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Sara Ramirez Has No Regrets Leaving Grey's Anatomy, Says It Was 'Absolutely' the Right Decision

Sara Ramirez has a total of zero regrets about her decision to leave Greys Anatomy last year after more than a decade of playing Callie. In a new interview with, the actress who returns to TV tonight via a series-regular gig on CBS Madam Secretary(10/9c, CBS) said her choice to move on []

Heres How Greys Anatomy Addresses Social Issues That Matter

Greys Anatomy has a way of pulling at our heartstrings, but it also has a way of keeping its pulse on hot-button issues like gay marriage and gun control, not mention the way feminism and civil rights are engrained in nearly every story. The show uses its specific brand of tear-jerking to address these issues without putting itself of a soap box. Who didnt cry along with Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) when hospital shooter Gary shot intern Charles Percy (Robert Baker)? And who didnt shed a few happy tears at the site of Callie and Arizona, both in white wedding dresses, tying the knot years before same-sex marriage was legalized across the United States?   ...Read More...

Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington Previews the Road Ahead for Jo After That Major Fall Finale Cliffhanger

Camilla Luddington wasn't sure Matthew Morrison was going to be able to pull it off. When the former Glee star was cast on Grey's Anatomy towards the end of season 13 as her...   ...Read More...

The Grey's Anatomy Fall Finale Just Left Us With One Hell of a Cliffhanger

"Why is everybody dying?" Those aren't exactly the sort of words you want to hear anyone shout in a hospital's emergency room, and yet, those where the exact words shouted...   ...Read More...

Grey's Anatomy Mega Buzz: Ben's Dangerous New Job Will Have a "Profound" Effect on Bailey

Grey's Anatomy 's Dr. Ben Warren ( Jason George ) will soon trade in his surgical gloves for flame retardant boots which doesn't sit well with Bailey ( Chandra Wilson ). The couple already hashed it out over his decision to pursue firefighting but it looks like that emotional hallway showdown was just the beginning. Ben's latest career change will see the couple trying to overcome one dangerous hurdle. "It will affect their relationship in profound ways," co-showrunner  Krista Vernoff  tells TV Guide. The change is especially difficult for Bailey who already supported him through his transition from an anesthesiologist to a surgeon. And while that was an adjustment, it wasn't life-threatening like his new gig promises to be. Ben's latest passion is something that she'll have to really think about before jumping on board.   ...Read More...

Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and HTGAWM Midseason Premiere Date Announced

Thank God Its a relatively short break. Ahead of #TGITs 2017 swan song tonight, ABC has announced post-holiday return dates for its Thursday one-two-three punch of Greys Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. The Shondaland trio will kick off the back half of their respective 14th, seventh and fourth seasons on Thursday, []

Grey's Boss on That Split: 'Don't Think for a Minute Their Love Story Is Over'

Fling-happy Greys Anatomyknows its way around hit-and-run romances, so its saying something that we suffered a severe case of whiplash when the show pulled Arizona and Carina (new cast member Stefania Spampinato) apart so soon after pairing them up. And as if to remove any and all ambiguity about the permanence of the breakup, Greys []

Grey's Anatomy's Debbie Allen Has All the Scoop in Bonus Episode of Post-Op

Catherine Avery in the house! The 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy my have come and gone, but the Grey's Anatomy web series celebrating the milestone isn't over just yet. E!...   ...Read More...

Grey's Anatomy's 'Edge-of-Your-Seat' Fall Finale Is 'Speed Without the Bus'

Buckle up, Greys Anatomy fans: The ABC drama is about to deliver another pants-soiling fall finale. Thursdays episode (8/7c, ABC) finds Grey Sloans entire computer system compromised by a hacker, causing chaos and panic throughout the hospital. Co-showrunner Krista Vernoff likens the William Harper-penned hour toan edge-of-your-seat action movie, although Vernoff admits she needed some []

Grey's Anatomy's Jason George Talks Ben and Bailey: 'Nothing Lasts Forever'

It was just a couple of months ago that Greys Anatomys Jason George was telling TVLine that Ben and Bailey were the kind of marrieds who work it out no matter what. But as the time drew nearer for his character to cross over to the ABC dramas upcoming firefighters spinoff, his outlook was beginning []