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Glee Season 5, Episode 2: Everything We Know About “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds”

Are you ready for prom, Gleeks? Glee takes Beatlemania to the next level in Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds,” in which Tina receives an unexpected nomination for McKinley High’s Prom Queen. But when Tina’s fierce attitude alienates her biggest supporters (aka the Glee club), she’s in for a rude awakening. (Is it just us or does Tina always need an attitude check?) Meanwhile, back in New York, Rachel adjusts to a new attitude of her own as she and Santana work at a... //

'Glee' star Jane Lynch gets a Hollywood star - video

brightcove.createExperiences(); "Glee" star Jane Lynch has had a good few years in her career. That is made very evident by the actress getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A short featurette from the dedication comes with the "Glee" Season 4 DVD collection.Or you can watch the video here.It's not like "Glee" is the first work Lynch has ever done in Hollywood. In addition to small parts in a multitude of movie and television roles, the actress found attention in the films of Christopher Guest (she had big parts in both "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind") and in the Starz comedy, "Party Down."But no one can argue that "Glee" and the character of Sue Sylvester weren't a major reason why Lynch is getting a star. That show's creator and executive producer, Ryan Murphy, shows up during the dedication ceremony, pointing out that Sue Sylvester may have even made tracksuits popular.... //

'Glee' Season 5 Promo: New Directions Comes Together for the Beatles (Video)

The upbeat teaser offers the first new footage of the season -- and makes no mention of Finn.            //

Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Will Rachel Get a New Love Interest?

The Glee cast and crew continues to impress us with how they’re handling the shocking loss of Cory Monteith (Finn). We’re now learning about how the show plans to handle Rachel’s (Lea Michele) love life moving forward, and we like what we’re hearing. Hollywood Life is reporting that Rachel won’t get a new boyfriend anytime soon, and this is apparently Lea’s decision. “Lea doesn’t want to move fast into another relationship so quickly from the loss of Finn,” a source says. ”The show is going... //

Naya Rivera “Loves” Playing One of TV’s Few Non-White LGBT Characters

For Naya Rivera (Santana), her role on Glee started out as nothing more than a snarky cheerleader. She looked hot, trash talked a bit, and that was all. Little did anyone know that Santana would turn into one of the most unique and influential characters on television. The bratty Cheerio came out as a lesbian during Glee Season 3, and her emotional journey has given voice to a struggle that many high schoolers face, but few have seen represented on TV. During an interview with Entertainment... //

Demi Lovato on Kissing Glee’s Santana: It’s “Incredible” to Play a Young Lesbian on TV

Among the many reasons we’re excited for the start of Glee Season 5 — other than the fact that, y’know, it’s Glee, so why wouldn’t we be excited about it? — is to see Demi Lovato start her six-episode stint as Santana’s (Naya Rivera) love interest, Dani. And it sounds like the X Factor judge is loving her time on the show so far! “It’s been awesome,” Demi — who first appears in Season 5, Episode 2 — tells Ryan Seacrest about filming Glee. “We had our first episode together this last week and... //

Glee’s Beatles Tributes: Full Season 4, Episode 1 and 2 Song List Revealed

Glee is taking on the music of The Beatles for the first two episodes of Season 5, and now Entertainment Weekly has the official track list, which includes every song we can expect to hear in both Glee’s Season 5 premiere (“Love, Love, Love”) and Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds.” All of the songs will be featured on an upcoming Glee Beatles album, which will be released by Columbia Records on September 24, two days before Glee’s Season 5 premiere. The first eight songs on... //

'Glee': Dianna Agron not invited for Cory Monteith tribute episode

When "Glee" dedicates a Season 5 episode to a memorial for Cory Monteith, one pivotal person will be missing. Dianna Agron, the actress who has played Quinn since the show's premiere, was not invited to return for episode 3 of the new season.She quite possibly won't return at all for Season 5.The news comes from an interview with the New York Post in which Agron discusses upcoming projects in addition to the "Glee" topics. That interview makes it clear that the actress was crushed by the news of Monteith's unexpected death from an accidental drug overdose. "This year, I've had some of the biggest cries of my entire life," Agron said. "It hasn't completely hit in yet. It's one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me ... He was truly one of the most wonderful people I've ever met in my entire life, and that's something that everybody can say about... //

Glee Season 2 Flashback: Blaine Is Kurt's "Teenage Dream" (VIDEO)

Glee has changed alot over the years. The genre-defying, boundary-breaking, fangirl-inspiring show has had its ups and downs — and so have the characters' relationships. If we're being honest, being a Glee shipper is hard: it's heartbreaking as often as it is thrilling. For example, while things are currently looking up for Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer), Season 4 was more than a little hard to take for fans of the adorable couple. Sometimes it's nice to look back to simpler... //

Hot New 'Glee' Couple Hangs Out On Set

Only days after Rivera (Santana) announced that Lovato would be playing her new love interest on "Glee," the actress posted a photo on Instagram of the duo hanging out on set. Lovato tweeted her enthusiasm about the role earlier this week, saying she was "Wayyyyy too excited," and at the MTV Video Music Awards Rivera said she was thrilled as well. "We get to sing a song together. It's gonna be good," she said. "I'm excited to work with her. We're bringing her to the dark side!" //