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Was Gossip Girl Always Going to Be Dan?

You know you love him, XOXO. During Monday’s Gossip Girl series finale, we learned that quiet, unassuming Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) has been the mysterious face behind Upper East Side blogger queen Gossip Girl all along. Yet even though the facts behind the Dan-as-Gossip-Girl reveal seem to add up, we can’t help thinking that the choice seems a bit strange. So, did Gossip Girl producers really plan to have Dan be GG all along, or did they come to the decision more recently?... //

Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale’s Biggest Shockers: Cameos, Weddings, and Henry Bass

From the very first moment of flashing lights and sirens, to the very last bow tied around the good ship Derena, Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO" packed some major twists and shocking moments. 1. Jenny Dan is Gossip Girl! Haven’t you ever wanted to mess with your friends a little bit? What about with COMPLETE STRANGERS FOR SIX YEARS? Well, in Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley)’s case he was only a stranger for like, the first fifty GG blasts or so. So, when... //

Watch Chuck and Blair's Wedding in Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale (VIDEO)

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf finally sealed their fate as soulmates in Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 10, "New York I Love You XOXO." Check out their brief but beautiful wedding! //

Gossip Girl Series Finale: From Beginning to Endgame (PHOTOS)

We highly doubt we’re the only ones who have watched and rewatched Gossip Girl’s series finale, Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO" like three (or seven) times. By now, we’ve downloaded the clips, read the articles, listened to the music, and revised our fan fiction to include all the recent plot development. But just to make sure we’ve thoroughly stepped back into our Gossip Girl cocktail dress and spun around the party in it one last time, let’s... //

Gossip Girl Is Over Forever! Were You Satisfied with The Ending?

There’s no easy way to end a show that has been on for so many years and has had as many ups and downs as Gossip Girl. The best that fans could have hoped for was that the showrunners would put in the effort to tie up some loose ends, and leave the Upper East Side no worse for wear. In the series finale, Season 6, Episode 10 "New York, I Love You XOXO," Blair (Leighton Meester) marries Chuck (Ed Westwick) (and has a kid with him, natch), Serena (Blake Lively) marries Dan (Penn... //

Who 'Gossip Girl' is and why finding out ruined everything: A final disgruntled review

There was a time when I considered myself a "Gossip Girl" fan. I read the books, I was excited about the potential movie, and even more excited about the TV series. I loved Serena and Blair from the books. I was obsessed with Dan and Nate. I thought the series was brilliantly cast and I was thrilled to hear that Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage were at the wheel. I loved this show before this show even started.When "Gossip Girl" launched on The CW, I found it odd that so much press surrounding it focused on the "Who is Gossip Girl?" angle.I wasn't a member of the press at the time; I was a college senior who watched the show while eating dinner out of a box and ruminating on whether it was going to be a vodka night or a beer night. And I couldn't understand why the press cared who Gossip Girl was,... //

5 Reasons We’re Mad That Dan Humphrey Is Gossip Girl

It’s the question we’ve been waiting six whole seasons to figure out, and on Monday’s Gossip Girl Season 6 finale,  the answer was finally revealed.  It turns out that Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) has been Gossip Girl all along. That’s right: the mysterious blogger who has ruled the Upper East Side with "her" signature snark and wit since this show’s very beginning — is none other than Lonely Boy himself. To be completely honest,... //

Does Gossip Girl's Identity Make Sense?

In the series finale of Gossip Girl , we finally learn the identity of the titular blogger. But does the revealed gossip monger make sense?  Now it could be debated from here to Brooklyn and back again whether or not the show had to reveal Gossip Girl at all. Unlike a show built around eventually solving a mystery,  Gossip Girl  had never promised us answers to the identity of the show's chronicler of Upper East Side misdeed. In fact, in the opening of every episode, Gossip Girl promises that her identity is the one secret she'll never divulge. //

'Gossip Girl' Reveal: XOXO?

Spotted: Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the "Gossip Girl" series finale! And so it was that Lonely Boy and Gossip Girl were one and the same. After six seasons of back stabbing and bed hopping, the true identity of the Upper East Side's most infamous blogger was revealed during last night's "Gossip Girl" season finale, with Dan Humphrey unmasking himself as the mysterious scandalmonger. It was a surprising revelation, to be sure, but one that ultimately made sense. How else was Dan to insinuate himself into the privileged world of Manhattan's elite than through his writing, all the while crafting an identity he could control and use to his benefit? //

Gossip Girl Finale Clips: An Epic Night to Remember

The series finale of Gossip Girl is in the books. After six epic seasons, the CW show has taken its final bow, and wow, from the flash forward to the big reveal and so many memorable moments, "New York, I Love You XOXO" gave us plenty to discuss. Our Gossip Girl finale review broke down the 121st and last episode in detail. Follow the link to read that if you haven't already. Below, we take a second look at some of the top scenes from the finale. First, there was Chuck's proposal to Blair. Uncle Jack's idea was a good one ... //