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Glee: Making a Case for Rachel and Sam

  Santana and Finn. Mercedes and Puck. Sue and... Sue. For all of Glee 's totally memorable, completely lovable couples, the show has had its fair share of romantic missteps. But no twosome has irked fans quite the way Rachel ( Lea Michele ) and Sam ( Chord Overstreet ) has.   Read More...   //

Sue Wants Klaine Back Together in Glee Season 6, Episode 5 (VIDEO)

Season 6 of Glee just kicked off earlier this month, but were already on the final seasons fifth of thirteen episodes and though Sues (Jane Lynch) primary goal is to destroy the New Directions once and for all, McKinleys mean-spirited principal proves that she has a heart this week as she continues her quest to get Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) back together. //

Will Kristin Chenoweth Return For Glees Farewell Season? (VIDEO)

We learned a lot about Kristin Chenoweth on last nights Watch What Happens Live. The Broadway beauty opened up to host Andy Cohen about her obsession with Vanderpump Rules, her prior habit of tweeting while taking Ambien, and that her body can fit inside tiny baby clothes. But perhaps the most telling thing the Wicked gal revealed was regarding her potential return to Glee for its sixth and final season.   Read More... //

'Glee' Episode 6.5 Songs: The Warblers Perform 'My Sharona,' New Directions Covers George Michael

Sue has been on a rampage lately on Glee . When she found out that Rachel and Kurt were returning to McKinley to restart the glee club, she told them, "You two have just entered the Thunderdome. You will beg for death." In "The Hurt Locker, Part One," she was all over the place wreaking havoc -- quite literally, actually, as she flew her drone all over the school.   But will she be playing cupid now? She wants Klaine to get back together -- will it happen? We'll see what she plans to do in "The Hurt Locker, Part Two." Also in this episode, Rachel pulls together the set list for New Directions to perform at the Invitational -- and it looks like the glee club has two new members.   Read More... //

Glee First Look: 'Wemma' Gets a Shock, Rachel and Sam Connect

Rachel and Sam at Mc-Kin-ley, K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Not so fast. While Glees Broadway baby-turned-New Directions advisor and the male model-turned-football coach may have locked lips (under peculiar circumstances) in last Fridays installment, the mood between em is hard to gauge in the following first-look photos from the shows next three episodes (Jan. 30, Feb. 6 and [] //

'Glee' Episode 6.7 Photos: Will Teaches a Lesson About Tolerance

Official photos from the seventh episode of Glee 's sixth and final season, "Transitioning," airing Friday, February 12 at 9pm on FOX. Official Synopsis from FOX: "Will takes desperate measures to teach the bullies of Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance. Meanwhile, New Directions rallies to help Rachel transition into her new life when she finds out her childhood home has been sold."   Read More... //

Is Jonathan Groff Returning For Glees Final Season? Sounds Like a Yes!

Way back before Glees sixth and final season even began filming, co-creator Ryan Murphy said he would welcome any old cast members back to Lima should they wish to return for the shows last hurrah, and it certainly sounds like one fan-favorite character from earlier seasons will be coming back for more. Jonathan Groff appeared as Jesse St. James on the FOX dramedy in Seasons 1-3, but we havent seen much of him in recent years. However, during an appearance on Bravos Watch What Happens... //

Watch All Performances From the Glee Season 6, Episode 4 (VIDEOS)

Glee Season 6 soldiered on this past Friday with its fourth episode of the final season Season 6, Episode 4: The Hurt Locker, Part 1 and we couldnt be more thrilled to once again be catching up with the Lima crew as Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) continued to prepare the revamped New Directions for sectionals. Whats more? This episode was full of songs including a sweet rendition of Vanessa Carltons A Thousand Miles and a Sue-centric version of Bitch by Meredith... //

[Video] 'Glee': Sue Attempts to Hypnotize Sam

Things are about to get crazy on Glee -- and a certain character will get veeerrryyy sleeepppyy. After "Jagged Little Tapestry" had a very serious storyline involving Coach Beiste, it looks like the next episode, "The Hurt Locker, Part One" will take a lighter approach, particularly when it comes to Sue and Sam.   FOX has released a clip from the episode, in which Sue attempts to hypnotize Sam -- but why would she do that? What crazy scheme is she up to now?   Read More.... //

25 BEST Glee Performances EVER: Have You Stopped Believing?

Glee 's final season is in full swing.Some of us are more than ready to see it end and some of us just can't bear to let it go. The various stories throughout the seasons have ranged from the mundane to the magical, and so has the Glee music . Show tunes, current pop hits, tribute shows to musical legends--even the music of John Legend himself--all took their turns in the spotlight as Glee' s characters learned about life and love.   Read More... //