Food Science Episode Guide

Wondering how to cook the perfect steak? What about that delicious sorbet? Dr. Kiki has a passion for the inner workings of the kitchen, and the credentials to explain some of the mysteries right under our noses. Whether you

Episode Guide

15 episodes

  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes
    • s1e15Fluids
    • s1e14Hot and Spicy
    • s1e13Leavening
    • s1e12Chocolate
    • s1e11Fermentation
    • s1e10Fun With Shining Silver
    • s1e9Protein Denaturation
    • s1e8Breakfast
    • s1e7Microwaving Eggs
    • s1e6Teflon
    • s1e5The Maillard Reaction
    • s1e4Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
    • s1e3Fudge Science
    • s1e2Blowtorch
    • s1e1Thermometer