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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Anime DVD Box Set Review

Having just recently watched the fantastic Full Metal Panic! for the first time, I dove into The Second Raid with great anticipation, and I am glad to say that it mostly lived up to what the first series brought. Good action, a lot of intrigue, and some really nice twists in the relationship of Sosuke and Kaname. After the death of Gauron and the end of the immediate threats to Kaname, life goes somewhat back to normal for Sosuke, and he returns to Jindai High School to continue his vigil watching over her. But he is starting to be spread a little thin; watching over her and keeping up with his school work is enough to be a full-time job, but Mythril keeps pulling him away to assist on other missions and he is starting to fall behind in all areas. Sosuke’s stoicism refuses to allow him to see this as anything other than part of his duty, but Mythril quickly notices a lessening of his effectiveness. So when the order comes down from up top that Sosuke is to quit guarding Kaname, he is forced for the first time to reexamine what is more important: his desires or his duties.  What I enjoyed the most in the first Full Metal Panic! was the relationship between Sosuke and Kaname because they acted as foils for one another. And one of the most interesting parts of that was the slow humanization that Soskue went through as he learned to live in normal society. So when this series started, and he was not quite as militant as he was in the beginning of the first series, I found the dynamic of their relationship a little less interesting. Sosuke reacts to her outbursts more the way that typical anime protagonist would rather than in his usual robotic manner. But in the end, I think it helped as the main purpose of this series was to rid Sosuke of his reliance on his orders and his duty. His humanization lessens the comedic value of his experiences in real life, but heightens the dramatic value of his soul searching. When he hits rock bottom in the later stages of the series, it is all the more crushing because he knows he can no longer accept his orders, but he does not know how to break the cycle. Read More: //

Full Metal Panic! Complete Collection Anime DVD Review

Full Metal Panic is a series that I have long heard about but never gotten around to watching. With Funimations recent rerelease of the first series, I am finally getting my chance. Not really knowing what to expect when I first put it on, I was pleased to find that I enjoyed it as much as I did. It is just a lot of fun from start to finish. Kaname Chidori is the most popular girl in school. She is cute, intelligent, and more than a little self-sufficient as she has lived on her own since the death of her parents. She can also be abrasive as her outgoing personality has no patience for idiots; so while she is respected by all, she does not have many prospects as far as dating goes.  But she also has a secret, one so secretive that even she is not aware of it. She is one of a select few people around the world known as "The Whispered," a group of individuals who have strange powers over technology, but whose roles are as yet undefined. And therefore she must be protected from those who would seek to manipulate her abilities. Enter Sosuke Sagara, a sergeant in the mercenary organization Mythril despite being the precocious age of sixteen. Mythril is an organization dvoted to stamping out terrorism and has therefore taken it upon itself to protect The Whispered at all costs. A veteran of guerilla warfare in the Helmajistan region of Afghanistan, Sosuke has known nothing but warfare since his earliest days and is an expert in security situations, making him the ideal candidate to protect Kaname. Read More: //

Full Metal Panic! Complete Collection (Remastered) Anime Blu-ray Review

Based on the series of light novels by Shoji Gatoh, which continued to be published up until this year, Full Metal Panic is a twenty-four episode series that hits all the right notes even eight years after its original release. When the series was first released, it was all the rage as Gonzo was riding high on several series that had been working on and those behind the character designs of it. The series is one that managed to find just the right blend of action, comedy and intrigue with likable characters, but I felt that as the series progressed, when watched in its original single disc form, that it didn't hold up well in the long run. Having not seen it since that original run, I was very keen to see how it's held up all these years later. Taking place in an alternate present day world, circa turn of the century, Full Metal Panic gives us a world where decent sized mecha are part and parcel of military adventures now that are called Arm Slaves. The use of the AS machines adds a new element to such missions around the world, but by and large things are still relatively the same, just with the addition of a new mechanized unit. One thing that's very different in this world is that there is a secret military organization that claims UN ties but doesn't appear to actually be associated with them called Mithril. Mithril is a mercenary organization that's out there to do the right things that nobody else can do. That means getting involved in critical military missions to try and stave off more serious battles or toppling drug empires. They're a force for good, though not all involved really view themselves that way but as strictly mercenaries. Read More Click Me!

Full Metal Panic: Heavy Metal Collection (Seasons 1-2) DVD Review

Full Metal Panic! comes from two distinct sources: a series of novels, which focus on paramilitary anti-terrorist organisation Mithril and the mecha battles that flow from their efforts to maintain peace and order in the world; and a more comedic manga side which revolves around the high-school lives of Kaname Chidori and her Mithril-assigned protector, Sousuke Sagara. The first season tries to mix both sides of the idea into one animated series - and it's probably a testament to how well that worked (or didn't) that the two sequels that spun off from it both picked one of those aspects and stuck with it, FUMOFFU! taking the comedy role (and we'll look at that in a moment) and Second Raid taking the mecha. Sometimes, when you try to give the audience the best of both worlds, you just end up annoying everyone. The setup is good, though. Mithril is headed by child prodigy Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa - no more than 16, and she's already captain of the organisation's state-of-the-art submarine, the de Danaan, a ship she designed herself. Her abilities come from her being a Whispered, a person with an innate understanding of "black technology". No-one knows where or why the Whispered got their abilities and knowledge, but the level of technology they're able to create and work with is far beyond what modern science can produce (as a quick comparison of the de Danaan and the other submarines featured in the show will prove), and that makes them very valuable. No prizes for guessing, then, that Kaname is also one of the Whispered, and once Mithril become aware of this, Sergeant Sousuke Sagara is sent to Japan to be her protector. He's been involved in the military, first through civil wars and then Mithril, since he was a kid, so when he gets to Japan and takes up his role as a normal high-school kid, he finds it almost impossible to fit in - it's a world so alien to what he's always known that he has great problems adjusting, and his military over-reaction to just about any perceived threat to Kaname, no matter how small, becomes the bedrock for the show's comedy side. This is where FMP! really shines - the interactions between Kaname and Sousuke (and later Tessa, when she visits Japan - she has something of a crush on Sousuke, you see) are just pure comedy gold and the real highlight of the series. Problem is, producers GONZO have opted to focus on the more action-based side of the series. This introduces series villain Gauron, someone who Sagara has dealt with in the past and who has proven himself to be a formidable foe. He's a mercenary, willing to take on any job as long as the price is right, and he's currently trying to gather up the Whispered - his employers have a number of experiments they'd like to carry out in the hope of gaining their knowledge. Mithril isn't about to let the power of the Whispered get into the hands of any potential terrorists, and so they set about defeating Gauron and his plans. Read More Click Me!

Full Metal Panic

Man I love his show although it is very short it is very funny to and also has alot of action.... lol Sousuke is always so uptight and military like, and that girl loves the crap out of him lol man I really think it should have more eppies.

Full Metal Panic

Man I love his show although it is very short it is very funny to and also has alot of action.... lol Sousuke is always so uptight and military like, and that girl loves the crap out of him lol man I really think it should have more eppies.