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'Entourage' stars Adrian Grenier and Kevin Dillon spill their favorite celeb cameos

HitFix talks to Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier at CinemaCon 2015 about the upcoming "Entourage" movie.   Read More... //

Adrian Grenier Says Entourage Movie Sequel Is Sure Bet (Exclusive Video)

Adrian Grenier has so much faith in the upcoming Entourage movie, hes betting the big-screen adaptation of the HBO series has already earned a sequel. Grenier spoke to Larry King about the film, due for release June 5, in aninterview filmed for the Feb. 9 episode of Larry King Now. The actor made the appearance topromote documentary 52:The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World, for which he served as producer. King pressed for details on the Doug Ellin -directed film.  Read More.... //

'Entourage' Star Kevin Connolly Signs With UTA (Exclusive)

The Golden Globe nominee will reprise his role as E in the movie version this summer.   Read More... //

Entourage Crew Filmed Movie Footage at the Golden Globes

  If you were wondering why the cast of Entourage showed up as some of the first red-carpet strollers at this year's Golden Globes , it's because they needed some last-minute footage for their f orthcoming movie . Variety reported that Jeremy Piven and Co. were working on the film's "special ending" before the awards show began, and E! added that some of the stars conducted mock interviews with real reporters (Carson Daly, for one).   Read More... //

'Entourage' trailer is big and slick and instantly divisive

HBO's 'Entourage" was always divisive, and the first trailer for the Warner Bros. bigscreen version of the show promises to keep audiences arguing? Indulgent and decadent or sharply critical of celebrity culture? Check it out, and you be the judge.   Read More... //

TRAILER: The Entourage Movie Finally Has an Official Teaser

Didn't think Vincent Chase could truly top himself after Aquaman? Well, think again:     E, Vince, Drama, Turtle and the rest of the  Entourage are back (Ari doesn't seem to have calmed down a bit since the series finale back in '11), and it looks like going over-budget is the least of their problems. Entourage: The Movie hits theaters June 5th, 2015.

Mark Wahlberg Talks ENTOURAGE Movie, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman’s Cameos, Moving up the Release Date, a Sequel, and More

Next year,  Entourage  will be headed to the big screen.  However, while promoting his new movie  Transformers: Age of Extinction , producer  Mark Wahlberg  says he wants the adaptation of the HBO comedy series to come out sooner than June 2015.  “I don’t think we’re going to be able to wait a year to release the movie. We’re going to show the studio sooner, rather than later,” Wahlberg tells Access Hollywood.  “If it makes most sense to wait until June, we’ll wait until June.” Read More... //

Kid Cudi To Play Assistant To Ari Gold in Entourage Movie

Entourage  was a very interesting show, with an even more interesting plot turn since it ended. The main question for a long time was will they or wont they make a movie? Well, seems we had confirmed some time ago that the movie is, indeed, going forward. While some people think it may be a little late in Entourage’s life cycle for it to still bring in new fans, they are taking some steps to ensue they do just that. A good example of this?  Kid Cudi  will play assistant to Ari Gold in Entourage movie. Please allow me to now tell you why this is a bold and genius move on all counts. Read More... //

‘Entourage’ Movie Director Doug Ellin Punks Fans With Vincent Chase as Dracula Photo

As fans wait for their first glimpse of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) in costume as Dracula in the “Entourage” movie, director Doug Ellin has gone ahead and had some fun with their fervor, and he even got TheWrap too! The director tweeted an old photo of Chase playing Aquaman in Season 3, though some fans (including this gullible reporter) mistook the picture to be Dracula, given Grenier’s pale skin, eyeliner, long dark hair (do vampires ever go bald?) and blood-red lips that appear to be hiding fangs or some other oral prosthetic. TheWrap was the first to report that Ellin’s script featured Chase playing the legendary vampire, though Warner Bros has yet to confirm plot details.  Read More... //

'Entourage' Movie Begins Filming As Stars Post Set Photos

After years of waiting and a period of protracted contract negotiations, the Entourage movie began shooting on Thursday. The stars and writer-director Doug Ellin took to Instagram to document their first day of filming. Ellin posted a photo of himself on the set in his director's gear and a later shot of him surrounded by a group of bikini-clad women on a boat, which he captioned "rough first day of shoot."  Read More...   //