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30 of TV's Best Theme Songs

In the summer of 1995, "I'll Be There for You" was inescapable. The theme song from Friends , which had just ended its first season on NBC, topped the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart for eight weeks, becoming one of those radio hits people loved... before they loved to hate it. It was a total surprise. The original theme, under a minute long, was looped into a more radio-friendly version by a Nashville radio station, leading the Rembrandts to head back to the studio to produce a real single. Few TV theme songs have that kind of radio success, but there are plenty that become true earworms. Here are 30 of the TV show openers that we can't get out of our heads.   Game of Thrones   Friends   21 Jump Street   The Jeffersons   Diff'rent Strokes   The Facts of Life But wait, there's more:   The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air   Cheers   Happy Days   Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt   Saved by the Bell   The Wonder Years   Blossom   True Blood   The Sopranos   Veronica Mars   Living Single   Sister, Sister   All That   Felicity   Muppet Babies   Laguna Beach   Animaniacs   Narcos   Buffy The Vampire Slayer   Family Matters   Scrubs   DuckTales   Broad City   The Golden Girls   Check out full-length versions of some of these theme songs in this Spotify playlist .   What's your favorite theme song? What did we miss? Let us know below! p { text-align: justify; }

Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your TV Faves?

Are you a youth, an old, or something in between? This quiz will nail your age based on your favorite television shows. Maybe. To be honest, that's asking a lot out of a quiz. But it's fun! So give it a whirl.     If you're having trouble viewing the quiz, click here . Let us know what you got below! p { text-align: justify; }

Bloopers, Outtakes, and Gag Reels From Your Favorite TV Shows

Some of TV's funniest moments never make it to air. But thanks to DVD extras and YouTube, they often make it to viewers anyway. We've rounded up gag reels, outtakes, and blooper compilations from some of television's craziest comedies and darkest dramas. So clear your schedule and prepare to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole.   Game of Thrones , Season 6 You'd have trouble saying "the good masters of Astapor, the wise masters of Yunkai, and the benevolent enslavers of Volantis" too.   Supernatural , Season 11 "Was that your ass or your stomach?" A very important question, indeed.   Grace and Frankie , Season 2 Relive Lily Tomlin and June Diane Raphael's incredible standoff.   The Office , Season 7 It's a shame this cast didn't have much fun on the set.   The Originals , Season 3 "I'm your f**king sire."   Breaking Bad , Season 4 It's all about Bryan Cranston's naked shower song.   Lost Sometimes the cast members were lost, too.   The Wire , Season 5 The darker the show, the more ridiculous the gag reel.   Orange Is The New Black , Season 3 The Litchfield girls just wanna have fun.   Grey's Anatomy , Season 8 Featuring mostly actors who are no longer on the show. :(   Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , Season 1 More body rolls!   Scandal , Season 2 "You brought this bitch?!" Escándalo.   Will & Grace "Cute with a capital Q."   Outlander , Season 2 Including characters other than Jamie, sadly. (Kidding. Sort of.)   Orphan Black , Season 4 Maslany FTW!   And just because, news bloopers: p { text-align: justify; }

Elle Macpherson Reveals Why She Regrets Her Friends Arc

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David Schwimmer: 'Friends' fame 'messed' with my relationships

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7 Hilarious Monica Geller Quotes You Can Use in Everyday Life

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Matt LeBlanc & Matthew Perry Have a Friends Reunion in London

Joey and Chandler are together again and in London, baby! Matt LeBlanc, 48, reunited with fellow former Friends co-star Matthew Perry, 46, Saturday backstage at the Playhouse Theater in...   Read More... //

The 'Friends' Cast Talks about Director James Burrows and 7 Other Fun Facts

After years off the air, (most of) the Friends cast reunited on camera. It wasn't a new episode, movie or anything in character but rather a sit down interview. The internet might have freaked when they heard a Friends reunion was coming and the segment might have fallen short of those ridiculous expectations people had built up. Still you can rest assured that it was much more enjoyable than the cringe-worthy, awkward event that was the The Big Bang Theory interview.   Read More... //

Matthew Perry Introduced the Friends Reunion & We Learned So Many Things from the Cast

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Friends Reunion Sneak Peek: Find Out How and Why the Cast Formed Such a Strong Bond

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