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Greek Review: "Legacy"

It’s so hard to say goodbye... After four years, it was finally time to bid farewell to Greek this week, the show that let us live out some of our own college fantasies and left us excited us for each impending semester. It was definitely a bittersweet ending, so let’s reminisce over "Legacy." As reality sunk in all around, the hour was filled with difficult decisions. Sure, there were a few holes in the storylines (i.e. tearing tear down the KT house without some more warning to those who lived there, or Casey just picking up and leaving law school behind). But who really cares, the final semester has ended and it definitely did not fail. Let me be the first to admit: when the letters were falling and the KT house was coming down, I couldn’t help tearing up with the characters. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one... right? The finale did so many things right - there was nods back to the first season and also some familiar faces. Wade, Jen K, Lisa Lawson, and even Officer Huck were on hand for the protest. It was awesome. Even more awesome? Catherine’s speech about why KT was important to her. Read More... //

Greek Review: "Agents for Change"

"Agents for Change" marked the return of Frannie, the unlikely pairing of Rusty and Evan, and even a Justin Bieber concert. Indeed, Tiffany Dupont reprised her role as Frannie Morgan, looking as great as ever. Her appearance led to some tension-filled scenes with Casey, making me nostalgic for seasons past. This girl was always a layered complication and it felt good to have her back for an episode. The best part about Frannie showing up in Cyprus Rhodes? Cappie’s reaction. Aaaahhh! Who else is up in the air about Calvin’s position at Omega Chi? Part of me really wants him to leave and go join the KTs. It was awesome for him to stand up for Dale once again. The real brothers on this show are Calvin, Dale, and Rusty. Read More.. . //

Greek Review: "Subclass Plagiostomi"

Two steps forward, one step back. After two great episodes, Greek stumbled a bit with "Subclass Plagiostomi." The hour packed in so much that it lost its footing. I am all for the main characters getting their own stories, but a couple minutes here and there doesn’t make for a smooth episode. It was Casey’s time to shine in her Elle Woods persona for a mock trial against Evan. Once again, he proved to be a jerk, making a mess of Casey’s research for the project. For a mere second, I didn’t hate him. He had me fooled, telling Casey his feelings. But, of course, he was just trying to throw her off her game. Read More... //

Greek Review: "Midnight Clear"

This was exactly the Greek I had been waiting for all season. There was witty banter, a party, and all of the core characters in one room. It was classic Greek and it felt good. As proven on "Midnight Clear," there is nothing like a snow storm to make you face your issues and there could not have been a more fun place than Dobblers for all the awkward questions and kisses. I know that best friends fight, but I was so over the Casey/Ashleigh argument. With all the relationships that go on in this show, Casey and Ash’s friendship is at the heart and needs to stay that way.  As for Rusty and Ashleigh... Rashleigh? Both of these characters are great, but I'm not sure I can get on board with the romance and tension going on between them. It just doesn’t seem natural. Read More... //

Greek Review: "Fumble"

Greek bounced back from a lackluster episode with "Fumble," an installment that focused on the morning after Homecoming and delivered just what viewers needed. First things first: Casey and Cappie!!! After spending the night together, these two tackled the issue of the morning-after pill. I was glad to see that they didn’t make this into a PSA. Although the subject is controversial, the situation does happen in college and should be explored in a realistic fashion. Nicely done, ABC Family. Read More... //

Greek Review: "Homecoming and Going"

Talk about a promising premise. On "Homecoming and Going," the KTs were planning an epic party, and all of our favorite characters were there. Yet, for some reason, the episode seemed to drag along, resulting in a letdown that lacked the typical fun of a Greek installment. It was nice to see Cappie in his KT element, but still talking with a grown-up. Also, Pledge Spidey’s dad turned out to be pretty cool. Rusty and Spidey’s antics of stealing the goat was okay, but not what I expected after the pranks we have seen the KTs pull. Although it did lead us to Rusty becoming Spidey’s big brother. Let’s hope this turns out better than it did with Andy. Read More... //

Greek Review: "All About Beav"

I always wondered what went on in the lives of our favorite Greeks that are often kept in the background pre-CRU. I wanted to know more about Wade, Ben Bennett, the other KTs and even some Omega Chis. Yet, there was one that stuck out more. He was always around, tossing out witty one-liners and being easy on the eyes. This Greek was Walter Boudreaux, or as most have known him, The Beaver. Greek did an outstanding job of showing the life of someone outside of the few core characters. Being that this is the final season, I couldn’t think of a better time to learn "All About Beav." Aaron Hill has been a great part of this cast and I am so glad they gave him an episode in which to shine. Read More... //

'Greek' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

Casey began her first day of classes bright eyed and bushy-tailed as usual. But in case the thought hadn't crossed your mind -- did you ever wonder how a full-fledged sorostitute like Casey Cartwright could ever be taken seriously in law school? That's right. She can't. In a storyline plucked straight from 'Legally Blonde,' Casey was ridiculed on her first day after she accidentally outed herself as the girl who got in due to a technicality. Bad move, Cartwright. Like our favorite Harvard Law student, Casey was shunned from study groups and her ex didn't even try to stand up for her. Rude! Casey then went to complain to the professor. Seriously? The prof told her to grow a pair (well, not in those words exactly). Thank goodness ... Casey really needs to stop being so whiny and hiding herself in the home she's made for herself in ZBZ. Read More... //

Greek Review: The Return of Ashleigh!

The latest installment of Greek, "Cross Examined Life," featured our favorite characters asking questions and exploring their current situations. There was Casey and her place in law school, Ashleigh and her future, Rusty regarding Dale pledging, and Calvin and Cappie in philosophy class. I always love seeing odd pairings of characters, with Cappie and Calvin being no exception. Watching these two stoned was hilarious, but also brought some serious conversations to the table. As for Dana’s murder mystery dinner party... what can I say? I personally have never attended one of these, and can't say this made me want to. Themed parties in college are supposed to be fun and different, not sure if mystery theater in an apartment qualifies. Read more... //

'Greek' Season 4, Episode 2 Recap

It's Rush Week at Cyprus Rhodes! And with the semester officially starting, everyone seems to be finding their new roles within the Greek system. We left last week with Rusty bowing out of the running for KT president in favor of Cappie. This episode, Rusty was announced as the new rush chair (a step above his former gig as pledge educator), and he decided to take the role seriously and actually try this semester, something unheard of by the other KTs. Meanwhile, pledge educator Tegan came to make sure new ZBZ president Rebecca was abiding by the new rules and even Dale decided to rush a fraternity. Read More... //