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ENTOURAGE “Home Sweet Home” Season 8 Episode 1 Photos

Check out photos from  ENTOURAGE  Season 8 Episode 1 titled "Home Sweet Home" which airs on Sunday July 24 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on HBO Episode Synopsis:   Entourage  "Home Sweet Home" Season 8 Episode 1 – Fresh from rehab, Vince (Adrian Grenier) is psyched about a new film idea, but the guys don’t share his excitement. Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Scott (Scott Caan) sign Johnny Galecki to their new management company . Ari (Jeremy Piven) tries desperately to win back  Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves). Drama (Kevin Dillon) throws Vince a "dry" welcome-home party. Written and directed by Doug Ellin. Read More... //

HBO Releases Extended 'Entourage' Final Season Trailer (VIDEO)

The first episode of the final season of HBO's 'Entourage' premieres Sunday, July 24. Today the network released an extended trailer of the 8-episode season that features some mild spoilers about the series' swansong. So if you're trying to stay spoiler free, stop reading, and don't watch this trailer. The trailer picks up with Vince 90 days clean and sober, out of rehab after dealing with his Sasha Grey-induced cocaine problem. Drama is recording his gorilla-fronted cartoon series 'Johnny Bananas,' which co-stars Andrew Dice Clay. Turtle looks like he's lost about 35 pounds, and is working on his tequila project, trying to make his business moves without Vince's help. Sloane sends Eric back his engagement ring in the mail. Ari's separated and it looks like his marriage is falling apart. Vince writes a script for Drama that nobody except the Chase brothers seems particularly enthused about. Something shocking happens and everyone gasps! Check out the video after the jump. //

Entourage Spoilers: Where Things Stand...

In an interview with Constance Zimmer last week, the actress said the final season of Entourage will pave the way for a movie. But that's looking a bit far ahead. In the more immediate future, where will the men stand upon this HBO hit's July 24 return? On the premiere, look for... //

'Entourage' Season 8: HBO Lets Fly With Spoilers, Air Dates

Vince, Turtle, Eric and Drama return to the airwaves for an eighth and final season of "Entourage" on July 24, and HBO doled out a pile of teasers for the first two episodes of the season, along with air dates for the episodes. See HBO's full press release below (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT) to see how the Adrian Grenier and company will be kicking off the series' swan song. Read More... //

'Entourage' Final Season Details Revealed

HBO’s Hollywood players return for their final season of  Entourage on July 28 at 10:30 p.m. The network released some new details on the eight-episode Season 8 on Wednesday. Warning: Spoiler Alert When we meet up with the crew, Vince ( Adrian Grenier ) is out of rehab and ready to go on a new venture; Ari ( Jeremy Piven ) is separated from his wife; Eric ( Kevin Connolly ) is running his own management firm; Drama  (Kevin Dillon ) is shooting an animated series; and Turtle ( Jerry Ferrara ) has gone in on a tequila business and a possible new project. Read More... //

'Entourage' Ending: Long-Running HBO Hit Films Final Scenes Tuesday

For the better part of the last decade,  Entourage  has been a staple on HBO and a steady presence on the streets of Los Angeles, where the series shot in various restaurants, bars, residential homes and other locations around Southern California. Tuesday, that all comes to a close, as the series shoots its final scenes at Van Nuys’ airport known for its private jet traffic. Star  Jeremy Piven  took to Twitter to express his sentiments regarding the last day of filming from the set. "Last day on Entourage here, thank you guys for joining us for 8 seasons," he  said . Adrian Grenier  tweeted "Last day at school," Tuesday while reflecting  on a more serious note earlier this week "I don't know what I'll miss more, the laughs or the love" regarding the waning days of the show. Read More... //

Will the Entourage Gang Get a Happy Ending? Get Final-Season Scoop from the Cast

If you've been lying awake at night wondering if the boys from Entourage will live happily ever after, you can rest easy. Ben Lyons hit the set of HBO's long-running comedy for scoop... //

'Entourage': Jeremy Piven thinks show 'would really benefit' from movie version

Jeremy Piven is now filming the last episode of "Entourage," but he -- and we -- may yet see more of Hollywood talent agent Ari Gold.For television purposes, Piven is wrapping up his work as the typically, sometimes atomically manic character on the HBO series, whose eighth and final season begins Sunday, July 24. Creator and executive producer Doug Ellin is considering a movie spinoff, and Piven clearly wouldn't mind seeing that happen."I don't know much, other than that they really want Doug to write it," the three-time Emmy winner tells Zap2it. "I think if he comes up with something great, we'll obviously launch into it. It's interesting. I had a couple of buddies come to the set the other day, and there was a scene where there's a pretty heavy confrontation with Mrs. Ari [Perrey Reeves]."There are so many different sides to us, and Ari has been brought to his knees in a certain... //

Anthony Weiner Approached for Cameo on 'Entourage'

Though the request went out before Weiner resigned from office Tuesday, don't count on seeing him on the eighth and final season this summer. Asked what response he has gotten from Weiner, Ellin just says, "Nothing." The Hollywood-centric series kicks off its farewell tour with a party in New York on July 19 in anticipation of its July 24 return. Read More... //

Shocking Twists Coming Up on Entourage

With Ari Gold ( Jeremy Piven ) wife-less and perhaps already back on the singles market, is a reunion with ex-girlfriend and movie exec Dana Gordon just a matter of time? "What happens with us is what I think fans have been hoping would happen at some point,"   Constance Zimmer , who plays the "female Ari," tells   TV Guide Magazine . "It could be a little raunchy!" At the 22nd Annual Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 'A Time for Heroes' carnival on June 12, Zimmer revealed that in the eighth and final season, all of the characters will be exploring territory we haven't witnessed before. "[They] dive very deep into their inner cores of who they are as people, which we haven't been able to see," she says. "We've seen a lot about the work and the industry, and this is about what these people are deep down and what they've been missing in their lives." Read More... //