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Sarah Drew on GLEE Episode 10 "Ballads" - Photo

Check out the first photo of Everwood Alumn Sarah Drew guest starring as Suzy Peppers on Glee Episode 10 "Ballads" airing Wednesday November 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Episode Synopsis: Mr. Schuester splits the Glee Club into pairs to sing their favorite ballad, but when one kid gets sick, he's forced to step in and winds up in a sticky situation. Meanwhile, Finn and Quinn have to face the music when dinner with her parents (guest stars Gregg Henry and Charlotte Ross) goes awry in the all-new Ballad episode of Glee airing Wednesday, Nov. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Source Here

'Glee: The Music Vol. 2' Tracklisting Revealed

A few hours before the first volume hit the stores in United States, " Glee : The Music Vol. 2" is announced coming on December 8. The second installment of tracks featured on the Fox's musical series "Glee" season 1 will contain 17 tracks like its predecessor. The tracklisting which has just been released contains both solo and choral covers of popular songs such as Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" and Lily Allen's "Smile". There is also another song called "Smile" which is actually a cover of Charlie Chaplin's classic sung by Dianna Agron in the show. The ensemble piece meanwhile is Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Proud Mary" which will be performed in the upcoming episode called "Wheels". Other songs in future episodes are taken from two feature films "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from "DreamGirls" and "Don't Rain on My Parade" from "Funny Girl". The former is sung by Amber Riley while the latter is performed by Lea Michele. On another news, the singles from the first volume are experiencing chart success with the lead track "Don't Stop Believing" being certified Gold for selling over 500,000 downloads. Seven songs from "Vol. 1" in fact are occupying slots in the Top 200 of iTunes Top Songs chart. Tracklisting of "Glee: the Music Vol. 2" according to 1. "Proud Mary" 2. "Endless Love" 3. "I'll Stand By You" 4. "Don't Stand So Close To Me"/"Young Girl" 5. "Crush" 6. "(You're) Having My Baby" 7. "Lean On Me" 8. "Don't Make Me Over" 9. "Imagine" 10. "True Colors" 11. "Jump" 12. "Smile" (Lily Allen cover) 13. "Smile" (Charlie Chaplin cover) 14. "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" 15. "Don't Rain On My Parade" 16. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" 17. "My Life Would Suck Without You" Source Here

Glee Song Goes Gold

Glee 's rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" has been certified gold with more than 500,000 downloads. In all, Gleeks have purchased more than 2 million copies of songs from Fox's new musical dramedy online. The show's soundtrack CD (Glee: The Music, Volume 1) hits stores on Tuesday, Nov. 3, featuring remakes of Queen's "Somebody to Love" and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." But you can check out the album's track list now (with links to the songs on iTunes): 1. "Don't Stop Believin'" 2. "Can't Fight This Feeling" 3. "Gold Digger" 4. "Take a Bow" 5. "Bust Your Windows" 6. "Taking Chances" 7. "Alone" 8. "Maybe This Time" 9. "Somebody to Love" 10. "Hate On Me" 11. "No Air" 12. "You Keep Me Hangin' On" 13. "Keep Holding On" 14. "Bust a Move" 15. "Sweet Caroline" 16. "Dancing with Myself" - (not yet available) 17. "Defying Gravity" - (not yet available) Which song is your favorite? Source Here

Glee's "Most Serious" Episode Yet: Wheelchairs, Kurt's Dad, and More - Featured

I didn't realize I'm having a Finn moment for the past couple of weeks until today, when I looked at the calendar and realized we'll be waiting for a new Glee episode for three whole weeks--well, two weeks, half a week from the last episode, and half a week towards the new episode. Either that, or my math is faulty. Still, there's still a few things that you might want to know when the show returns on November 11. "Wheels" is touted as one of the best Glee episodes yet. "It gets really serious towards the end of it," Kevin McHale told the Los Angeles Times. "I can't even explain it. You see the heart in some people you might not expect to have a heart." In fact, he calls it the most serious episode of the show yet--although it has one of the funniest bits, too. "You definitely see sides of people that you probably are not expecting," he said. "There are four huge story lines going on, love triangles switching up. And everyone gets in wheelchairs at some point." By that, Artie probably means Puck and Quinn! Well, Puck-Rachel fans, there's nothing to expect. E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos revealed that "Wheels" will feature the preggy cheerleader and the actual dad in some pretty close moments--he pays for her ultrasound bill (thank for your being scrimpy Terri!) and they almost kiss. And, according to Jenna Ushkowitz, we might want to expect the return of the Finn-Rachel story: "Finn definitely has some major decisions to make, and Finn and Quinn aren't exactly on the best of terms." And there are "supercute" romantic scenes between Artie and Tina. Now I did not see that coming. On that episode, the whole glee club goes behind Artie, starting a bake sale and dancing on wheelchairs like crazy because his chances of traveling with them to regionals are in question. (Yes, the official episode synopsis is out. Wait a minute--you're all talking about regionals already?) And then there's the bit between Kurt and Rachel, or as they call it, a "diva-off". With Kurt hinting that he's got an iPod playlist that's dedicated to the wicked wonders of Wicked, we should expect more moments between him and his dad. And Sue showing another one of her soft sides? You mean she still has a soft side? Source Here

