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Type-Moon Attempts to Win Me Over Continue w/ Reedited Fate/Stay Night DVDs

Seriously, I could go on a fanboy Rant of Joy here. So, by now I think everyone is at least vaguely aware of the new Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works movie premiering on January 23rd. The 90 minute movie will be released to theaters and obviously will be following the Unlimited Blade Works path from the original eroge. That has been enough for me to be very giddy about January arriving but then Type-Moon had to go and steal my heart all over again. A day before the movie is released to theaters (January 22nd), Type-Moon will be releasing a special two volume Fate/Stay Night TV Reproduction I and II on DVD and Blu ray. Each set lasts for 60 minutes and completely retells the story path followed in the TV anime. Obviously this means that the entire 24 episode series is getting reedited and in some cases reshot to tell the story in 120 minutes. To Read More Click Me!