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'Elementary' casts John Noble as Sherlock Holmes' father

Exciting casting news for TV fans -- John Noble is joining "Elementary" in Season 4 as a series regular, playing none other than Sherlock Holmes' (Jonny Lee Miller) estranged father. In the Season 3 finale of the CBS crime drama, Holmes relapsed on drugs following a particularly personal case. In the Season 4 premiere, his father is coming to town to deal with his son in person. Fans will remember that Holmes' father was instrumental in Sherlock's first rehab stint and in setting up Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) as Sherlock's sober companion.Noble fans are plentiful after his outstanding work on "Fringe" and "Sleepy Hollow" for FOX. In fact, "Elementary" creator Robert Doherty says Noble's work on "Fringe" was "tremendous."RELATED: Sherlock and Kitty save each other as 'Elementary' says goodbye to her"We could not be more delighted to have John Noble taking on such an important role," says Doherty. "We've enjoyed his work for many years... //

'Graceland' taps 'Elementary' star Lucy Liu to direct season 3 episode

Lucy Liu is heading to Graceland . The Elementary star and Charlies Angels alum has been tapped to direct a season 3 episode of the USA series, EW has learned. Graceland is a truly gripping drama series with strong, dynamic characters and a knack for shedding...   Read More... //

Elementary Boss on Sherlock's Spiral, [Spoiler]'s Season 4 Arrival and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursdays season finale of Elementary. Wheres the nearest meeting? Because were the ones who need some support after Thursday nights season finale of Elementary. The hour went down a dark path as Sherlock was forced to work with his former drug dealer in order to rescue his friend Alfredo. [] //

Who's Dropping In on Elementary's Sherlock Next Season?

  Elementary 's season finale gets darker and more personal when Sherlock's friend and former sponsor Alfredo ( Ato Essandoh ) goes missing. But has he been abducted or has he relapsed? Neither possibility bodes well for his future, but for now Joan and the police are on the case because Sherlock is ...   Read More... //

'Elementary' scoop: Is Holmes about to fall off the wagon?

As Elementary heads towards its season finale, Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) sobriety will once again be tested after one of his allies falls into the wrong hands. Can Watson (Lucy Liu) bring him back from the edge? EW caught up with executive producer Rob Doherty to find... //

Elementary 3x17 - Promo "T-Bone and the Iceman"

Holmes and Watson investigate a murder that initially looks like a road rage incident, but takes a new direction when they learn the victim was flash-frozen at the time of death. Also, when Watson’s mother finds out Joan’s brother is cheating on his wife, she puts Joan in the awkward position of confronting him about the affair. Airs Thursday March 12 on CBS.

Elementary 3x16 - Extended Promo "For All You Know"

Holmes becomes a suspect in a murder that took place during the height of his addiction. Airs Thursday March 05 on CBS.

Elementary 3x14 - The Female of the Species Promo

An unanticipated event puts Watson back in contact with a crime boss she helped put away. Airs Thursday Feb. 12 on CBS.

Elementary Exclusive: Lucy Liu on Joan's Spiral, Wearing Pajamas, Directing Herself

Joan Watson has had a tough road on Elementary Season 3 . From being on her own at the start of things... to resuming work with Sherlock... to an unlikely bonding with Kitty (who has since left)... now seeing her boyfriend Andrew presumably poisoned in front of her eyes (right after she broke up with him), it's no wonder Joan may be a bit shaken when we find her in Elementary Season 3 Episode 14 . Last year, when star Lucy Liu stepped behind the camera, Joan was off-screen much of the time. However, tonight Watson will be far more involved when Liu directs. As she told me earlier this week, this made for quite the challenge.  Read More... //

Elementary 3x13 Promo "Hemlock"

Holmes and Watson are faced with a very large suspect pool when a debt collector is murdered. Airs Thursday Feb. 05 on CBS.