By the end of the 23rd century, Earth's empire in space - the Terran Imperial Union has begun a full-scale war with a civilization of humans who left earth over a hundred years ago - the Dakota Republic. Retired Air Force Major - John Caine (voiced by Lewis Roscoe) has lost his entire family to the Dakota, and now he has been recalled to active duty to locate the whereabouts of a ship that mysteriously went missing. He will be embedded into an invasion force that will be heading where the ship was last heard from. Private Rick Devers (voiced by Malcolm Klassen) is a new recruit to the Union Army, and has been rushed to the front-lines in the same invasion force as Caine. His unit will put down on an enemy planet only to discover a far worse enemy at work than the Dakota. Ensign Sarah Keller (voiced by Ashley Holland) is a Union chief communications officer of her ship, while on a secret mission behind enemy lines, her ship is sucked out of the fabric of space itself, and the Union is sending a large invasion force to find out where her ship went. In this epic science-fiction saga, these three characters will cross paths in a struggle against forces and creatures that are a prelude to a great darkness

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