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'Glee': Chord Overstreet not returning for Season 3

"Glee" has cut the chord, y'all. For good.It's no secret that a large number of "Glee" fans were outraged when it was announced the show didn't pick up Chord Overstreet's option to make him a series regular on the FOX megahit. In fact, we're pretty sure the news almost shut down the Internet.Shortly after the news broke, creator Ryan Murphy told THR, "I've never seen such a huge amount of stories about somebody's option not being picked up -- particularly when they were always, in my mind, coming back to the show."Now? Not so much.At the "Glee" Comic-Con panel on Sunday, co-creator and executive producer Brad Falchuk dropped a bombshell on the unsuspecting audience: Chord Overstreet will not appear this season at all."We did invite him back for a portion of the season, to see if being a regular was a possibility," Falchuk said. "But he declined the offer, which we were really disappointed by."... //

Why Did Glee Stars Find Out They Were Leaving the Show on Twitter?

It seemed like an insult when Chris Colfer (Kurt) said he found out season three would be his last on Glee by reading Twitter, and, according to an E! Online report, it kind of was. Could it have been a simple miscommunication?"I can guarantee you that no agent is gonna forget to call a client who is on Glee right now, and say, ‘By the way, you haven't been picked up,'" Tim Kessler, an on-camera agent, tells E!. "In fact, a lot of times, producers go right to the talent because they... //

Weird News of the Day: Kevin McHale Almost Lost Artie’s Wheelchair!

You think you’re the only person who leaves behind precious valuables when departing airplanes? Kevin McHale does too! The Glee star reportedly left Artie’s wheelchair on a recent Virgin Atlantic flight.We can’t really blame Kevin, of course. After all, he doesn’t need the wheelchair to get around in real life. Not to worry, though; Virgin returned the Glee prop to its rightful owner.Source: MirrorCan’t get enough Gleetastic goodness? "Like" us on Facebook!  //

Jane Lynch and Mark Salling Respond to Glee Casting News, Graduation

The cast of Glee will look very different on season four. But at least two of our favorite characters won't be going anywhere: Sue Sylvester and Noah "Puck" Puckerman. In response to the announcement that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will all be exiting the series in 2012, Jane Lynch and Mark Salling recently spoke out on the shocking development. Read More... //

Cute Vid! Jayma Mays Is Horrified of Emma Losing Her Virginity in Glee Season 3

Giddy up, Gleeks!  E! recently caught up with Jayma Mays about her run in the third season of Glee. The main topic of their conversation? Emma's.... virginity?! They're going to make her do what on camera? //

Glee's Max Adler: It Would Be Nice for Karofsky to Have Resolution

Max Adler won't say if Glee's Dave Karofsky, the closeted jock who planted a big wet one on Kurt last year, will be back this season — but it sure sounds like he will. "There have been discussions," Adler tells "I can say, definitely stay tuned and please watch because it will be pretty neat." "Karofsky's story line wasn't completely resolved after the prom episode. I feel like there's more to.... //

Glee Producer Sues Series Co-Creator Over Compensation

Glee producer Michael Novick is suing co-creator and executive producer Ian Brennan, claiming that Brennan failed to honor a compensation agreement made regarding the hit Fox musical, TMZ reports. In the suit, Novick claims that Brennan, his former friend, developed a concept for Glee as a screenplay for a movie, and that he and Brennan agreed to... //

Glee's Sue Sylvester Wants YOU to Stop Believing!

The kids of Glee are singing "Don't Stop Believing." Sue Sylvester is telling us to stop believing. Who do you listen to? This is the dilemma Fox is posing to the hordes of... //

Lea Michele Takes Glee Departure in Stride

Chris Colfer (Kurt) is a bit unhappy about leaving Glee after Season 3, but he seems to understand it was inevitable. The same could be said for his co-star and BFF Lea Michele (Rachel).The actress took to Twitter to respond to the news of her coming Season 4 departure from the hit show. "We always knew we'd graduate in real time. It's all part of the plan and it's all good," the actress wrote. "It's going to make Season 3 amazing! This is just the beginning!"Sounds exciting! Where do you think... //

Idina Menzel Returning to 'Glee'

Idina Menzel is heading back to 'Glee.' According to Deadline, Menzel is in final negotiations to return to the Fox series for up to 10-12 episodes. Looks like Ryan Murphy is doing a little hedging on his "no guest stars in Season 3" edict. "I'm really excited that Idina is joining the family again," 'Glee' co-creator Murphy said. "We missed her last year and we're happy that she is coming back." Viewers will remember Menzel as Shelby Corcoran, Rachel Berry's biological mom and coach of rival group Vocal Adrenaline. The character was last seen adopting Puck and Quinn's baby, Beth. //