60 minutes

For years, Embarrassing Bodies has been proving that 'there's no shame, we're all the same', and now a new group of medics are ready to tackle Australia's most 'cringe-worthy' conditions. Dr Christian Jessen teams up with Antipodean physicians Sam Hay, Ginni Mansberg and Brad McKay to bring a unique Aussie flavour to this hugely successful series. Exploding myths about troublesome medical complaints, the Embarrassing Bodies Down Under truck travels across the country, hitting major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne and party hot spots like the Gold Coast, while the high-tech studio clinic proves the perfect place to treat those more difficult disorders and intense cases. The ability of Australians not to take themselves too seriously shines through, even when facing those awkward ailments that nobody wants to talk about. Embarrassing Bodies Down Under takes a down-to-earth approach, de-stigmatises sensitive health issues and deals strictly with the medical facts.