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Exit Art is an independent vision of contemporary culture prepared to react immediately to important issues that affect our lives. We do experimental, historical and unique presentations of aesthetic, social, political and environmental issues. We absorb cultural differences that become prototype exhibitions. We are a center for multiple discipl...

Episode Guide

26 episodes

  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s1e27Signs of Change
    • s1e26Summer Mixtape Vol. 1: The Get Smart Edition
    • s1e25Somehow
    • s1e24Charles Juhasz-Alvarado: Complicated Stories
    • s1e23Charles Juhasz-Alvarado: A Conversation about Art, the Island and t...
    • s1e22S.E.A. Presents
    • s1e20Brainwave: Common Sense
    • s1e19Love/War/Sex
    • s1e18Love/Sex/War: The Rude Mechanical Orchestra
    • s1e17Exit Art and Trickster Theater Present: Tropical Area
    • s1e16Exit Art and Trickster Theater Present: Construct
    • s1e15Exit Art and Trickster Theater Present: Serious Games
    • s1e14Exit Art and Trickster Theater Present: Wild Girls
    • s1e13Exit Art and Trickster Theater Present: Water Project
    • s1e12Exit Art and Trickster Theater Present: prayingproject
    • s1e11Exit Art Presents: Electric Lab
    • s1e10The Drop: Panel Discussion Part 4
    • s1e9The Drop: Panel Discussion Part 3
    • s1e8The Drop: Panel Discussion Part 2
    • s1e7The Drop: Panel Discussion Part 1
    • s1e6The Drop: Walking Tour
    • s1e5The Drop Artist Interviews
    • s1e4Prayingproject
    • s1e3The Studio Visit - 2
    • s1e2The Studio Visit - 1
    • s1e1Holiday Windows