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'Entourage's' Kevin Connolly once slept with a girl who only knew his character name

The men of "Entourage" have been known to often engage in scandalous behavior as their charactersVince (Adrian Grenier), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Drama (Kevin Dillon) and E (Kevin Connolly) throughout eight seasons on the hit HBO series, as well as the newly released "Entourage" film.Ellen DeGeneres gets the actors to own up to their real life sexy antics Thursday (June 4) during a game of "Never Have I Ever," while they're on her show to promote the movie's release.RELATED:Why the 'Entourage' movie almost didn't happenWhile there is no clear winner or loser in the game, Connolly finds himself in the hot seat when he answers yes to almost all the racy questions. The actor is also the only member of the cast to cop to sleeping with someone who only knew him as his "Entourage" character Eric "E" Murphy.Also in the interview, DeGeneres finds out about Ferrara's array of side jobs before the series and some... //

10 Forgotten Entourage Cameos

The HBO series was famous for guest stars as much as it was for storylines.   Read More... //

Entourage Starts To Party In Tuesday Night Previews Box Office

Vince, Eric, Johnny Drama, Turtle and Ari cashed in $2 million last night in previews as Warner Bros . Entourage got a leg up on the upcoming competitive weekend . Predictions for the Doug Ellin film are in the mid $20Ms for the five-day; high teens to low $20Ms for FSS. The film opens in 3,108 theaters today and will increase its count slightly by Friday.   Read More... //

Silicon Valley Is the Anti-Entourage

  On October 28, 2013, Entourage creator Doug Ellin announced that his hit TV show would soon return as a movie. Given the reaction, you would think scientists had announced they were bringing back smallpox. The website Bustle welcomed the news with the headline The Film We Never Wanted Is Happening ; recently, comedy writer Wendy Molyneux was able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity by promising to sit through the Entourage film in return for donations. A series of brutal, hilarious reviews for the movie, in theaters today, has confirmed Entourage s status as the Guys American Kitchen of film.   Read More... //

Why Entourage May Find Itself Outside the Velvet Rope at Box Office

Relationships make all the difference in Hollywood, and theyre at the heart of Entourage, the Warner Bros. movie version of the hit HBO series that arrives in theaters Wednesday. But they may not be enough to push the film to make moviegoers buddy up to this big-screen bromance. For one thing, writer-director Doug Ellins Entourage faces stiff competition this weekend despite getting a two-day head start. In addition to the current No. 1 film, Dwayne The Rock Johnsons earthquake epic San Andreas, Friday will bring strong newcomers in Foxs Melissa McCarthy comedy Spy and the Jason Blum -produced horror film Insidious Chapter 3.   Read More... //

Why the 'Entourage' movie almost didn't happen

While the "Entourage" movie is about to hit theaters, there was a time when many fans didn't believe it was going to happen at all. Back in 2013, there seemed to be a very real divide between executive producer Mark Wahlberg and the TV show's cast over money, with Wahlberg even calling them "greedy" at one point.It turns out that's not what was really holding up the movie after all, though. Instead, it was series creator Doug Ellin. Speaking to Zap2it, Ellin reveals, "There was all this stuff reported about how the movie wasn't going, but the only reason it wasn't going is because I couldn't get a script finished."RELATED: 'Entourage' TV to movie - What the gang's been up to since the series finale"Writing is not my favorite thing on earth," he explains. "Unfortunately, it's how I pay my bills."It got to the point where even the cast didn't think the movie would happen.... //

'Entourage' Premiere: Ronda Rousey, Emmanuelle Chriqui & More Stars Rock Sexy LBDs

The ladies got all the attention at the Los Angeles premiere of "Entourage" on Monday. The film, based on the hit HBO series, centers on a group of male friends, but it's the women who held court...   Read More... //

Entourage Stars Adrian Grenier Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven Buddy Up for LA Premiere (Photos)

Life is a party for both the characters and the cast of the upcoming Entourage movie. The stars of the HBO spin-off hit the red carpet at the WestwoodRegency Village Theatre in Los Angleson Monday night for the premiere of the comedy and appeared to have just as much fun in real life as they do on set. Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven ,Jerry Ferrara and Rex Lee all hammed it up for the cameras at the star-filled premierefor the filmthat hits theaters on Wednesday, June 3.   Read More... //

Entourage Movie to Land in a Transformed, Buttoned-Up Hollywood

Much has changed since Entourage first portrayed Hollywoods decadent business culture, as private equity has taken the reins and talent agencies have scattered and merged.  Read More... //

'Entourage' TV to movie: What the gang's been up to since the series finale

Walking onto the set of the "Entourage" movie is a bizarre experience. After all, there aren't necessarily any actual sets to walk onto. As a Hollywood movie about life in Hollywood -- and a rather idealistic one at that -- the sets tend to be actual locations, sometimes open to the public.On the dayin March 2014 thatZap2it joined a handful of other outlets to observe filming of the movie, the set was actually the Warner Bros. backlot in Burbank, Calif. With Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) behind the wheel of his signature 1966 Lincoln Continental, driving Vince (Adrian Grenier) and the rest of his crew through the lot, it's hard to tell where the movie stops and reality begins.Everywhere you look is someone seemingly working on a movie, be they actual crew members or extras who simply need to look like they belong.On this day, the cast is letting everyone know what exactly their characters... //