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Quiz: Rate These TV Shows and We'll Guess Your Age and Ideal Job

What does your TV taste say about you? More than you think. In fact, if you rate a few popular series using SideReel's five-star scale, we'll be able to tell you what your ideal occupation is and how old you are. Probably. Possibly. (It's all in good fun, friends.)     If you're having trouble viewing the quiz, click here . Let us know what you got below! p { text-align: justify; }

Courteney Cox Spends Birthday with Friends Co-Stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow

The girls of Friends are back together again. Couteney Cox, best known for playing Monica on Friends, actress celebrated her 53rd birthday on June 15 at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Fomer co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston were among the group of celebrities spending the evening with Courteney.  ...Read More... //

Friends' Matthew Perry Reveals the Chandler Storyline He Rejected

The men of Friends were never shy about their love of sandwiches, but as it turns out, that lovedidhave a limit. During an appearance on Thursdays Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Matthew Perry was asked if there was ever a time when he thoughtFriends jumped the shark, or if there were ever any [] //

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why Friends Could Never Exist in 2017

  Every few months or so, rumors spread around various forms of social media that a new season of Friends is on its way. Just last weekend, in fact, an internet hoax claiming that all six of the original series stars had signed on for one more season of the beloved '90s series spread like wildlife, ...Read More... //

We Can Guess Your Age Based on Your TV Taste

Your television faves can provide a lot of clues about your personality: whether you lean left or right, how serious or light-hearted you are, your gender, and of course, your age. We’ve fine-tuned our system and are confident that we can accurately* determine your age** after answering just a few fun questions about your taste in TV.     If you're having trouble viewing the quiz, click here . *Give or take a couple of decades. **If not your biological age, your spiritual age. Let us know what you got below! p { text-align: justify; }

A Friends Reunion? Lisa Kudrow Admits it Would Be Fun, But...

What's that you hear? It's the sound of Friends veteran doing a press tour for another project and inevitably getting asked about a Friends reunion that will (probably) never happen. This... ...Read More... //

15 Quotes from Friends that Will Never Stop Being Funny

More than 20 years ago, we were first introduced to the lives of six friends living in Manhattan, in apartments they certainly wouldn’t be able to afford (most of them, anyway). We got a glimpse of their jobs, their love lives and their everyday situations, always with a little bit of comedy. These are only a few of our favorite quotes that make  Friends  the funniest show, even 20 years later.   ...Read More... //

Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your TV Taste?

The internet is full of quizzes making outrageous claims about their ability to tell you details about yourself based on questions that have nothing to do with anything. Fun, right? So here's another one.     If you're having trouble viewing the quiz, click here . Let us know what you got below! p { text-align: justify; }

