Fine Art TV: Springboard Episode Guide

Springboard accommodates young artists from all over the world. Cultivating their art with passion, for they are the future. Each week, Fine Art TV offers them a space of expression and visibility. Come discover the best amateur creative scene for future pros! Evolving slowly in the heart of the woods, the female spirits fill the places in which...

Episode Guide

21 episodes

  • 21 episodes
    21 episodes
    • s1e1214DJ Kate
    • s1e1212Yuri Toroptsov
    • s1e1121Bryant Scannell
    • s1e1107Ricardo Alevizos
    • s1e1105Martin Karachorov - Human impermanence
    • s1e1024André Kim
    • s1e1010Guillemette Minisclou
    • s1e1006Camille Brossard - Go life to the void
    • s1e926Laurent Robillard - After
    • s1e725Vitaly Garanzha - Black and White in Vermont
    • s1e711Badjoke
    • s1e620Quentin Caffier
    • s1e610DJ Kate
    • s1e425Marina Filipovic
    • s1e411Sarah Claudon - The Shared Dictatorship
    • s1e315Renier de Bruyn
    • s1e314Pascal Lecoeur - Chronique Des Gens Ordinaires
    • s1e306Pascal Lecoeur - The Chronicle of Ordinary People
    • s1e213Eda Emirdag - Visions Dream
    • s1e201Quentin Caffier
    • s1e118Yuri Toroptsov