Dream High 2 Lists

The follow-up to the 2011 smash hit Dream High, Dream High 2 boasts an (almost) all-new cast, but the same music-and-dream centered story that made the first so addicting. Six very different students at Kirin Arts School played by a roster of high-profile pop stars and rising acting talent. Kang Sora (Dr. Champ) stars with Jung Jin Woon of 2AM. Ji Yeon of girl-group T-ara (God of Study), Hyorin of SISTAR, and Ailee (a new singer now on the Kpop charts) are three of the other actors. In Dream High 2, the beloved arts school has fallen on hard financial times and a famous entertainment company is attempting to buy it out. When three talented girls who have formed a group called HershE transfer to Kirin, they wind up teaming up with - or sometimes competing against - a boy group at the school. Rian (Ji Yeon) dreams of becoming a famous actress, while Nana (Hyo Rin) has an extraordinary voice but is haunted by her past. Ailee is a talented but air-headed performer. Meanwhile, Shin Hye Sung (Kang Sora), who has excellent dancing skills, clashes with bad-boy Jin Yoo Jin (Jung Jin Woon), who dreams of becoming a rock star. Shenanigans, musical battles, competitions, and unexpected teamwork return in Dream High 2, bringing the same magic as the first.