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Top Moments: A House Wreck, Oprah Signs Off, Glee's Big Apple Kiss

Our top moments of the week: 14. Saddest Confession:  On  The Real Housewives of Orange County , Vicki tears up and tells Tamra that she and her husband Donn are having "major issues" and that she's been praying every night for them to come together. She explains that they only talk to each other a few times a month and haven't had sex in almost two years, but feels conflicted because God hates divorce. Of all the marriages that have fallen victim to the  Real Housewives  franchise (and there have been  a lot ), this is one we wish hadn't. 13. Best-Laid Plans:  After Mitchell trespasses with Claire and Cam doles out dating advice to Manny on  Modern Family , the two have the same thought on their minds by the time Jay's birthday fishing party rolls around. "Cam, I want to have another baby," Mitchell says. "What do you think about a boy this time?" Cam responds. Let's hope they welcome him the same way. 12. Worst Act of Justice:  When Stan and Mitch find out that Bennet, the police's No. 1 suspect in their daughter's death, has not yet been arrested on  The Killing , Stan takes matters into his own hands. However, just as Stan and an associate are beating Bennet to a bloody pulp, the detectives piece together that he and Muhammed were helping another girl out — not Rosie — and Mitch finds a T-shirt of Rosie's in her room that the detectives thought was in Muhammed and Bennet's possession.  Read More... //

Five Reasons Why We're Okay With New Directions' Loss at Nationals in the Glee Season 2 Finale

If youre like us, youre still dressed in black and a veil to grieve New Directions big loss in Nationals. (Twelfth? We still cant believe it!) But as much as we hate to pour salt in the wound, were thinking it sorta makes sense that they didnt take the big prize. So here are our five reasons why its not so bad that New Directions got served a slice of humble pie New York. Dont hate us too much, Gleeks! //

Inside The Glee Project: What Makes This Reality Competition So Special?

For all you Gleeks who cant wait for Season 3, the Oxygen Network is filling the summer weeks with The Glee Project, a reality series in which 12 contestants vie for a role on the Fox hit beginning Sunday, June 12. In a conference call with reporters today, Glee choreographer Zach Woodlee, casting director Robert Ulrich, and vocal arranger Nikki Anders who are all mentors on the new reality show talked about what fans can look forward to.The 12 contestants were picked from an initial casting... //

'Glee' Season 3: Santana's coming-out story, 'hot action' for Will and Emma, plus... an NYC spin-off?

Now that we've finally seen "Glee's" big New York finish, it's time to look ahead to Season 3. "I am under the opinion it will be the best season," executive producer Brad Falchuk told EW. He didn't want to give too much away about his plans for next year -- he goes back to work on Season 3 at the end of June -- but he did drop a few hints.Santana will get her coming-out story. Many people expected her to come out in the finale, but Falchuk says that he plans to devote several episodes to her story and flesh it out the way they have Kurt's.  "We knew it was going to take some time. We didn't wanna rush it. We didn't have the time to really tell that story. I'm not gonna just have her come out in the last scene of the episode. That's a big deal. We dedicated two episodes... //

'Glee' Season 3 Wish List: 9 Things I Want to See

After an uneven and rather dramatic second season, Glee ended with an upbeat and energetic episode. I'm cautiously optimistic that this will continue when Glee returns for season 3 in the fall, but to make that happen, the show has to focus more on the fun, loving family aspect of New Directions and less on serious issues like the economic collapse, gay bullying, heart attacks and death. //

'Glee': Finn and Rachel's reunion nearly thwarted by the entire city of New York

"Glee" hasn't made it easy on us Finn/Rachel fans this season, has it? First, Ryan Murphy promised us a season sans breakups... and then they broke up before Christmas. Along came Quinn, back for round 2 of the Finn saga, and of course, Jesse St. James made his reappearance at a particularly inopportune moment.The season finale gave us just enough Finchel goodness to mend our broken hearts... and then it crushed them mercilessly.In a text message - obviously the new handwritten love-letter - Finn asked Rachel to meet her in Central Park and then took her to dinner at Sardi's, fulfilling one of the Broadway-bound Ohio girl's dreams when Patti Lupone just happened to be there, finishing up her meal. He even topped it with a street serenade courtesy of his slightly stalkery "Glee" BFFs, before going in for the kiss.Unfortunately, we got not one, but two false starts. Rachel just couldn't bring herself to... //

'Glee' season finale: Spreading the love around 'New York'

"Being in New York is like falling in love over and over again." -- Rachel BerrySeries creator Ryan Murphy may have spent two years getting New Directions -- and us -- to Nationals with a focus (especially in season two, as we wrote earlier) on music over story -- on singles, if you will, instead of a concept album. But that all changed Tuesday (May 24) with "Glee's" second season finale.Murphy brought the story-telling back strong and, to quote Lenny Kravitz, totally let love rule. The show was literally awash in the four letter word. Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) -- who gives up his Broadway dream for his kids -- loves the Glee-sters. Rachel (Lea Michele) loves Broadway. Finn (Cory Monteith) loves Rachel.  And, goshdarnit, she loves him back. Why not? She won't have to choose between him and a Broadway career for a year -- and hey, didn't Patti Lupone herself tell her to... //

Jane Lynch: Emmy Host? 'Glee' Star Close to Signing Deal

Jane Lynch is close to signing a deal to host Fox's telecast of the 2011 Emmys, Deadline reports. However, the 'Glee' star isn't the only Fox figure being considered. Rumors have it that 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane and 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest are also in the running. Wednesday night's meeting of the TV Academy board of governors may see Lynch cemented as host. Last year, NBC had Jimmy Fallon, host of its talk show 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' serve as host. The year before, CBS had 'How I Met Your Mother' star Neil Patrick Harris emcee the ceremony. //

'Glee': Matthew Morrison 'kind of scared' filming New York season finale

Matthew Morrison definitely isn't preoccupied with the season finale of "Glee."Just take his opening line in a same-day interview: "Oh. It's Tuesday, isn't it?"Known to the countless fans of the FOX series as Lima, Ohio high-school teacher and glee-club adviser Will "Mr. Schue" Schuester, the Broadway veteran ("Hairspray") has a very full plate these days. His self-titled CD has just been released, and his summer concert tour includes nearly two dozen dates as a "special guest" of Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.Still, Morrison is very pleased with Tuesday's (May 24) second-year-ending "Glee" story that takes Mr. Schue to New York with his New Directions singers for the hugely anticipated Nationals competition. It also finds him mulling leaving William McKinley High School behind for the Great White Way with longtime acquaintance April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth's recurring character), a twist that has merged art and life for Morrison."I hadn't done much filming in New... //

'Glee' season finale preview: New Directions takes 'New York'

Sorry Gleeks, but it's been a slightly uneven season. While the music only got more awesome -- New Directions covered everything from Fleetwood Mac to Lady Gaga and even threw in a few original songs -- the plot was a little less stable.  On Tuesday (May 24), "Glee's" final episode of the season airs. Will the show go out with a bang or a whimper? Not that we didn't love Gwyneth Paltrow's guest appearances as Holly Holiday or Kristin Chenoweth's awesome April Rhodes, but we hoped Mr. Schuester and Emma Pillsbury would have made more progress with their relationship. Or that maybe the Finn would man up and stop waffling between Quinn and Rachel. And, hey, that whole "Funeral" episode -- total bummer. Sure, bad stuff happens in life, but that's not really why we watch "Glee."In any case, we still have high hopes for Tuesday's finale. Mainly because it's set in New York and... //