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Chyler Leigh says goodbye to 'Grey's Anatomy': What's next for her?

When Lexie died in the "Grey's Anatomy" Season 8 finale this spring, fans were shocked -- and devastated. Creator Shonda Rhimes revealed that the death a decision she made in collaboration with actress Chyler Leigh, who felt that her time at Seattle Grace was over. "Ultimately we both decided this was the right time for her character's journey to end. As far as I'm concerned Chyler will always remain a part of the Shondaland family and I can't wait to work with her again in the future," Rhimes said.In an interview with TVGuide, Leigh adds that Lexie's death was the scene she was most proud of in the course of her run on the show. "It really was a chance for me to be able to go from the beginning of the character to the end. There's something that's very bittersweet about that. Something about being able to be there for the moment of her... //

Grey’s Anatomy Star Jessica Capshaw Welcomes Baby No. 3

Grey's Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw gave birth to her third child Thursday, People reports. Daughter Poppy James Gavigan joins older siblings...  //

Grey's Anatomy's Chyler Leigh Speaks About Lexie's Heartbreaking Death

More than a month after we lost Lexie on the chilling Grey's Anatomy season finale, it still hurts to think about helpless Little Grey trapped under the wreckage of a downed plane as she struggled to breathe through bloodied teeth. Well, Lexie's portrayer, the always lovely Chyler Leigh , is happy to remind us, "I'm alive." Here, for the first time since she released a brief statement explaining her reasons for leaving the series [we agreed not to get back into that], Leigh opens up about her last moments on set, what's next and being honored by an organization helping to bring water to the world's thirstiest...  //

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: What Will Happen to April?

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended with everyone's fates up in the air. While many of the docs are facing a life-or-death situation with the plane crash, April Kepner (Sarah Drew) is in a very different kind of uncertain position. After she didn't pass the boards all of her job offers, including her place at Seattle Grace-Mercy West, were rescinded. Now she has to wait another year before she can retake the boards, and it's unclear what she will do in the meantime. Unless Sarah Drew leaves the... //

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: How Will the Crash Affect Calzona?

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended with a game-changing finale (Season 8, Episode 24, "Flight"). Even if all of the docs who were left stranded at the end of the season survive, we're sure the effects of the crash will be felt far into Season 9. We're especially curious about how the crash will impact Calzona. There wasn't a lot of focus put on Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) relationship this season, but we think that might change next year. Here are some of the ways we... //

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: Why Will Cristina Stay in Seattle?

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended on a literal cliffhanger, with a ton of the cast lost in the forest after a devastating plane crash. But there's another layer of uncertainty over that, because even if they all survive, most of the characters ended the season planning to move on to other hospitals. However, we suspect that most of the docs will decide to stay at Seattle Grace-Mercy West after all. We certainly hope so! That leaves us with the question: why would they stay? As Cristina (Sandra... //

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: How Will Lexie's Death Affect Jackson?

There was one thing on every Grey's Anatomy fan's mind after the Season 8 finale (Season 8, Episode 24, "Flight"): What happens now that Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) is dead? We're sure her tragic demise will impact the entire cast, but we're most curious about the people who were closest to her — including Jackson (Jesse Williams). Sure, Jesse and Lexie's relationship was clearly over before Season 8, Episode 24, "Flight," but she still meant a lot to him, and we imagine her... //

Eric Dane Not Shocked By Chyler Leigh's Grey's Anatomy Exit

Will Eric Dane's Mark Sloan become the latest victim of a tragic plane crash when Grey's Anatomy returns in September? Dane recently commented that he isn't sure if Mark will survive the premiere. While it's hard to see Grey's Anatomy Season 9 beginning with another tragic casualty, Dane shared his thoughts this week about his co-star Chyler Leigh surprisingly being killed off the show in May. "I wasn't [shocked] because I knew that Chyler wanted to spend some more time with her family," Dane said . "It's a tough schedule to keep up and she's been working on the show for five seasons." "So I wasn't shocked. Sad and a little surprised but not shocked. We're going to miss her." Leigh, the mother of three young children, clearly wanted to spend more time with them. Fans were kept in the dark regarding her departure, but it appears her co-stars were at least somewhat tuned in. Eric's sentiment echoes that of Chyler Leigh herself, who said in a statement not long after the finale that "Earlier this year, I made the decision that season eight would be my last on Grey's Anatomy ." "I met with [Shonda Rhimes] and we worked together to give Lexie's story appropriate closure. I am very lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew for five seasons." "My experience on Grey's Anatomy is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. I want to take this time to say thank you to the fans. Your unconditional love and support have made these last five years so special." If Mark dies, it's unclear how many fans the show would have left. Think he'll make it? Will everyone else? Share your comments! //

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: Will Any of the Doctors Actually Leave Seattle?

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended with almost the entire cast's fate up in the air. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Mark (Eric Dane) are both on the verge of dying. Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Alex (Justin Chambers) are planning to leave Seattle. April (Sarah Drew) doesn't know what the heck she's doing. And Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina (Sandra Oh), and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are a double whammy: They're still in the woods, and even if they survive, they're headed to a new city. The... //

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: How Will Lexie's Death Affect Meredith?

There was one thing on every Grey's Anatomy fan's mind after the Season 8 finale (Season 8, Episode 24, "Flight"): What happens now that Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) is dead? We're sure her tragic demise will impact the entire cast, but other than Mark (Eric Dane), we're most curious about how her death will affect Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). We'll have to wait until the show comes back to know what Mer will do, but for now, here are our thoughts on how she might be impacted by her sister's death.... //