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Sneak Peek - Glee 1.18 'Laryngitis'

A new episode of Glee will be airing on May 11 and FOX has released a sneak peek for the episode, which we have for you below. THE GLEE CLUB WARMS UP THEIR PIPES ON AN ALL-NEW 'GLEE' TUESDAY, MAY 11, ON FOX. To Read More Click Here .

GLEE "Laryngitis" Episode 18 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of GLEE titled "Laryngitis" Episode 18 which airs Tuesday May 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Synopsis: ' When a sore throat affects Rachel's singing voice, she goes into panic mode. Meanwhile, Kurt tries to change his persona to impress his father, and Puck makes a strategic move to elevate his social status in the all-new "Laryngitis" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, May 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source & Preview

TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 5/11

This week's Tuesday night TV has the usual conflicting Dancing with the Stars and American Idol episodes at 8/7c, but also features the most challenging threat to face the Glee club yet -- laryngitis! Also, if you're not done mourning the blow that Lost delivered last week, get ready for a new episode, which is sure to have another shocker in store! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c American Idol on Fox Dancing with the Stars on ABC The Biggest Loser on NBC NCIS on CBS 90210 on The CW 9/8c Glee on Fox Lost on ABC NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS 10/9c Parenthood on NBC The Good Wife on CBS V (Reimagined Series) on ABC The Hills on MTV Justified on FX Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA Network 10:30/9:30c The City on MTV

Lea Michele apologizes to photographer for name-gate

Glee‘s Lea Michele has issued an apology on Twitter to a photographer who reportedly asked her for her name after he photographed her at the party for the Time 100, a list of the world’s most influential people. According to reports, Michele rolled her eyes and offered the names Taylor Swift and Sarah Palin - women who had also made the magazine’s cut. “Big apology to @PatrickMcMullan. Totally didn’t expect you (or anyone) @Time 100 to know who I was w/all the amazin people there:)” Michele wrote. “Made a silly joke that didn’t go over, so sorry. It was such an incredible night and I was beyond honored and thrilled to be there:)” I can buy that she’d given the names as a self-deprecating joke: It was probably one of those times you think, “I’ve made it,” and then here’s someone throwing a verbal slushie in your face, reminding you that you haven’t. The situation did get me wondering: How many of the 13 Glee actors in this photo can you actually name?* If I wasn’t writing about them every other day, I’m not sure how many I would know. I’m far more interested in their characters than I am their private lives - which speaks volumes for the show. * Full names, spelled correctly. Source Here

'Glee' 1.18 Preview: Puck Loses the Mohawk

A lot of big changes are happening in the next episode of "Glee". Puck makes the biggest move, shaving off his mohawk and seducing Mercedes in a bid to elevate his social status. Smelling something rotten in the air, Mercedes snaps, "I'm gonna ask you to stop!" Meanwhile, Kurt tries to change his persona to impress his father. This means, taking an advice from Sue Sylvester and hooking up with Brittany in the basement. Rachel panics when a sore throat affects her singing and the doctor jokingly says she can't sing anymore. In a spoiler by TV addict, it was said that Kurt will do two big solos, one of them being "Rose's Turn" from the musical production "Gypsy: A Musical Fable". Finn will also get his solo piece, singing Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl". "Laryngitis" airs May 11. Source & Preview

SideReel Counts Down The Top 10 Best Glee Songs!

The larger-than-life characters, their multiple love triangles (which oftentimes turn into squares), the hilarity of the many politically-incorrect ways that "Sue Cs It," the melodrama of a faux pregnancy gone terribly wrong (as I'm sure most faux pregnancies do) -- the list of reasons to love Glee is practically endless. But if I had to pick just one reason I can't get enough of the show that has officially earned #1 priority on my extremely busy TiVo, it's got to be the music! By default, it's not exactly wholly original (after all, Glee is all about covers), but that doesn't make it any less AWESOME. The Gleeks somehow never fail to put a modern spin on a classic song, turn a campy show tune totally radio-worthy, or make even a recent hit sound completely unique (I actually hated Rihanna's "Take a Bow" before Rachel Berry made it her anti-Finn anthem)! And any TV show soundtrack that can make you laugh, cry, dance, and sing along, sometimes all at the same time (don't lie, I know I'm not the only one!), deserves some serious praise! Now, you gotta hear me out. Choosing only 10 songs from a huge arsenal of hits that have not only topped the iTunes charts for the past year but have also become the soundtrack of my entire life (well, I guess 4 soundtracks now, officially) was no easy feat. I had to take many things into consideration: the impressiveness of the vocal chops, the evocativeness of the tone (watch out, I'm getting technical here!), its relevance to the show, its potential as a jam-worthy hit even out of the episode's context... while overall trying to maintain a nice well-rounded list. Now keep in mind that I also compiled this list when Idina Menzel hasn't sung yet on the show -- she's definitely a game-changer in my book! In any case, after much deliberation (& I'll admit, a little "eenie-meenie-miney-mo" action for those too-difficult decisions), I've finally come up with what I think are the top 10 best Glee songs to date, including some convenient iTunes links for easy downloading if you don't already have them yet in your collection! 10. True Colors Tina finally gets her big solo moment in Hairography , and although Artie may not have been her biggest fan at the time, we can't help but love her! 9. Sweet Caroline Whoa. Puck has a sensitive side? While his inner softie went right back into hiding after his guitar-accompanied solo in Mash-Up , his rendition of the Neil Diamond classic had us all swooning (okay, maybe not all of us... but I'm guilty fo sho)! 8. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going We love Rachel and all, but she's not all that. Mercedes is sick of her stealing her thunder and finally steps it up to stake her claim as the superior soloist when she totally kills the "Dreamgirls" power ballad (in a good way!) in the Sectionals episode. 7. Gold Digger Heck yes, Mr. Schuester can rap! In Showmance , he finally gives his disgruntled performers some more "modern" music to perform. & in a time where Kanye doesn't have too many people on his side lately, Will puts a much more likable spin on the hit! 6. My Life Would Suck Without You Will & Emma finally kiss. A half-season's worth of sexual tension released after Sectionals . Enough said. 5. Imagine In Hairography , New Directions lends some helping hands to one of their competitor glee clubs in one of the most poignant moments of the season! 4. Don't Rain On My Parade -- We always knew Lea Michele had some serious pipes, but she really pulled out all the stops when she belted out Barbara Streisand's hit during a last-minute set change in Sectionals ! Talk about saving the show! 3. Don't Stop Believin' The one that started it all, this song was the very initial promising glimpse of New Directions' potential. When the Pilot preview first aired last May, this first single is all we had to hold us over until the first season officially premiered in the fall! 2. Like A Prayer In an overall relatively underwhelming second half of the season, The Power of Madonna's choir-esque "Like a Prayer" number injected a healthy dose of much-needed energy! Ironically, this entire number was cut off from people's TiVo recordings (thanks a lot American Idol !), so if you missed it, it's a must-watch! 1. Somebody To Love After so much exhausting and emotionally-draining glee club quits and bail-outs and drama, this performance from The Rhodes Not Taken finally brought the team back together once and for all (or so we thought at the time). It was joyous (though I guess glee ful is a better word), it was poignant, it was high-energy, & it gave viewers that much-needed guarantee that New Directions was back on-track and serious about the competition. Plus, Mercedes' ridiculous high-note alone was enough to send me straight to iTunes to get this number on my iPod, STAT! Do you agree with my list? Don't be afraid to fight me on it if you've got a favorite I missed... I'm open to some serious Glee debate!

