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'Glee' Exclusive: Details on the elaborate new tour!

We're less than a month away from the start of the new Glee concert tour, set to begin May 15 in Phoenix, AZ, but has uncovered some exclusive details for you Gleeks who just can't wait. 'We're gonna do between 15 and 18 numbers,' explains Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who's also producing and directing the concert. 'We made a decision to do our biggest hits because that's what fans want to see. It's a concert tour but it also has a story in it.' Staying true to the series, the plot will focus on the kids of New Directions and their rivalry with glee club all-stars, Vocal Adrenaline. To Read More Click Here .

TV Land Awards: 'Glee' honored as future classic on nostalgic night

The 8th Annual TV Land Awards, hosted by Tim Allen, were filled with cast reunions, people confessing what they did when they were on The Love Boat (Billy Crystal: 'I kissed Nancy Kulp, who was on The Beverly Hillbillies. It's true'), and wonderfully absurd moments such as Charo gyrating behind a seated Brad Garrett as Blondie, recipient of the Icon award, performed 'One Way or Another' live. Members of the cast of Glee were on hand to accept their Future Classic award shortly after the cast of Bosom Buddies celebrated its 30th anniversary. (Cue Jane Lynch who said, 'I was just thinking that, um, if we have a 30 year anniversary thing, I'll probably be dead. And it made me so sad. But I hope you all have fun. And that you say, you know, 'We miss Jane.') But even Glee got the retro treatment when the all-star TV Land Glee Club performed a closing rendition of 'Don't Stop Believin' - led by David Hasselhoff and Marilu Henner. (The back-up 'singers' included Todd Bridges, Joyce DeWitt, Jamie Farr, Marla Gibbs, Howard Hesseman, Shirley Jones, Richard Karn, Richard Moll, Marion Ross, Jimmie Walker, Marcia Wallace and Fred Willard.) As amazing as that sounds - watch it here - it's the sound bites that we will remember. Here, some of the evening's best. To Read More Click Here .

Glee: Britney Spears May Get an Entire Episode

Glee creator Ryan Murphy is considering an idea submitted by Britney's manager to use her catalog in an episode, very much like the recent Madonna tribute. Read more.

Top Moments: A Good, Hard Look at 30 Rock, Lost, and South Park

Lots of looks were exchanged on television this week: 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy and Lost's Sun and Jin had stars in their eyes for their significant others. Oprah Winfrey and Dancing pro Tony Dovolani expressed their disbelief with raised eyebrows. And Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Strangler gave his latest quarry a creepy once-over before killing her. Welcome to Top Moments: U Got the Look Edition. 9. Best Heroism: The Supernatural universe loses another of its longtime recurring characters when Lucifer kills his brother, the archangel Gabriel (a.k.a. The Trickster). On the show since Season 2, the Trickster provided much entertainment and often levity. But at least he went out a hero. 8. Worst Reveal: The Wisteria Strangler is revealed on Desperate Housewives to be... Eddie Orlofsky! Wait, who? He's Preston's nerdy pal, and he's been on screen for all of two-and-a-half minutes this season. So, you know, nice job, writers. He does come in handy this week, though, when he kills off the show's most annoying character: Preston's gold-digging fiancée. Do svidaniya, Irina! 7. Best Acting-Within-Acting Moment: House's cranky doc tries to make amends with Wilson after offending his ex-wife-turned-girlfriend (Cynthia Watros) by making them both dinner. But it's all a ruse. The moment Wilson steps away, House and Sam lunge for each others' jugulars, trading biting insults. As Wilson re-enters the room, the two plaster on fake smiles. "And... scene," says House. 6. Best Rationalization: During an awkward exchange with Oprah Winfrey, Octomom Nadya Suleman explains why she'd never do a reality show with her kids. "That robs them of their childhood and I think that's borderline abusive," she says forcefully, as the camera cuts to a pre-recorded package of her and her children, made by Winfrey's camera crew. To Read More Click Here .

