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Glee Cast Says Goodbye: Photos from Their Final Days of Filming

While you watchedBrittany, Santana and [Spoilers, kind of] walk down the aisle on FridaysGlee, the castwasbusy getting emotional aboutwrapping the series and if you thought the weddings guest list was extensive, just wait til you see whos returning for the last hurrah. On the eve of her final day on set, Lea Michele shared [] //

Glee Season 6 Episode 8 Review: A Work In Progress

We're four episodes away from the end of Glee and I'm calling it now. "Wedding," aka Glee Season 6 Episode 8 , was the best episode of the series' final season. Was "Wedding" perfect? Hahahaha. No. Not by a long shot. There are many, many things to nitpick. Like Kurt telling Walter he was going to the wedding with Blaine before actually confirming that with Blaine, the fact that Carole and Blaine's mom had never met before, and Brittany saying they had their final fittings but then holding a bridal fashion show for the bridesmaids like the final dress selections hadn't been made yet.   Read More... //

Exclusive Glee Sneak Peek: Brittany and Santana Fight Over Whether to Invite Sue to Their Wedding

  It's almost time for Brittany ( Heather Morris ) and Santana ( Naya Rivera ) to say "I do" on Glee ! But first, they have a lot of details to sort out - one of which is the guest list. In this exclusive sneak peek from Friday's new episode (9/8c, Fox), the soon-to-be newlyweds consult with Rachel ( Lea ...   Read More...   //

Jonathan Groff Returning to 'Glee' Series Finale

Reports have been abuzz that Jonathan Groff is about to be returning to Glee, the series that helped catapult him to fame. FOX has not yet made official statement, but speculation on the matter has been mounting after Lea Michele tweeted out a picture of the actor on the set of the musical drama series.  "A very special day at #Glee today! Only 3 more days left! And look who stopped by! #JGroff #JesseStJames," so the actress captioned her Twitter pic. She shared no single clue though on whether her co-star would be reprising his role on the show or simply made a set visit.  Read More... //

'Glee's' end is near: Reminisce with Lea Michele and Co.'s photos from the last week on set

Somebody cue up that Vitamin C "Graduation" song -- it's the last week of production on "Glee," which means the stars of the show are getting emotional on social media as filming on the FOX musical draws to a close. Lea Michele and her castmates -- from original New Directions members Chris Colfer and Amber Riley to veterans Darren Criss and Dot Marie Jones to all the Season 6 newbies -- have all shared photos and messages on Twitter and Instagram from their last week of filming.The two-hour "Glee" finale extravaganza is slotted to air Friday, March 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.But before then, look for episodes celebrating the wedding of Brittany and Santana, "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester" and (spoiler alert, per the FOX-approved episode description) the joining of forces between the Dalton Warblers and the New Directions after Dalton Academy burns to the ground.Check out Michele and her castmates'... //

'Glee' Episode 6.10 Photos: Sue Takes Control

Official photos from the 10th episode of Glee 's sixth and final season, "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester," airing Friday, March 6 at 9pm on FOX. Official Synopsis from FOX: ?Dalton Academy burns to the ground, and the Warblers must combine with the New Directions to form a super group. Meanwhile, Rachel begs Carmen Tibideaux (guest star Whoopi Goldberg) to let her return to NYADA.?   Read More... //

Santana and Brittany Get Married in Glee Season 6, Episode 8 (VIDEO)

If youve been watching Glee for the past six or so seasons then youve likely been shipping Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) from the get-go. While were bummed that the FOX dramedy is ending in a matter of weeks, were eagerly anticipating the airing of Season 6, Episode 8: A Wedding because, as you might have guessed, Santana and Brittany finally tie the knot!   Read More... //

'Glee' Episode 6.8 Songs: Mercedes and Artie Perform 'At Last,' the Parents Sing 'I'm So Excited'

There have been some big episodes on Glee this season, from the big two-hour premiere to a Burt Bacharach tribute to Coach Beiste returning as Sheldon. Now it's time for a wedding! We've seen a handful of weddings on Glee before, and the next episode, titled "A Wedding," will see Santana and Brittany getting married.   Even though we've seen the two of them together and apart over the years, it seems like this storyline is being rushed now that they're engaged, since the show is ending soon. But regardless, it's bound to be a great episode with two of our favorite characters. According to the official synopsis, "The members of New Directions are busy at work planning, planning and planning, while Sue encourages everyone to follow their hearts."   Read More... //

Glee Sneak Peek: Mercedes and Roderick Are 'All About That Bass'

The New Directions are throwing Rachels childhood home a farewell party on tonightsGlee(Fox, 9/8c) and whats a party without a little music? In TVLines exclusive clip from the episode, Mercedes who never hesitates to flaunt her curves joins her old pals in Rachels basement for a performance of Meghan Trainors All About [] //

Coach Beiste Is Bullied in Glee Season 6, Episode 7 (VIDEO)

If youve been watching Glee for the past six or so seasons then youve seen a fair amount of bullying of McKinnley High students, but in the February 13 episode of the FOX dramedy Season 6, Episode 7: Transitioning the tables are turned as Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) becomes the target of some nasty bullies. As we have learned, Beiste is in the process of transitioning from a woman to a man, and even though her McKinley friends, students, and co-workers have been supportive so far,...   Read More... //