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ENTOURAGE “Second to Last” Season 8 Episode 7

Watch a preview and check out photos of the upcoming episode of  ENTOURAGE  "Second to Last" Season 8 Episode 7 which airs on Sunday September 4 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on HBO Episode Synopsis:   Entourage  "Second to Last" Season 8 Episode 7 – Vince (Adrian Grenier) continues to woo Sophia (Alice Eve). The DeLucas (Sonny Marinelli, Elizabeth Regen) fall in love with a pricey restaurant space, forcing Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) to pitch his investors for more money. Distraught over Sloan (Emmanuelle  Chriqui), Eric (Kevin Connolly) turns to Melinda Clarke (again) and the pair crash Sloan’s date. Ari (Jeremy Piven) makes an emotional connection with the script for Vince and Drama’s (Kevin Dillon) miner movie. Read More... //

'Entourage' Exclusive Preview Clip: Vince Runs Into a Pregnant Former Flame (VIDEO)

'Entourage' is in its home stretch, with the series' penultimate episode set to air this Sunday (10:30PM ET on HBO). Fun fact: The episode, titled 'Former Partners,' is the second to be directed by co-star Kevin Connolly. As they wrap things up, there are several season and series-long storylines coming to a head. Vince is still reeling from his Vanity Fair interview with Sophia, seeking out girls he's slept with to reassure himself he isn't the vapid womanizer the piece makes him out to be. Drama and Andrew Dice Clay just outlasted CBS in stand-off over 'Johnny's Bananas,' and with that project taken care of, the gang turns its focus to Vince's miner TV movie. Ari seems resigned to the fact that his divorce with Mrs. Ari (Melissa!) may become a reality, and that it could cost him the majority stake in his agency. Read More... //

'Entourage': Mrs. Ari finally has a name

After seven years, one of TV's great mysteries is solved. On the Sunday (Aug. 28) episode of "Entourage" the name of Ari Gold's (Jeremy Piven) ex-wife, heretofore known only as "Mrs. Ari" (Perrey Reeves), was revealed.And it's... Melissa. Not only that, the door is apparently open for a possible reconciliation for the estranged couple. Ain't final seasons grand?Next up: The location of "The Simpsons'" Springfield?... //

Johnny Galecki Hints to Eric He May Be Seeing Sloan on 'Entourage' (VIDEO)

It was relationship trouble all over 'Entourage' (Sun., 10:30PM ET on HBO) this week. With only two episodes left to go, will Mr. and Mrs. Ari manage to reconcile their relationship? Will Ari have to start calling her Melissa? Do we? But that wasn't the only unexpected moment in the episode, as we also saw a seedier side to 'The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki. He certainly seemed to be enjoying alluding to Eric that he's in some kind of relationship with Sloan. It was enough to get Eric to freak out and threaten Scott that he has to drop Galecki as a client or they're done working together. See, this is how business gets done in Hollywood, according to 'Entourage.' Who manages you and who you work with is directly related to who you sleep with. And Hollywood is basically like a small town. Everybody knows everybody's business. //

ENTOURAGE “The Big Bang” Season 8 Episode 6

Watch a preview of the upcoming episode  of  ENTOURAGE  "The Big Bang" Season 8 Episode 6 which airs on Sunday August 28 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on HBO Episode Synopsis:   Entourage  "The Big Bang" Season 8 Episode 6 – After his interview, Vince tries to make things right with journalist Sophia Lear (Alice Eve). Ari gets a reality check from his lawyer about his divorce. Eric receives an over-the-top gift  from Melinda Clarke, and some unsettling news from Johnny Galecki. Turtle meets with his East Coast partners on a new business venture. Drama shows  his solidarity. Read More... //

Vince Tries to Flirt His Way Through a Vanity Fair Interview on 'Entourage' (VIDEO)

Vince just can't seem to keep himself in check on 'Entourage' (Sun., 10:30PM ET on HBO). Granted, the reporter from Vanity Fair was gorgeous, but he's trying to rebuild his image after that whole rehab situation. He didn't need to start trying to seduce her right away. He did convince her to give him a second chance, and gave a fair and candid interview as promised. Or he may have just been trying to give her what he thought she'd want to hear. Then he tried to get in her pants. At least, you could say, he is consistent. Plus, the rejections seem to have invigorated him, as he declared that he thinks he loves her. We think this won't be the last we see of Alice Eve, as Vince isn't done trying to charm his way into bed with her. //

'Entourage' 8.06 Preview: Ari Sheds Hope of Marriage Reconciliation

Ari is raging when finding out that his estranged wife, who has filed for divorce, has a male guest in her house. //

ENTOURAGE “Motherf*cker” Season 8 Episode 5

Watch a preview and check out photos of the upcoming episode  of  ENTOURAGE  "Motherf*cker" Season 8 Episode 5 which airs on Sunday August 21 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on HBO Episode Synopsis:   Entourage  "Motherf*cker" Season 8 Episode 5 – With things not panning out with his new co-star, Drama plots to get Dice back on the show. Eric meets  up with Melinda Clarke, Sloan’s ex-stepmother, and the two end up commiserating over their exes. In an effort to repair his image, Vince agrees to a Vanity Fair  interview, while Ari has an awkward business meeting with Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer). Read More... //

Top Moments: Anderson's Potty Humor, A Piers Walkoff and Royal Pains Gets Overexposed

Our top moments of the week: 12. Most and Least Self-Aware:  On the perplexing season finale of  Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals , the estranged father and daughter have a wrap-up therapy session in which they (very speedily, thanks to a suspicious edit) appear to reconcile — just one episode after their big blowout in Washington, D.C. "It would be terrible not to have her in my life. I know, because it has been,"  Ryan  says. "I was always holding out hope for us. ... We ain't done." Um, actually we hope you are. 11. Best Pep Talk:   Entourage  has been criticized for its consequence-free outlook. So it's really no surprise that Vince isn't caught faking a drug test to avoid more jail time. "Things always work out for us," Eric says. Eh, it's the final season; why raise the bar now? 10. Most Triumphant Return:  Remember the Kinetic King? The guy whose  abysmal non-performance  on  America's Got Talent  made everyone in the audience go "aw"! Two weeks later, the kinetic artist is back for Wild Card week with a new set-up (look, soda cans!) and he's finally able to ignite a chain reaction that makes the audience go "ooo." Ultimately though, the King's special skill might work better as  a YouTube oddity  than as a  stage spectacle  (it's kind of slow and boring). But hey, he did it! And he's moving on to the semifinals! Read More... //

Jeremy Piven Talks SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, Saying Goodbye to ENTOURAGE, and Why He Joined Miley Cyrus in SO UNDERCOVER

Now that his hit HBO series  Entourage  has finished filming its final season, actor Jeremy Piven said that he’s just trying to impress his nieces. Taking a variety of roles in  Spy Kids: All the Time in the World  – the most notable of which is the mysterious Timekeeper – is sure to help him, in that regard. In the film, Timekeeper is angry at the world for squandering time and wants to steal it back, believing that he could do more valuable things with it. He feels that families don’t use their time together wisely and, as such, he is a super-villain with family values. Read More... //