Jennifer Lopez and 'Glee' Can't Find the Middle

Jennifer Lopez's dreams of making an appearance on her favorite TV show "Glee" have been put on hold - because there's no space for her. The singer/actress confirms she has been in talks with show creator Ryan Murphy about a guest spot - but it won't be this season. She explains, "We talked (about) me doing something on Glee... We want to do it but it doesn't fit in... They have it all mapped out for the next, like, eight episodes, whatever is airing right now. So he's like, 'Let's wait and do it really right when you do come on.' I was like, 'Yeah, yeah whatever. I'm a huge fan. Whenever you want (me), I'm good.' I kind of offered myself up." Murphy said back in January this year that he planned to have Lopez as a cafetaria lady of McKinley High. About the guest starring appearance of Lopez, Murphy said, "I have a meeting with Jennifer Lopez in a couple weeks. She wants to come on. We want her to be a cafeteria lady." Source Here

Fox to Re-Air Glee's Madonna Episode

Did your DVR cut off the end of the Madonna episode of Glee? You're in luck! Fox is going to re-air it this Friday. Tuesday's episode, titled "The Power of Madonna," featured several of Madonna's greatest hits - including Sue Sylvester's rendition of "Vogue." But because American Idol ran late, some DVR users missed the last few minutes. The episode attracted 13.5 million viewers, making it the night's highest-rated scripted series in the 18-to-49 demographic. Source Here

Glee Auditions (the Good)

There have been many, and by now we've seen everything the good, the bad and let's face it the ugly. However there have been one or two auditions that have made me sit up and pay attention. One of the best and undoubtedly funniest has been Jeigh Madjus's YouTube extravaganza: It's definitely worth watching and will brighten up your day. A feeling that for me has become synonymous with Glee. So here is my vote for Jeigh Madjus !

Will Glee Take on Madonna Again?

Was Glee missing a few key Madonna songs in the Madge-centric episode? The Fox series may be doing a sequel. Executive producer Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that he is talking to Madonna's camp about a follow-up that will feature six more songs from the pop idol. Tuesday's Madonna-themed episode attracted 13.5 million viewers, making it the night's highest-rated scripted series in the 18-to-49 demographic. Reps for the Fox series did not immediately respond to's request for comment. "Express Yourself" in the comments with what Madonna songs you'd like Glee to tackle next. And just in case you missed the last few minutes of the Madonna-themed episode because American Idol ran long, catch up with the full episode here. Source Here

'Glee' 1.16 Preview: April to the Rescue

Done with the highly-anticipated Madonna episode, " Glee " moves on with Kristin Chenoweth. The actress reprises her role as the former glee star of McKinley High in the episode "Home". "I'm gonna get myself a bikini wax and I'm gonna see you tomorrow," April Rhodes says after Will tells her he's divorcing his wife. In another side, Kurt sets his dad, Burt, up with an unexpected partner but his plan for a nuclear family may backfire. Sue demands that the Cheerios! go on a crazy diet in preparation for a big interview with "Splits" magazine. Sue tells Mercedes to drop the "attitude because there's a pound or two in that." "Home" airs on April 27. Allegedly, Chris Colfer will cover Dionne Warwick's "A House Is Not a Home" and there could be a mash-up of the same song with "One Less Bell to Answer" by Matthew Morrison and Chenoweth. Meanwhile, Amber Riley is due to sing Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". On related news, the third "Glee" CD will be out on May 18 before the first season wraps up. Available in both standard and deluxe editions, "Glee: The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers" is already up for pre-order on Amazon. It has 19 tracks excluding the 7 Madonna songs which are compiled in a separate mini album. Source & Preview

Ratings: Glee Keeps on Rocking; Parenthood Grows

Fox's one-two punch of American Idol and Glee led the network to another Tuesday night ratings win. The Madonna-themed episode of Glee expressed itself to 13.5 million viewers and was the night's highest-rated scripted series among the adults-18-to-49 demographic. The show only lost 5 percent in the demo compared to its record-setting return last week, and it did it following a weaker American Idol (19.1 million viewers), which was down 8 percent from the previous week. NBC took second place in the demo for the evening, as the recently renewed Parenthood (7.2 million viewers) grew to its highest rating in the demo since its premiere. It was preceded by The Biggest Loser, which drew 8.5 million viewers. ABC's programming was mostly down. A Dancing with the Stars results show (13.4 million viewers) was down 11 percent in the demo from the previous week to become the lowest-rated results show in the series' history. Lost (9.4 million viewers) also hit a series low among 18-to-49-year-olds, while V (6 million viewers) improved ever so slightly in the demo. CBS took fourth place for the night with repeats of NCIS (9.8 million viewers), NCIS: Los Angeles (10.2 million viewers), and The Good Wife (7.7 million viewers). The CW's repeats of 90210 and Life Unexpected each drew less than a million viewers. Source Here