12 Shows of Christmas, Part 1

Well SideReelers, it's that time of year again! In celebration of the season (and the wonderful episodes it brings) Scotwot and TelevisionFanboy have gathered together a bounty of holiday-themed episodes for you to enjoy! Whether you're filled with cheer or are feeling kind of Grinchy, these shows are sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Since Christmas is not always portrayed realistically on TV (we've never sung joyfully with townsfolk after our presents were stolen), we've collected all of the funny, endearing, and heart-warming episodes you'll need to make it through the holidays.   For the first show of Christmas, TelevisionFanboy gave to me... a Simpsons episode bounty Lackluster song parody aside, no show captures the magic of Christmas quite like The Simpsons . Unlike most holiday specials, the show embraces the realistic difficulties of the season. Homer spends too much money on his own presents; Bart shoplifts a gift he wanted but didn't get; even Moe's traditional Christmas suicide attempt is endearingly grounded in reality. If you like your Christmas specials hilarious, absurd, and slightly realistic this is the motherlode. And, of course, Homer's parody of the Grinch is anything but lackluster.   For the second show of Christmas, Scotwot gave to me... a Doctor Who mystery For generations, the BBC has commissioned Christmas episodes of its most popular shows. Over the past decade, some of the most entertaining, compelling, and gripping episodes have come from Doctor Who . This is mainly due to the holiday episodes being intertwined with the current plotline, which leads to lots of surprises -- a new assistant or a plot point that hints at what adventures may come. All of this combined with with superb writing, acting, and cinematography makes for nail-biting Christmas episodes. The BBC also has lots of online treats for Doctor Who fans this year; I absolutely love their Adventure Calendar. (Don't worry about having missed anything. The doors that are already opened still have their gifts available and already — they are everything!) Combined with the BBC's Doctor Who YouTube channel, I'd say we're all set for a very busy Christmas with the Doctor. Plus, we have a sneak peek at the trailer for the Christmas special! The special will be shown in the U.K. and U.S. on Christmas Day. I'm sure that all fans will have a fabulous time with whatever the Doctor has in store for us this Yuletide season! It's Doctor Who at Christmas, so anything can happen!   For the third show of Christmas, TelevisionFanboy gave to me... Chrismukkah from The O.C. For those of you who don't know... Chrismukkah is magical. The brainchild of The O.C. 's Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), this hybrid holiday was created by "drawing on the best that Christianity and Judaism have to offer." While the holiday may seem glib to some, it created a legitimate cultural phenomenon. Mixed-faith children all over the world now had a way of doubling the amount of presents they got while celebrating the traditions of both holidays. On The O.C. , Chrismukkah was all about the DRAMA. It focused on teen romances, friendly squabbles, and the importance of family coming together in celebration. Come for the cute Ryan/Marissa or Summer/Seth moments, stay for the Chrismukkah Barmitzvukkah!   For the fourth show of Christmas, Scotwot gave to me… Friends and fremily Friends will forever perfectly encapsulate that time in our lives when our friends become family. The show was such a cultural phenomenon that we even gave ourselves a new word to describe our way of life: fremily! What I love about Friends holiday episodes is simple: all of them focus on celebrating and putting friendship first, despite the stresses of the season. Through their ups and downs, these friends are always there for one another. (Got ya singing the theme tune, didn't I?) Here are some reminders of how funny, sweet, heart-warming, silly, and lovable the holiday episodes are: The things we do for our friends. Giving them exactly the present they wanted, even though it messes up your perfect apartment and has you vacuuming pine needles till August. Phoebe wasn't expecting this… Making our loved ones feel happy at Christmas is the best gift, ever! That said, it wouldn't be Friends without a quip from Chandler. But wait, there's more! Friends has barely started with its holiday surprises... Oh, Ross. I bet he ordered his costume for Hanukkah very early. Probably mid-July. Talking of costumes, who knew Joey was so competitive about holiday eating?! Just look at those pants! Don't mention pie, please. Just... don't. All this eating, it's infectious! Chandler, put down the plate… slowly back away from the counter. That said, why wouldn't Chandler and Joey enjoy eating too much at the holidays? Especially as they don't have to make the food, which so much thought and hard work has gone into making just perfect. Monica the chef is a control freak even at Christmas. Despite her "helpers" not doing everything to her exact specifications, Monica still makes the most amazing dinner. Plus, to make everything perfect, look — it's snowing! A vintage Happy Holidays to one and all from Friends , plus all of your reel friends here at SideReel!   Check out parts two and three of the 12 Shows of Christmas from Scotwot and TelevisionFanboy . p { text-align: justify; }

