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Jerry Ferrara Talks About the 'Entourage' Series Finale and Turtle's Growth (VIDEO)

'Entourage' is finally over, at least on television, after it wrapped up with its series finale Sunday night. Monday morning, Jerry Ferrara , who played Turtle, spoke with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC) about the show's history and his own character's growth. "It was more about just the journey for the whole eight years, looking back at where we all started," Ferrara said of the finale. "You know, my character, trying to get a girl to make out with him, and he'll show her where Vince eats breakfast in the morning. You know, selling a company and actually becoming a millionaire at the very end." //

Entourage Series Finale: How the Heck Did We Get Here?

[Spoiler alert! The following reveals major plot points from the series finale of Entourage .] The four boys from Queens left on jet planes as Entourage ended its eight-year run on Sunday. The finale found many of the characters in very different places from where the series started, but we're still not quite sure how everyone got there. Below are some of our biggest burning questions from and criticisms of the last episode: 4. No love for Turtle and Drama? The final episode honored the main guys' family of four — as best depicted in the scene when Turtle ( Jerry Ferrara ) calls Sloan and Eric's unborn child "our baby" — so it was disappointing that two of the four guys didn't have much to do besides follow Eric and Vince around... //

'Entourage' Series Finale: (Almost) All Roads Lead to Paris (VIDEO)

Last week, Vince helped out his buddies Turtle and Johnny Drama. That left only this week's series finale of 'Entourage' (Sun., 10:30PM ET on HBO) to help Eric and Ari. Could he throw money at their women problems and make them better? And what about his own lady situation? Well, somehow, Vince convinced the reluctant Sophie to marry him. We're talking drop everything and marry him immediately, after a 24-hour date. What is the time gap between last week's episode and this week? It doesn't seem to be much, so how on earth did he do that? She fought tooth and nail against even going on a date with him and now she's ready to marry him just like that? It was a big ring, but come on? //

'Entourage' series finale: Fans react

It's been a long ride through Hollywood for Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and, of course, Ari. But Sunday (Sept. 11) marked the series finale for the long-running HBO series "Entourage."As with every finale of a much-beloved series, no one will ever be completely happy. "Sopranos" and "Lost" fans know exactly of which we speak. Now it's "Entourage's" turn to endure the slings and arrows of its fans. We're not going to give away any of the answers, but here are some reactions from around the Twittersphere. Toure - I'm totally unhappy with this whole finale. It was a lame ep for Entourage, lame for a series finale, it was problematic all around.FrankWWEClown - Had to hold back tears from the final #Entourage episode, it was THAT moving. My man card is still in tact...I think. bengreenman - The only way the final episode of Entourage could be worse is if they wake up at the end and... //

ENTOURAGE Series Finale “The End” Season 8 Episode 8

Watch a preview and check out photos of the series finale episode of  ENTOURAGE  "The End" Season 8 Episode 8 which airs on Sunday September 11 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on HBO Episode Synopsis:  After a first date, Vince pulls out all the stops for Sophia. Ari and Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) take a step forward, and a step back, at therapy. Drama, Turtle and Vince try to convince Sloan to give Eric another chance. Written by Doug Ellin; directed  by David Nutter. Read More... //

Top Moments: Rescue Me's Happy Ending, Kate Gosselin's Food Fight and Kimmel's Teary Tribute

Our top moments of the week: 13. Kiss and Tell Award:  Talk about airing your dirty laundry on television. When Vienna and Kasey get into a little lovers' quarrel on  Bachelor Pad  (he wants to have sex; she doesn't), he decides to prove that Vienna isn't shy about getting into bed by name-dropping her previous conquests. Including Wes and Dave Good. To her face. Both guys denied it, of course, but who wouldn't?   12. Worst Athletic Display:  Playing with your daughters? Good. Playing with your daughters after you've been drinking? Not so much.  Joe Giudice  takes things a little too far on  The Real Housewives of New Jersey  when he tries to show up his daughter and flaunt his gymnastics skills ("I'm a professional," he says) shortly after polishing off a glass of red wine. He aims for a simple roll on the mat, but winds up rolling onto the marble floor and chipping his tooth. "When my husband drinks, things get a little out of control," Teresa  explains to the camera. You're telling us? 11. Gone Baby Gone Award:  Sloane tells Eric she could never be with him again when he comes to apologize to her on the penultimate episode of  Entourage . Unfortunately, the most heartbreaking news isn't that she won't take him back, but that she's pregnant and plans to move to New York with their unborn child and still wants nothing to do with him. Sloane moving to Eric's hometown with their yet-to-be-born baby? It makes us wonder  where the show is headed  in the series finale. Read More... //

'Entourage' Finale Teaser: 'We're Always Be Friends'

Offering a consolation for fans over the series' end, it says that 'all good things must come to an end.' //

'Entourage': Sloan Drops Some Shocking News on Eric (VIDEO)

With the series run of 'Entourage' (Sun., 10:30PM ET on HBO) drawing to a close next week, it's time to drop some surprising bombshells on the cast. The show delivered in this department with two rather huge surprises in store for them and us. First up, who would have thought that Turtle would become a self-made millionaire? Sure, a little last minute investment from Vince helped make it happen, but kudos to him for sticking to his entrepreneurial passions until they finally paid off. //

Entourage: Jonathan Keltz on Satisfying Series Finale

Jonathan Keltz plays Jake Steinberg on Entourage . How did the actor react when he learned he'd landed the role of Ari's assistant? "I did about 37 backflips," the actor told me over the phone. Keltz said he was "possibly the biggest fan of the show," when he got the casting call. "Me and my buddies would always get together to watch... I was originally meant to be in just one scene and I didn't even tell anyone so they'd be surprised when I showed up on screen." Read More... //

'Entourage's' Vanity Fair Storyline: How Real Was It?

Entourage  has made a name for itself by having storylines that Hollywood insiders frequently call true to life. But, their August 28 episode, which featured the continuation of Vince's potential  Vanity Fair  cover storyline, stretched the truth just a bit. In the episode, Vince ( Adrian Grenier ), who had been interviewed by a particularly good looking Vanity Fair writer, Sophia ( Alice Eve ) the week before, gets word that the article has been chosen for the cover. Great news. Bad news? Vince and his publicist Shauna ( Debi Mazar ) get an advanced copy of the story and the actor is described as being an "insecure womanizer." Read More... //