Josh Groban Loved His 'Glee' Cameo

Classical singer Josh Groban fit right in on the set of hit musical series Glee - because he was a member of his school's choir. The star was delighted to be asked to film a cameo on the TV show, which chronicles the lives of a group of talented teens, and admits he was part of a similar choral group when he was younger. Read More: - Josh Groban Loved His 'Glee' Cameo

'Glee' Sneak Peek: A Post-Christmas Single, The Sectionals Setlist, And A Video We Can't Embed

The first Glee soundtrack hits shelves next week, and turns out, that's not the only one coming up. Well, sure, we know there'll be more soundtracks as the show pushes forward, but not this soon. Billboard reveals that a second Glee album is set for a December 8 release, roughly a month after Glee: The Music Volume 1 hits shelves on November 3. Gleeks can also expect an extra download in the coming weeks: a Christmas single, a remake of Wham's "Last Christmas", is in the works, and that song will not be featured in any of the upcoming episodes. It's expected to hit iTunes in mid-November. And then there's that possible second Glee tour, with a start date pegged for summer next year. And then there's the possibility of solo albums from the Glee cast--the tie-up between Fox and Columbia Records allows for just that, but it's been clarified that it is not a priority at the moment. The article also reveals a few details in upcoming episodes. We all know there'll be an episode that features Madonna's music exclusively--and that, I guess, is different from Dianna Agron singing a Madonna song in episode 10. If you've read Entertainment Weekly's cover story this weekend, we know that that Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" and John Lennon's "Imagine" will be performed at sectionals, the latter from the deaf school New Directions goes up against. There's also the bit about Kristin Chenoweth returning as April Rhodes. And then there's this episode which will feature all original songs. Glee creator Ryan Murphy gave extra details to Billboard, revealing that the episode will be called "Original Song" and sees Will asking the kids to, well, write their own songs. "[Composer] Diane Warren is going to do two big ballads, and if it works, we'll see what happens," he said. Lea Michele also revealed something from their set list at sectionals. "In the 13th episode, I go from singing a Barbra Streisand song into a Rolling Stones song into a Kelly Clarkson song," she said. I wonder which songs are those? And finally, before we end this thing, here's a link to a video preview from the November 11 episode of Glee --you know, the one with Artie. We can't embed it here, but it sets up the Rachel-Kurt rivalry, all thanks to " Defying Gravity ". And there's a good Mercedes line, too. Like, oh yeah. Source Here

Madonna Grants Music Rights to Glee - Featured

If all you Gleeks have been praying to hear some Madonna on Glee , then hold on to your sheet music. The Material Girl has given the Fox series the rights to her catalog for an all-Madonna-themed episode in the works for early next year, according to Entertainment Weekly. Series creator Ryan Murphy also told the magazine he's considering approaching American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert about a guest appearance, but nothing is official. Meanwhile, Murphy, clearly still bitter about NBC nixing a Glee float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, may use the incident in an upcoming episode in which the glee club is denied a spring festival float by arch nemesis Sue Sylvester. A Fox spokesperson said the network wouldn't comment on upcoming story lines. Which Madonna songs do you want to hear the glee club cover? And are you excited for a possible Glambert guest spot? Source Here

Glee: Sue Sylvester's Next Scheme

Fox's Glee won't be returning with new episodes until November, but the coming-soon scenes sure revealed a lot. In case you missed it, Will says that Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is planning something so evil, it could cost the club a win at sectionals. We got the lowdown from Matthew Morrison. Glee: Who has a crush on Will Schuester? "Sue's going to give our set list to the other teams," says Morrison. "They're going to do our songs ... before we do them, so it's going to make us look like we're copying them." Caught off guard by this deception, the club must step up their game. "We have to do this impromptu thing and fly by the seat of our pants," adds Morrison. Will glee make an amazing comeback and win? Source Here

Fox Plans to Release First 13 Episodes of Glee on DVD - Featured

Fox is looking to cash in on Glee 's popularity even more by releasing the first 13 episodes on DVD before the year's end. Glee Season One: Road to Sectionals will be available for purchase on Dec. 29, only weeks after the show wraps up its first 13 episodes, according to Variety. Though a second DVD of the entire first season will drop in mid-2010, the home entertainment unit will give fans (aka "Gleeks") who purchase Sectionals a voucher that can be used toward the purchase of the later box set. The DVD will include the musical dramedy's first 13 episodes, a director's cut of the pilot episode, behind-the-scenes features, cast audition videos and music performances from the show. Will you buy the first 13 episodes of Glee or wait for the full-season set? Source Here

Preview of 'Glee' 1.09: Wheels

Skipping two weeks, " Glee " will be back with "Wheels" as the first episode of November sweeps. Will encourages the Glee Club to support Artie, and asks each of them to perform in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Kurt and Rachel compete for a big solo. During the episode also, there will be a confrontation from Puck that Finn is not the daddy of Quinn's baby. "I think Finn is going to blow up a little bit. You never know what's going to happen when someone's feelings get hurt on that level. He has so much invested in another human being coming, and to have that shattered," Matthew Morrison aka Will said in an interview with TV Guide. Morrison also spilled about the last episode of the first season, saying "The last episode is called 'Sectionals.' It's the best episode. It's the kids performing and not particularly winning maybe. Or if they do win, we have to start dealing with their celebrity; them at school thinking they're too hot because they won sectionals. We have regionals after sectionals, so we have a long way to go." But before the show gets to the finale, "Glee" will have an all-Madonna song episode and a Joss Whedon-directed episode. Source & Preview