Felix The Cat (1953) Episode Guide

30 minutes

Felix the Cat was the first international cartoon superstar. Felix uses his charm and boundless imagination to outwit the nasty Professor and his cigar-chomping henchman Rock Bottom, who are always close by with another crazy scheme to catch Felix.

Episode Guide

60 episodes

  • 11 episodes
    11 episodes
    • s3e11enus and the Master Cylinder, Moo Moo Island Oysters, the Mouse and Felix
      November 13, 1959
    • s3e10Instant Money, Master Cylinder-King of the Moon, the Invisible Professor
      November 10, 1959
    • s3e9The Gold Fruit Tree, the Flying Saucer, Felix Baby-Sits
      November 5, 1959
    • s3e8Felix's Gold Mine, How to Steal a Gold Mine, Private Eye Felix and Pierre Mustache
      November 2, 1959
    • s3e7The Glittering Jewels, the Gold Car and Country Fair, Sheriff Felix Vs. the Gas Cloud
      October 28, 1959
    • s3e6Penelope the Elephant, the Money Tree, Oil and Indians Don't Mix
      October 23, 1959
    • s3e5Balloon Blower Machine, Friday the 13th, Stone Making Machine
      October 20, 1959
    • s3e4Captain No-Kiddin', Felix in Egypt, Detective Thinking Hat
      October 15, 1959
    • s3e3Do-It-Yourself Monster Book, Blubberino the Whale, Ghostly Concert
      October 12, 1959
    • s3e2Felix Out West, Electronic Brainwasher, Felix the Cat Suit
      October 7, 1959
    • s3e1The Magic Bag, Into Outer Space, Abominable Snowman
      October 2, 1959
  • 34 episodes
    34 episodes
  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes