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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on SyFy, Nine Network
Tracked 3,985 Times
5 Seasons, 90 Episodes
60 Minutes
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This ground-breaking sci-fi original series featured American astronaut John Crichton, who, while performing an experiment in a small shuttle craft is hurled to a distant, and utterly bizarre region of the universe, very far from earth. He is taken aboard a living ship with a crew of prisoners while the Uncharted Territories enemies hunt Crichton relentlessly on his quest to get home. This series featured brilliant special effects from Jim Henson Studios. Weird, twisted, and heart-wrenching


Losing Time

Date Aired:

Farscape S3E9
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The crew of Moya start blacking out and missing portions of time. Pilot becomes inhabited by another entity who needs to 'taste' each crewmember to determine if they too are being inhabited.

Episode Reviews

by ChicEtHautaine

Sep 19, 2017

silly & funny
had a great time

by d5patel

Oct 09, 2014

great show

by fmartak

Apr 01, 2015


by naxilion

Feb 19, 2015

Too funny and lots of characters

by kairisora16

Feb 08, 2015

hahah Ranma1/2 god this show is soo funny