Forensic Factor Episode Guide

60 minutes

(aka F2:Forensic Factor) Forensic Factor lets you examine a variety of evidence using the tools of forensic science that are utilised in criminal investigations. It presents some of the world’s best Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs), who are armed with cutting-edge forensic technology aiding them in the hunt to capture elusive criminals. Each episode features one baffling case and takes viewers into the field and the lab, to showcase how microscopic DNA, ballistics and hair and fibres help to solve crimes and bring killers to justice.

Episode Guide

45 episodes

  • 45 episodes
    45 episodes
    • s1e45Baton Rouge
    • s1e44Love Bites
    • s1e43Abbotsford Killer
    • s1e42Jack
    • s1e41Shopping Spree Murders
    • s1e40Thrill Kill
    • s1e39Million Dollar Murder
    • s1e38Bike Path Rapist
    • s1e37Picture Perfect
    • s1e36Greetings From Yahweh
    • s1e35Leaving Las Vegas
    • s1e34Pyromaniac
    • s1e33Forsaken
    • s1e32Knock, Knock, You're Dead
    • s1e31The Fifth Commandment
    • s1e30Smiley Face Killer
    • s1e29Eclectic Murders
    • s1e28To Catch a Serial Killer
    • s1e27Colchester Rapist
    • s1e26Atomic Dog
    • s1e25Olympic Bomber
    • s1e24House Hermit
    • s1e23Dead Man's Hollow
    • s1e22Yosemite Park Murders
    • s1e21Sniper
    • s1e20Hog Trail Murders
    • s1e19The Promised Land
    • s1e18Rampage
    • s1e17Betrayed
    • s1e16Summer of Hate
    • s1e15Vanished
    • s1e14Fremont Bomber
    • s1e13No Body, No Crime
    • s1e12Beauty Queen
    • s1e11A Family of Killers
    • s1e10Killing Spree
    • s1e9A Deadly Affair
    • s1e8Bloody Valentine
    • s1e7Forensics on Trial
    • s1e6Future Crime
    • s1e5The Cover Up
    • s1e4The Murder Weapon
    • s1e3Lasting Impressions
    • s1e2The Profilers
    • s1e1Nature's Clues