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Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: What Happened to Stephanie?

Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: What Happened to Stephanie?  ...Read More... //

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Finale Recap: Does Stephanie Live or Die?

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. That has been my guiding principle in thirteen seasons of watching Grey's Anatomy . Through bombs, drownings, ice storms, shooters, plane crashes, super storms, and earthquakes, that motto has served me well. The plan for this year's season finale, "Ring of Fire," was no different. When last we left our surgeons of Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial, Stephanie was missing and the hospital was aflame. My assumption was, of course, that Stephanie was a dead duck and the hospital would soon be in ashes. Was I correct? Read on.  ...Read More... //

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Finale Recap: Did It Leave You All Fired Up?

Warning: The following is a virtual IV drip of spoilers for the Season 13 finale of Greys Anatomy. Going into Thursdays explosive Greys Anatomy, it certainly looked as if the Season 13 finale was going to be unlucky for Stephanie. But Megans resurrection also promised to blow up Merediths fledgling romance with Nathan, and all [] //

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Episode 23 Recap: True Colors

Penultimate episodes of TV seasons are better than the finales, and next week’s Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale has a hard act to follow after May 11’s “True Colors.” One doctor found his girlfriend’s monster of a husband, one got life-changing news about his missing sister, and one doctor made a probably-fatal judgment call that literally blew up in her face… Let’s start with the most insignificant storyline, which is Alex finding Jo’s abusive husband. When we’re calling that the most insignificant storyline, you know it’s an intense episode.   ...Read More... //

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: One Doctor Is Taken Hostage

On this episode of Grey's Anatomy, "True Colors," Owen receives word about his sister, the doctors treat a couple only to discover the man is a rapist, Edwards deals with a dangerous patient.   Edwards returns to work after a whopping three counseling sessions. She assures Webber that she's calm, cool, collected and won't be throwing stuff at people anymore. Minnick isn't as welcoming.  ...Read More...   //

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Trauma Central

Well, at least Meredith and Nathan got to smile a little. Otherwise, Thursdays penultimate Season 13 episode of Greys Anatomy was a pretty tense affair, one that put Grey Sloan into lockdown, landed Stephanie not just in harms way but in its grasp, sent Jackson on a massive guilt trip, reduced Owen to tears and [] //

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Man on Fire

Finally, a juicy development about Owens long-lost sister!  ...Read More... //

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 23 Review: True Colors

Holy fudge that was an explosive hour! Yes, I know, that was an awful joke, but what can I say? I have a dark sense of humor, and joking helps me cope. After everything they threw at us on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 23 , coping is essential. Kevin McKidd does such a good job directing, doesn't he? ...Read More...

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Stephanie Makes a Potentially Deadly Mistake

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Stephanie Makes a Potentially Deadly Mistake ...Read More... //

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Episode 22 Recap: Leave It Inside

What needs to be left inside in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 22, “Leave It Inside?” Declarations of love, temper tantrums, and one nasty heart tumor. Much of this week’s drama revolves around one of the patients-of-the-week, a young brain tumor patient named Liam who arrives at the hospital of his own volition (or so he says). The docs find his parents and are all gung-ho to get the tumor from Liam’s head, but his parents say they want him discharged because their faith forbids any medical intervention. Liam’s condition deteriorates, though — he even goes blind — and Alex fakes an emergency situation to get Liam under the scalpel without his parents’ consent. ...Read More... //