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Jane Lynch Divorce: Ex Wife Claiming Glee Star Owes Her WHAT?!

Jane Lynch (Sue) and wife Lara Embry separated back in February 2013 after three years of marriage, and the couple recently announced to the public that they are moving forward with a divorce. But while Jane has maintained that things are all good between them, Lara isn’t ready to walk away without some money in the deal. Jane officially filed for divorce on July 12, and Lara is asking that the Glee actress pays for her attorney fees and spousal support — and Jane doesn’t want that. In fact,... //

'Glee' Casts Sam's New Love Interest

When Glee returns for season 5, San Evans will have a new love interest, but this time around it won't be any of the series regulars that we've come to know and love over the past four years.   Read More... //

Glee Season 5 Scoop: Phoebe Strole Cast As...

Phoebe Strole is going from Broadway to the university hallway. The actress, who co-starred with Lea Michele in Spring Awakening , has been cast on Glee Season 5 as Penny Owen, a college sophomore with an eye on nursing school - and also an eye on Chord Overstree's Sam Evans. Look for these two to strike up a romance this fall.   Read More... //

Glee Season 5 Music Spoilers: Reported Premiere Beatles Track List!

Glee’s Season 5 premiere won’t air until Thursday, September 26, but the internet is already swirling with rumors as to what music will be included in the highly-anticipated first episode back. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but a number of spoiler sites are reporting the songs rumored to be in the Season 5 premiere — aka part one of Glee’s two-part tribute to the Beatles. Rachel (Lea Michele) gets two songs in the episode, which will be titled “Love, Love, Love.” She’s singing the... //

Demi Lovato to join 'Glee' Season 5 - report

Demi Lovato has been cast in a recurring role in "Glee" Season 5, according to reports. The "X Factor" judge and singer will appear in at least six episodes. This marks Lovato's first regular acting role since starring in Disney's "Sonny with a Chance."While not confirmed by the show or FOX at this time, Lovato is expected to play a character named Dani (as reported by TVLine). Dani is a struggling artist in New York City and a friend of both Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera). It is expected that Dani will have some significant interaction with the upcoming character played by Adam Lambert. Lovato will first appear as Dani in the second part of the "Glee" tribute to The Beatles -- the second episode of Season 5 (airing Oct. 3). Since the schedule for the show is sketchy beyond that, there is no information on when Dani could return. The current... //

‘Glee’ Season 5 Teaser: “Once Again with Feeling”

Glee  is preparing for a fresh start as the series heads into its fifth season even as the cheerful new teaser (embedded below) promises we’ll once again be treated to drama, passion and, of course, plenty of new song and dance numbers. As several cast members have either departed the series or been downgraded to guest stars, expect a new group of  New Directions ‘ teens to follow in the footsteps of their forebearers, even as the series still follow fan favorites like Rachel and Kurt. Read More... //

'Glee' Season 5 Promo Asks: 'Are You Ready To Go?'

"Once again with feeling." That's the opening message of the teaser trailer for the new season of "Glee," kicking off September 26 on Fox. The promo for season five Features a lot of upbeat music and moments to set the tone for a season that will certainly play out way differently than originally intended since star Cory Monteith died last month. There’s dancing, flirty glances, Sue Sylvester in a wig—pretty much all rehashed moments from last season. Noticeably absent? Finn. The first two episodes will be Beatles-themed (as was always the plan) and the third episode will deal with Finn’s passing (creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed it won’t be from a drug overdose). But the trailer does hint that some fun will be had this season in addition to dealing with the show’s tremendous loss.  Read More... //

Glee Season 5 Premiere: Do Kurt and Blaine get MARRIED?!

Is it time to pick out your Klaine wedding present already? We’ve heard rumors that Blaine (Darren Criss) may propose to Kurt (Chris Colfer) as early as Glee’s Season 5 premiere — and now it appears that the two could actually be getting married in the episode as well! //

'Glee' Season 5: First promo video - without Cory Monteith

Although "Glee" Season 5 will not premiere for many more weeks, the first promo video for the new season has hit the Internet. The late Cory Monteith sadly does not appear in any of the images.With its "Once Again" theme and a whole lot of footage from Season 4, there is definitely a retro feel to the Season 5 promo. Funky music plays while a whole host of "Glee" characters are seen at their most exuberant. The idea seems to be that fun and music are coming back.Based on what has been released about the first episodes of "Glee" Season 5, this fits. The first two installments are expected to have a Beatles theme -- about as retro as one gets with pop music -- and a hopeful and light feel. It's only in episode 3 that "Glee" brings in a bit of darkness. That episode will deal with the death of Finn Hudson (Monteith)... //

Glee Won’t Explain Finn’s Death

  After Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose in July, Glee creator Ryan Murphy said that the series would indeed have a memorial episode for Monteith's character Finn. Now Murphy has a little more to say about what the said episode will entail. He writes on Deadline,   There were a lot of things that we had to decide — how are we going to deal with his death? At one point, we were going to have his character die after an accidental drug overdose — that was something we had considered. But we have decided that we're not going to have him pass from that. Basically, what we're doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died. The idea being, how somebody died is interesting and maybe morbid, but we say very early on in the episode, "This episode is about a celebration of that character's life." That might be weird for some people, but it felt really exploitative to do it any other way. Murphy also says this will be a "very heartfelt look at how young people grieve." Oy, this is going to be sad. //