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'Firefly' Reunion TV Special Coming To Science Channel

"Firefly" is getting a shiny new TV special. To celebrate the cult-favorite sci-fi drama’s 10th anniversary, Science Channel is shooting a new one-hour special chronicling the "Firefly" cast reunion at Comic-Con this week. //

'Firefly' Will Return to Comic-Con 2012 for Its 10-Year Anniversary

If you're a TV nerd heading to the San Diego Comic-Con, it doesn't get much better than this: Firefly will have a 10-year anniversary panel at this year's SDCC! //

'Firefly' and 'Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite 'starting' to get recognized more for 'The L.A. Complex'

Zap2it: In playing clawing-her-way-back-to-the-top actress Raquel in "The L.A. Complex," you're showing an edgy but funny side that hasn't been seen in your previous series roles. Are you enjoying playing that?Jewel Staite: When I was reading the script, I was a little worried that she wouldn't be likable, and I had to figure out a way to find the humor in her desperation. That was definitely the biggest challenge. She's hilarious, but I love that she does what she wants to do, regardless of the outcome.Zap2it: You had fame among sci-fi fans before starting "The L.A. Complex." Have you found people's reactions to you changing by virtue of your role in your new show?Jewel Staite: I'm starting to get recognized for Raquel more than anything else, and I'm used to people recognizing me for "Firefly" or "Stargate Atlantis." Especially with "Firefly," people come up and kind of want to hug me all the time, just... //

First Look: Firefly's Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin Reunite on Castle

Ten years ago — (or was it 500 years from now?), Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin were trapped together in space on Fox's short-lived, but much-beloved sci-fi adventure series, Firefly . Though Nathan's Captain Mal Reynolds often clashed with Adam's Jayne Cobb, the actors developed a strong bond that survived post-cancellation. The two buds reunite on...  //

Firefly Recap: Season 1, Episode 1

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection Firefly  – about a tight-knit band of war-scarred smugglers, seekers and runaways eeking out a semi-honest living in the final frontier of newly colonized space — is remembered as one of the great shoulda-been/coulda-been TV tragedies of the young century. A quirky blend of sci-fi space saga and Western frontier adventure, the short-lived Fox series arrived in the fall of 2002 with great expectations from critics and geek pop fans alike thanks to the pedigree of its creator: Joss Whedon, the acclaimed mastermind behind   Buffy The Vampire Slayer   and   Angel , an ace dramatist with a distinctive voice renowned for telling stories great with wit, scope, heady themes and psychologically complex, emotionally accessible characters. Also? Much with the   Whedon Speaky   and cool pop culture references.   Buffy  and   Angel  had been youth-skewing niche hits for The WB (and, during   Buffy’s   last two seasons, UPN); the hope was that  Firefly  would appeal to bigger, broader audience on Fox. It didn’t. The show – airing on Friday nights – premiered with 6.3 million viewers and declined from there. Fox cancelled the series, airing only 11 of 14 episodes produced by Whedon. Those who had taken an instant liking to the show – a tribe of fans who called themselves   Browncoats   – were heartbroken, as was Whedon and his cast, led by its breakout star, Nathan Fillion. An attempt to pull a   Star Trek   and keep the   Firefly creative world alive as a movie franchise failed to launch: Despite admiring reviews, the Whedon-helmed 2005 feature   Serenity  grossed just $38.8 million worldwide. The dream of more   Firefly   was finally extinguished. Read More... //

Could 'Firefly' Return To Television With New Episodes?

Firefly  re-runs are back on television - and now star Nathan Fillion may be putting the pieces together to create new episodes of the cult show. Recently, the Science Channel revealed that it is re-airing the entire Firefly series in its intended order and in high definition (for those of you not in the know, FOX originally aired the episodes without any consistency). The Science Channel will be bookending each episode with additional content from Dr. Michio Kaku, who will discuss the theoretical science behind the show. Read more... //

Firefly Returns to Cable TV

For the first time since 2008, the short-lived cult show Firefly will be on TV again. Entertainment Weekly has just reported that The Science Channel has acquired the rights to the scifi favorite and will air the entire series, along with an extra segment at the end of each episode. Renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku wll be discussing the science aspect behind the show's sci fi concepts.  Read More... //

Firefly Alums to Guest on Warehouse 13

SyFy has secured the talents of Firefly alum Jewel Staite (Kaylee) and Sean Maher (Dr. Simon) for an upcoming episode of Warehouse 13's second season. This is the first time the two have worked together since Serenity, and living proof that the Warehouse 13 folks know how to please their geek-filled audience. The title of the episode is "Mild Mannered," and in it Maher plays an object bearer named Sheldon. Described in the press release as "a quiet unassuming guy," Maher is physically affected by the object - in a way that may be obvious from the title. I'm thinking incredible Hulk here. Staite will play the part of Loretta, Sheldon's unobtainable object of affection. Warehouse 13 itself turned out to be one of SyFy's biggest successes, quickly earning a second season shortly following its premiere last year. Warehouse 13 will get, ironically, 13 episodes for its second season the SyFy equivalent of a full season and will be returning to the small screen on Tuesday, July 13th. No word on when "Mild Mannered" will be premiering. Source Here

Does Morena Baccarin's haircut make her look like Michael Cera?

Yesterday, an innocent conversation amongst the CliqueClack writers devolved into a discussion of Morena Baccarin's hair for her role as Anna on V. While the super-short haircut gives her a very distinctive look, the Firefly beauty now bears an uncanny resemblance to awkward, young Michael Cera. Compare the photos above, side-by-side. Some have even spotted a resemblance to The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons! The question is this: does Baccarin's hair work for her and for her current role as the Lizard Queen? Take the poll. Full story:

Does Joss Whedon already have a plan?

Joss Whedon appears to already have a plan regarding what his project is after Dollhouse, and apparently, it's already underway, if his comment is to be believed. In fact, some fans are speculating that we're already being given clues as to the nature of the project, and that it's related to the curious website at . The relationship of this website to a potential post-Dollhouse Alternate Reality Game, and that to Joss' mystery project is unclear, but it definitely has Whedon fans all abuzz. Find more detail here at .