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'Extant' finale recap: 'Double Vision' / 'Greater Good'

The two-hour season finale ties up loose ends and introduces a possible season 3.   Read More... //

Extant Season 2: Was That Finale TAALR-Made for a Follow-Up?

CBS Extant wrapped its sophomore run on Wednesday night with a double header and no, a pun was not intended. As the two-hour finale came to a close, Charlie and Ethan found Julie juuuust in the nick of time, though just as Molly-X a Humanich replica of Halle Berrys heroine was gunning [] //

Extant Review: The Final Showdown

Well, that was a doozy. A lot happened in tonight's two-hour season finale of Extant. While the block of episodes lagged in places and felt a bit baggy, when observed together, Extant Season 2 Episode 12 and Extant Season 2 Episode 13 did a pretty good job of tying up all of this season's loose ends and it was definitely a huge improvement over the chaotic mixed bag of Extant Season 1 . First thing's first: JD made it out alive! Honestly, no one could be more shocked about this than me. I was sure that he was a goner. Granted, the finale went a bit heavy with all of the red herrings about his fate (seriously, I swear that they hinted he was dying any minute now at least four separate times), but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.   Read More...   //

'Extant' Season 2 Finale Recap: Molly Shoots JD!

In the previous episode of Extant , Molly and JD tracked down John's former partner, Nicholas Calderon. Calderon told them a story of an A.I. he believed was controlling the board, the same A.I. that was currently advising Stanton and the government. Calderon also gave them a device, an amulet, that he claimed would be able to stop both the A.I. and the Humanichs. Meanwhile, Charlie and Julie did everything they could to keep the newest batch of Humanichs from being shipped around the world, but Lucy managed to kidnap Julie and thwart their efforts.   Read More... //

Extant Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Zugzwang

Spoiler alert: it was HAL! HAL did it! In all seriousness: the big reveal that took place in Extant Season 2 Episode 11 was that the computer TAALR (Threat Assessment and Algorithmic Research) referred to as 'Taylor' is the mastermind behind Lucy's mysterious "higher authority" orders. Taylor also supposedly orchestrated John Woods' and Toby Shepherds' deaths, and framed Calderon for bombing the buildings in Wichita when he realized that Calderon was angling to shut him down.    Read More...   //

'Extant' Recap: Molly Might Have a Way to Beat the Humanichs

In the previous episode of Extant , Molly and JD made it out of the GSC and went into hiding with Terra and Ethan. But before long, Ethan started glitching and they had to take him to Julie for analysis. Meanwhile, Toby began investigating Nicholas Calderon, John's old partner, after evidence pointed to his involvement in John's death. Whatever Toby found out must have been big because someone murdered Toby to keep him from sharing this information with Molly. And speaking of John, Ethan's glitching was revealed to be a message John left behind, letting Molly know that if something went wrong with the Humanichs, Nicholas Calderon was the only one who could help.    Read More... //

'Extant' recap: 'Don't Shoot The Messenger'

Molly sheds her past, Toby finally joins the right team, and we get the kiss weve been waiting for.   Read More... //

Extant Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Don't Shoot the Messenger

It certainly wasn't perfect, but I have to admit that this was a pretty exciting episode of Extant. A lot happened... to say the least. Don't Shoot The Messenger actually felt more like a penultimate episode, an immediate lead-in to the season finale, so I can't even imagine what other craziness is in store for us next week. On Extant Season 2 Episode 10 , Molly (unsurprisingly) revived, only to be thrown right back into the thick of things including the sudden uncovering of a potential mastermind behind theHumanichs' off-the-rails behavior.   Read More...   //

'Extant' Recap: Molly Dreams of JD's Death

In the previous episode of Extant , Molly was infected with the hybrid-killing virus and experienced hallucinatory dreams as a result. Back in the real world, Molly's health quickly declined, even as her loved ones begged her to keep fighting. After finally getting his memories of Molly and John back, Ethan was horrified when Molly flat-lined and no one came to help. Meanwhile, the surviving hybrids infiltrated the GSC and the Humanich army was called in to handle the situation. In this episode, "Don't Shoot the Messenger," Molly recovers from the hybrid-killing virus but is haunted by something she saw in her dreams. Meanwhile, Toby begins to question his loyalty to the GSC, the Humanichs start taking orders from a mysterious source, and John sends a message from beyond the grave.   Read More... //

Extant Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Other Side

This episode of Extant was a supertrippy look into Molly's mind that gave us some interesting (and long overdue!) back-story for our Dr. Woods. Let's be honest: Extant Season 2 Episode 9 was a weird one. I'll admit that after the last few action-packed, plot-driving installments, this one felt like a bit of a let down, since it was so intrinsic and not very action-based. It for sure slowed things down, rather than ampedeverything into overdrive going in to the final few hours of the season. Granted, that's an odd complaint to have about an hour that ended with our main character apparently dying . But more on that later.   Read More...   //