10 Shows That Served Up Classic Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday commemorating the Pilgrims and Native Americans coming together peacefully to break bread. While we all know how that ended (yikes), Turkey Day has continued on as a great American tradition of stuffing ourselves while we watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and football. But when the last parade float has passed and there are still a few hours left before Black Friday shopping begins, you might find yourself yearning for some classic Thanksgiving television. And that, my Friends , is exactly what this list is for. Without further ado, and in no particular order (save your arguments for political topics, thanks), here are some Thanksgiving offerings that will satisfy everyone's TV taste.   1. Friends When it comes to Thanksgiving TV, Friends is at the top of the pack. They've given us heads in turkeys, special guest stars like Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt, and Ross' psychotic obsession with his sandwich made of leftovers. No show has better or more quotable Thanksgiving material. Bonus: There are 10 Turkey Day episodes, plus one based entirely on our love of leftovers. There are more than enough episodes to keep the whole family entertained long after dinner is over. "The One Where Underdog Gets Away" Season 1 "The One With The List" Season 2 "The One with The Football" Season 3 "The One with Chandler In A Box" Season 4 "The One With All The Thanksgivings" Season 5 "The One With Ross' Sandwich" Season 5 "The One Where Ross Got High" Season 6 "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs" Season 7 "The One With The Rumor" Season 8 "The One With Rachel's Other Sister" Season 9 "The One With The Late Thanksgiving" Season 10 Both hilarious and disturbing.   2. Gossip Girl Gobble gobble, Upper East Siders! If you prefer your Thanksgiving meal with a side of drama (and Kristen Bell's delicious narration) Gossip Girl has you covered. If you think your family has issues, try a few of these episodes on for size. Parents getting arrested, eating disorders exposed, and more than one ends with an empty table and/or a punched face. Though anyone who's seen Gossip Girl has wanted to punch Dan Humphrey at one time or another. "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!" Season 1 "The Magnificent Archibalds" Season 2 "The Treasure of Serena Madre" Season 3 "Gaslit" Season 4 (It's barely a Thanksgiving episode, however, so feel free to skip) "It's Really Complicated" Season 6   3. The Cleveland Show I know, I know. Including this show must be a mistake, right? Wrong! Of every show on this list, The Cleveland Show has (arguably) the funniest Thanksgiving episodes. Watching Cleveland wear a turkey costume, Holt (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) run away to Las Vegas to elope, and Auntie Momma be "outrageous" is absolutely hysterical. If you want some light-hearted, turkey-centric, Seth MacFarlane-approved fun, this is the perfect choice. You can worry about exercising later. "A Brown Thanksgiving" Season 1 "Another Bad Thanksgiving" Season 2 "A General Thanksgiving Episode" Season 4 "Turkey Pot Die" Season 4   4. Mad Men If the bloated feeling in your stomach and tryptophan running through your system aren't enough to depress you, AMC's Mad Men will certainly do the trick. Watching Don's family life deteriorate, Peggy navigate an affair with a married man, and Betty watch her weight will certainly give your Thanksgiving the somber reality check it probably didn't need. "The Wheel" Season 1 "Public Relations" Season 4 "Dark Shadows" Season 5 "In Care Of" Season 6   5. The Middle If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large family Thanksgiving or you are spending the holiday alone and find yourself missing the chaos, The Middle is the perfect Turkey Day television choice. Every Thanksgiving episode is focused on the family trying to have the best holiday possible while dealing with whatever problems pop up along the way. Ultimately, what makes these episodes special are their focus on family. Each episode ends with the Hecks grateful as "heck" for the time they've spent together. Corny, but if you don't like it you can just ask for mashed potatoes instead. After all, that's what Thanksgiving is all about. "Thanksgiving" Season 1 "Thanksgiving II" Season 2 "Thanksgiving III" Season 3 "Thanksgiving IV" Season 4 "Thanksgiving V" Season 5 "Thanksgiving VI" Season 6 "Thanksgiving VII" Season 7   6. How I Met Your Mother So you're spending Thanksgiving with your friends? Or maybe you just really like one of CBS' top comedies and Neil Patrick Harris. Either way, How I Met Your Mother has a cornucopia of delicious holiday episodes for you. Watching Lily fear she's pregnant with a turkey-sized baby and Barney get terrorized on "Slapsgiving" is a hilarious way to spend the holiday. "Belly Full of Turkey" Season 1 "Slapsgiving" Season 3 "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge Of The Slap" Season 5 "Blitzgiving" Season 6 "The Rebound Girl" Season 7   7. Will & Grace Nothing quite says the holidays like snarky banter, huge laughs, and a generous dollop of emotional dishonesty. This NBC comedy's Thanksgiving episodes deliver those things in spades. They revolve around family turmoil, being honest with your loved ones, and learning to accept your friends and family for who they are. An important and inspiring message that delivers loads of laughs along the way. "Homo For The Holidays" Season 2 "Lows In The Mid-Eighties" Season 3 "Moveable Feast" Season 4 "Queens For A Day Part 1" Season 7 "Queens For A Day Part 2" Season 7 And if the dinner goes horribly you can just pull a Jack.   8. Bob's Burgers If you are looking for a family friendly Thanksgiving television choice or have that one relative way too obsessed with cooking the turkey just right, Bob's Burgers is the perfect choice. Every Turkey Day-themed episode of this series has Bob hysterically trying to make the perfect holiday meal while dealing with the show's usual insanity. This ranges from having to pull his sister-in-law through a snowstorm while the kids make dinner to dealing with a mob of enraged killer turkeys. These episodes are guaranteed to leave you and your loved ones laughing. "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" Season 3 "Turkey In A Can" Season 4 "Dawn Of The Peck" Season 5 "Gayle Makin' Bob Sled" Season 6   9. The King Of Queens Even though it's been over for awhile now, this television show remains "The King" of Thanksgiving. From its realistic portrayal of Hunger Games -esque Thanksgiving grocery shopping to the invitation of a possibly dangerous stranger into their home, The King Of Queens delivers the mildly dark, reality-driven laughs we all need around the holidays. After all, nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a lively debate over whether or not the man knocking on your door asking to use your phone is a murderer. "Supermarket Story" Season 1 "Roamin Holiday" Season 2 "Dark Meet" Season 3 "Loaner Car" Season 5 "Thanks Man" Season 6   10. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving This is, without a doubt, the best Thanksgiving special of all time. Shown every November on ABC here in the U.S., A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving taught all of us to be thankful for what we have. A slapdash dinner of toast and jelly beans may not seem like a lot to be thankful for, but this special has defined the holiday's spirit since it first aired Nov. 20, 1973. I encourage everyone (especially those few who have never seen this special) to watch it together with their loved ones. It is a lovely reminder that there is always something to be thankful for and we should all appreciate our blessings.   For those of you in the United States or celebrating the holiday abroad, I wish you a happy and healthful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for every SideReel user on the site. YOU make this website a wonderful and fun television-viewing community. p { text-align: justify; }