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Wednesdays, 10:00 PM EST on CBS
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2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Extant is an upcoming American science fiction drama television series that will air on CBS. It revolves around a female astronaut (Halle Berry) who returns home to her family after a year in outer space.

User Reviews

by DarkClarissa

Mar 01, 2016 6:41 PM EST

I'm going to say that my review contains ***spoilers*** because I do discuss a couple of small details of two of the characters that you may not want to read. So you can read to my **** asterisks but no further if you prefer.

I'm really torn in my feelings about Extant. It has all the right elements for a fascinating and taut sci-fi. Alien + the Asimov Robotics series with a bit of Arthur C Clarke's 2001 thrown in. I should love it, but there's something that just doesn't gel with me.
I normally love Halle Berry, but there is something about her character that really grates on my nerves. The chemistry between her and her husband just doesn't seem to be there. Ethan, well, I honestly don't know about the way they are developing that story line whether I'm invested in it at all. However, on the subject of Ethan, I do think that the little actor playing the part is superb. Julie just annoys the hell out of me and now the new character of Odin, really? Another baddy with an English accent? Hasn't Hollywood done that one to death already?

I actually only seem to have any connection with the character of Yasumoto. I can understand his predicament and whilst his methods are morally suspect, there is the flawed humanity in his character that resonates with the ring of truth. The rest of the characters just make me want to shout at them to stop being so stupid.

When it comes to suspense, although where the story is ultimately leading isn't necessarily obvious, each twist along the way is so obvious to the naked eye that it's visible a mile away. I want the twist to seem to take me one way but then do something unexpected. The unexpected is what sci-fi should be about.

I've given it three stars because I do want to find out why the alien is there and what it wants. But unless the characters start instilling in me a little bit of sympathy, I don't know if I can continue, sorry guys!

by scotwot

Jul 17, 2015 12:17 PM EDT

I found this really difficult to get into but now that I hear the luscious Jeffery Dean Morgan is involved (season 2) I will give it another try. Yes, I really am that shallow. ;) #eyecandy