Floaters Episode Guide

Megan, Nisha, and Erika are three girls paving their paths in life, mostly without a map, though. These are their adventures as they make their way through life and love in New York City. Floaters is the Emmy Award winning online program (the first Emmy awarded to an online scripted comedy or drama) that also garnered inclusion in the Producers ...

Episode Guide

15 episodes

  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes
    • s1e15The Big Break
    • s1e14Shannon Frasier
    • s1e13Just Like Me
    • s1e12Everybody Loves Roland
    • s1e11Erika
    • s1e10Poetry
    • s1e9Hollywood Confidential
    • s1e8The Jake-a-Like
    • s1e7Harasser? I Hardly Know Her!
    • s1e6Self Improvement
    • s1e5Good Impressions
    • s1e4Change...
    • s1e3The Winds of Fate
    • s1e2Doctrine of Opposites
    • s1e1Look Who