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Glee is set in a high school in Ohio where an idealistic teacher (Matthew Morrison) is determined to lift the school's glee club to great glory. In doing so, he recruits a group of misfit students. From the creator of Nip/Tuck.
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Sep 30, 2015 1:31PM EDT

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The show has so many interesting and great characters but for some reason the decided to manly focus on the same two Rachel and Finn which i personally liked the least. So imagine my frustration trying to get more from the in my opinion way more interesting characters: Santana, Quinn & Puck who were partially completely neglected. Once Finn dies it's all about Rachel which drove me crazy because the other characters were just as good singers and had interesting plots that were just rushed through. And i'm still not over how they had a star like Demi Lovato in the show just to ignore her character and push her to the background?!?!?!
Season 1: Pretty good, interesting plot and new characters were gradually introduced without getting confusing
Season 2: a tiny little better with more emotional subjects
Season 3: best season in my opinion. the one seasons where other characters were focused on much more and even Rachel's story was interesting
Season 4: Most people of the main cast graduated and were replaced by people with similar traits and it was a complete FAIL! what kept me watching was that to some extend they kinda followed the life of a few of the kids that graduated (Rachel and Kurt mainly).
Season 5: The first half was awful but the second half when the writers finally understood that the new characters were boring and the decide to follow the original cast full-time was wheyey better
Season 6: Everyone knew that that season would be final and therefor it was made to suck up to all the fandoms and you could tell the writers were just trying to make everyone happy by giving them what they want. Everything in that short season was good and happy and BORING.
I wouldn't recommend watching past the 3rd season. just stop there. its a good ending :)


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