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Jesse St. James Returns in Glee Season 6, Episode 11! (VIDEO)

Months ago, when Glees sixth and final season was first being discussed, show co-creator Ryan Murphy promised wed see plenty of familiar faces before the series took its final bow and it looks like hes making good on that promise.   Read More... //

'Glee' Episode 6.11 Songs: Rachel and Jesse Duet, New Directions Performs 'Take Me to Church'

With the end of the series almost upon us, it's time for the very final competition episode on Glee . We've seen many of these over the years, with New Directions winning some and losing others. Will they win this time at Sectionals, especially now that they've teamed up with the Warblers as a supergroup?   Also in "We Built This Glee Club," Rachel is torn between going back to NYADA and joining another Broadway show, a storyline that involves Jonathan Groff returning as Jesse St. James.   Read More... //

This Glee Star Made History By Writing a Song For the Series Finale

After six seasons on air we thought wed seen the stars of Glee tackle just about everything music-wise duets, mashups, artist specific tributes etc. but apparently we were wrong! While the Glee club and its various members have performed original songs throughout the years, never before has a Glee cast member written a song especially for the show until now, that is! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Darren Criss (Blaine) is the first cast member to write (and co-write) songs... //

First Look: Glee's Melissa Benoist as SUPERGIRL!

CBS' Supergirl is ready to take flight! Glee alum Melissa Benoist dons the full Supergirl get-up in the first-ever snap from the upcoming Fall series. According to TV Line , this modern take on Kara Danvers' classic costume is designed by Oscar-nominated designer Colleen Atwood — the same costume designer behind the CW's Arrow and The Flash . "I wanted to embrace the past," Atwood explained, "but more importantly, thrust her into the street-style action hero of today." So what do you think? Does Melissa pull it off, or are you still missing the whole blonde bombshell vibe of Supergirls past? Let us know in the comments!

Glee Series Finale Photos: Don't Stop Believing!

Get ready to laugh, cry, and sing. The Glee series finale is coming on March 20th. In a special full-night event, we'll take a walk down memory lane to see how it all began on Glee Season 6 Episode 12 . Then we'll learn how it all ends on Glee Season 6 Episode 13 . Can't wait until the series finale? We've got your sneak peek photos right here! Take a look!   Read More... //

[Video] 'Glee': Sue Performs 'The Trolley Song' with Carol Burnett

Get ready for a plethora of guest stars to stop by in the next episode of Glee .Not only will Whoopi Goldberg be returning as Carmen Tibideaux in a storyline that involves Rachel trying to get back into NYADA, but we'll also be seeing appearances by journalist and The Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Geraldo Rivera, along with Michael Bolton.   And then there's the legendary comic genius Carol Burnett, who will reprise her role as Sue's mother, Doris. Considering the title of the episode is "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester," this seems fitting. Will Sue be needing her mom by her side to support her?   Read More... //

Glee's New Recruit Talks Romancing Spencer, Singing Darren Criss' 'Rise'

Last weeksGleekilled two plot points birds with one stone by introducing Finneas OConnell as Alistair, a much-needed boostfor theNew Directions dwindling numbersanda long-overdue love interest for this seasons post-modern gay teen Spencer. TVLine spoke with OConnell about his experienceinfiltratingGleein its final hours,what the future might hold for Spencer and Alistair, and how Darren Criss original [] //

Huge Post-Glee News For Jane Lynch!

Glee is officially done filming (though us viewers still have three episodes left to see) and that means the cast and crew is free to join other pilots as the networks gear up for the Fall 2015 television season. The latest former Glee star to land a new TV gig? Thatd be the wonderfully hilarious Jane Lynch (Sue).   Read More... //

'Glee' Photos: The Final 3 Episodes

Official photos from the 11th, 12th and 13th episodes of Glee 's sixth and final season, airing Friday, March 13 and 20.   Read More... //

'Glee' Episode 6.10 Songs: A Darren Criss Original Song, Sue and Will Sing 'The Final Countdown'

The final season of Glee has had a big focus on the McKinley alumni, for obvious reasons. While the previous episode shifted that focus to the newbies, which was a nice change of pace, "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester" seems like it's going to be a mix between the two.   In an odd plot twist, Dalton Academy ends up burning to the ground. And since this is the Glee universe, of course the Warblers are going to team up with New Directions as a new group. It looks like this solves the problem of trying to find enough members to compete at Sectionals. How convenient. But if this were reality, I'd think Dalton would find a temporary location to house the school, and thus the Warblers could continue as their own group. I wonder what the show choir competition rules are for something like this.   Read More... //