the game's recent history, the island was privatized by the powerful Tōue Corporation and turned into a resort called Platinum Jail, with the island's original residents forced to live in the Old Residents' District. Aoba Seragaki lives on the island and works at a store named Junk Shop Heibon, hoping to live a simple life. However, he is drawn into the popular cyber game Rhyme with its virtual world as well as the hand-to-hand combat Ribstiez game. Along the way, Aoba meets a diverse cast of characters who turn out to be more than what they seem and, depending on his choices, can either help or destroy them. As he tries to overcome and understand all around him, including his own mysterious powers that influence people immensely just with his voice, all semblance of a peaceful life for Aoba ends.

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