Frankenstein, MD

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Frankenstein, MD

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Hi, I’m Victoria Frankenstein, almost-doctor and host of the web series “Frankenstein MD.” You can go ahead and start referring to me now as “Dr. Frankenstein,” just so you’re used to it when it actually happens. Which will be any day now. I’ve been passionate about going into medicine since childhood. My mother, Caroline, was a medical researcher before her untimely death when I was 10 years old, and her dedication to scientific discovery proved a deep source of inspiration for me. I’ve completed my own studies at the prestigious Engle State University Medical School, where I presently work in a lab under the supervision of the brilliant Dr. Abraham Waldman. (On those exceedingly rare occasions when I need supervision at all.) My co-host and colleague is (almost) Dr. Ludwig DeLacey. [NOTE: FILL IN SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT IGGY HERE] - See more at:

User Reviews

by henneberg

Jan 23, 2017 4:58 PM EST

Compelling alternate take on Frankenstein. The science is fascinating, and despite the lack of warmth from Victoria Frankenstein you really grow to love her and her friends. The great acting from the cast makes the scenes dynamic despite the lack of camera movements.