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Mondays on SyFy, Nine Network
Tracked 3,985 Times
5 Seasons, 90 Episodes
60 Minutes
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This ground-breaking sci-fi original series featured American astronaut John Crichton, who, while performing an experiment in a small shuttle craft is hurled to a distant, and utterly bizarre region of the universe, very far from earth. He is taken aboard a living ship with a crew of prisoners while the Uncharted Territories enemies hunt Crichton relentlessly on his quest to get home. This series featured brilliant special effects from Jim Henson Studios. Weird, twisted, and heart-wrenching

User Reviews

by poio

Dec 17, 2014 10:50 AM EST

Certainly the best Sci-Fi series to date.
The Special Effects hold their own even now and the story is not only unique for it's time but also has many aspects to it not found in later productions for the genre.
It's cast is also the sole reason why I even bothered with later seasons of the original Stargate series.
Must watch.

by Conqueror3103

Feb 25, 2016 8:42 PM EST

I remember when I was little I watched this show and it really grew on me. Stargate was nice but pales in comparison to this marvel. Stargate is somewhat earthly while this piece of art proves it doesn't lack imagination, no limits to it.
The music is okey but not the main point. The acting is absolutely fantastic, but the real thing is the plot. No spoilers.

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