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Sorry, but We Don't Need an Everwood Revival

  Hollywood has seen a number of reboots, revivals and remakes since Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life jump-started pop culture's latest obsession with nostalgia, and now another beloved WB series seems to be inching toward a revival. In a new interview with Variety , uber-producer Greg Berlanti  ...Read More....

Everwood Revival: 'There's a Real Shot It Could Come Back,' Says Greg Berlanti

The prospect of an Everwood revival has progressed from pipe dream to realistic possibility. In a new interview with our sister pub Variety, Greg Berlanti who created the beloved WB drama suggested that a reunion project is becoming more a question of when than if. I think its about schedules and finances and []

One Tree Hill, Everwood and Cougar Town Coming to Hulu in February 2018

Hulu has revealed which TV shows and movies will be available to stream in February 2018! After leaving Netflix in 2017, the complete series of One Tree Hill will now be available for...   ...Read More...

Weekend Binge Guide: January 2018

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-­watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:   American Vandal See all reviews for American Vandal On paper, this show sounds pretty stupid. An eight-episode series about a high school prank that involves...dicks? However, this satire of all of the true-crime documentaries that you have been gobbling up over recent years is absolutely perfect. If you have watched even one true-crime documentary - whether that be Making a Murderer or The Jinx or something else - you will appreciate the structure and attention to detail of this series. It's truly hilarious - in my opinion, it was one of the best comedies of 2017 - and certainly a very pleasant surprise. If you happened to skip over this one in the sea of Netflix Original releases, it's certainly worth your time.   If you want to scream:   Mindhunter See all reviews for Mindhunter My one caveat about Mindhunter is that it requires a bit of patience. The series does not move quickly. It's not until the third episode that it becomes more clear where the show is going. That being said, know that your patience pays off. This series, about the FBI's development of its modern serial killer profiling program, is all about its characters - both 2 FBI agents and all of the imprisoned serial killers whom they interview. The show stars Broadway's Jonathan Groff as the young agent Holden Ford, who pushes for the development of the program, along with Holt McCallany as his older, wiser (and less annoying) partner, Bill Tench. However, the real stars of the show (and the ones that will actually make you scream) are the serial killers themselves, most notably Cameron Britton as Edmund Kemper.   If you want to cry:   Everwood See all reviews for Everwood When people reminisce about the great WB dramas (for you youngsters out there, before The CW existed, from 1995-2006 that same network was known as The WB), Everwood is not likely the first one that comes to mind. While a little schmaltzy (but hey, this category IS for tears), this small-town drama starring Treat Williams as a surgeon who moved his family to the titular town after his wife died was excellent. There are also lots of familiar before-they-were-famous faces on the series including Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt in major roles, as well as Sarah Drew ( Grey's Anatomy ), Justin Baldoni ( Jane the Virgin ), and Paul Wesley ( The Vampire Diaries ) in recurring guest roles. Like many great family dramas do, the series covered all the important issues, from teenage sex to teen pregnancy to depression. And, if you aren't yet sold, know that the show comes from Greg Berlanti, who has produced lots of shows that you likely love, including every superhero show currently on The CW today.   If you want to think:   Good Girls Revolt See all reviews for Good Girls Revolt Though Good Girls Revolt aired just 10 episodes in 2016 on Amazon before getting the ax, it's easy to see how this show *could not be more relevant* today. The series focuses on the female staff of a fictional news magazine in the 1970s; specifically, it focuses on their harassment and unequal treatment and their fight to combat it. The show's cancelation was a bit of a scandal in that it was well-received both by critics and female viewers, but then-head of Amazon Studios Roy Price was reportedly not a fan (nor had he even watched the series at all). Somewhat poetically, Price has since resigned in the wake of his own sexual harassment scandal. Though there has not been any additional movement just yet, there has more recently been chatter of bringing the series back . Whether or not this occurs, the show is a delightful 10 episode binge. p { text-­align: justify; }

Everwood Turns 15: The Creator, Stars Recall Braving Freezing Temps to Deliver the Pilot's Emotional Fight

Its been a decade and a half since Everwoods premiere today marks the shows 15th anniversary but the pilots pivotal father-son argument is still as raw and powerful as ever. And it still stands out for creator Greg Berlanti and stars Treat Williams and Gregory Smith for being as frosty off-screen as the [] //

Greg Berlanti and 'Everwood' Cast Discuss Origins and Revivals at Emotional Reunion

The cast and producers reunited at the TCA summer press tour to coincide with the family drama's streaming debut.   ...Read More... //

You Can Finally Stream Everwood Thanks to the CW Seed

Mark your calendar for an epic binge re-watch! After more than ten years off the air, Everwood will finally take its rightful place in the CW's streaming catalog. Per an announcement from the network, the beloved WB drama about a widowed brain surgeon raising his kids in a picturesque, insular ...Read More... //

'Parks and Recreation': Chris Pratt reunites with 'Everwood' co-star on set

Is "Parks and Recreation" plotting an "Everwood" reunion? That looks like it might be the case, if Chris Pratt has anything to say about it. The actor, who plays Andy on "Parks" and Bright on "Everwood," tweeted a photo with his former TV grandma, Debra Rooney."I'm loving this 'Everwood' reunion on the set of @parksandrecnbc," he writes. This is the second "Everwood" reunion in the last month, after several cast members snapped photos together."Everwood" ended in 2006, after four seasons on The WB.... //

Guest Stars Revealed for Grey's Season Finale - Featured

All eyes are on Meredith and Derek as they continue to prepare for their looming wedding. But that's not all that's worth looking into, especially as Grey's Anatomy concludes its fifth season with a two-hour finale slated to air on May 14. According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, series creator Shonda Rhimes has tapped Debra Mooney and Liza Weil for the highly anticipated season ender. Mooney, known for her role on Everwood , most recently appeared on Eleventh Hour , ER , Cold Case , and Pushing Daisies . On the other hand, Weil is credited for her role as Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls , as well as her roles on The West Wing , The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and ER . Weil also has ties to Rhimes' other show, Private Practice given that her real-life husband is cast member Paul Adelstein. On Grey's Anatomy, Mooney will play the mother of Kevin McKidd's emotionally plagued character Owen, while Weil will appear as a cancer patient who crosses paths with Izzie. Aside from her upcoming guest stint on Grey's Anatomy, Weil has also been cast in Mars, a film about the discovery of life on Mars which puts a robotic expedition and a manned mission in a race to the Red Planet, and Little Fish, Strange Pond, a crime comedy movie that features Matthew Modine, Lisa Brenner, Adam Baldwin and her husband Paul Adelstein. Meanwhile, fans can catch the next new episode of Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, April 23 in which Izzie throws herself into planning Derek and Meredith's wedding while she goes through an aggressive cancer treatment. Hector Elizondo (Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries) and Amy Madigan (Field of Dreams, Carnivle) guest star for this episode. Source here

Pilot News: Wolf Bites into V, Bowen Joins Family, and More

From Party of Five to party of V... ? Scott Wolf has been cast on ABC's reboot of the aliens-among-us V, playing an ambitious TV newscaster who becomes a mouthpiece for the visiting ETs' agenda. In other ABC pilot castings, Julie Bowen (you say Boston Legal or Ed, I say Lost) has landed a lead role in the comedy My American Family, playing wife to Ty Burrell (Back to You). Also, Jonathan Silverman (In Case of Emergency Weekend at Bernie's) is the first to be cast in an as-yet-untitled comedy from Jeff Strauss (Reba) and revolving around three couples, while Heroes alum Dania Ramirez will play a homicide detective on a cop drama from Daniel Cerone. Source here