'Glee' 1.17 Sneak Peek: Climbing Up the Glist

"Glee" lets out a sneak peek of the May 4 episode where Sue Sylvester starts measuring students' popularity through Glist. Some like Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Tina don't even make it to the list so Kurt proposes a way to get the C-listers to be the A-listers. Surprisingly, Brittany is in because she only gets the fourth position. The episode is called "Bad Reputation". Mr. Schuester starts an investigation when a salacious list about members of the glee club circulates the halls of McKinley High. Meanwhile, Sue is mortified when a video of her performing the Olivia Newton-John classic "Physical" surfaces. In fact, the audio of the duet between Sue and Olivia has surfaced. "We had a little dance rehearsal and then we spent the whole day together," Jane Lynch says about working with Olivia. "She's just a wonderful woman, exactly the way you'd think she'd be." Source & Sneak Peek

Heather Morris Previews Possible Glee Romance

Heather Morris is officially a series regular on Glee. The announcement was made last week. As Brittany, the actress is good for one or two hilarious one-liners per week (Her cat is reading her diary; Dolphins are just gay sharks), and in a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, she also teases that the character might be next in line to fall in love on the show. "We just shot some promo images and they paired me up with Harry (Shum Jr.), who plays Mike Chang. We were pretending to be kissing at prom, so I'm wondering if they're going to build a story around us... They could have a cute little romance." Sounds great to us. As previous Glee spoilers have revealed, the relationship carousel will continue to turn as season one progresses. Along with Morris, Glee has promoted Naya Rivera, who plays Santana, to full-time regular status. 'I didn't expect it at all since they have like twelve regulars already,' said Heather. 'I didn't think they would add more.' We're very glad they have. Source Here

Glee': Which cast member is gonna be the big-screen breakout?

No doubt that all of you Gleeks out there saw the news announced today that Quinn Fabray - errr, rather, the actress who plays Quinn, Dianna Agron - just signed on as the star of I Am Number Four, an adaptation of young-adult sci-fi novels by James Frey (yes, that James Frey!) and Jobie Hughes. The story revolves around a bunch of aliens who, after being threatened by a rival species, have abandoned their home planet for earth. Agron plays a high school girl dating one of the aliens. The role in the decidedly up-market project, which finds Transformers' Michael Bay producing with Steven Spielberg, was apparently highly sought-after. To Read More Click Here .

'Glee' 1.17 Preview: Olivia Newton-John and Glist

" Glee " will welcome two guest stars next week in the episode "Bad Reputation". Molly Shannon is Brenda Castle, McKinley High's badminton coach who develops a prickly and combative relationship with Sue. Meanwhile, Olivia Newton-John appears as herself, singing "Physical" with Sue. Mr. Schuester starts an investigation when a salacious list about members of the glee club circulates the halls of McKinley High. Meanwhile, Sue is mortified when a video of her performing the Olivia Newton-John classic "Physical" surfaces. "Bad Reputation" airs on May 4. On a side note, Robin Trocki who plays Sue's sister Jean and appeared in episode "Wheels" will return in the upcoming episode. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences held "An Evening With Glee" on Monday, April 26 in Los Angeles. Speaking of the possibility of Britney Spears episode, creator Ryan Murphy told On the Red Carpet, "We talked about it. She certainly would love to do it. And I think she's phenomenally talented. And the kids and the cast certainly have a great connection to her. So maybe, yeah. We're going to talk about it." Source Here